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Job info from our brother Jim Nolan Local 16 NYC:

Achille Raspantini is looking for some workers. His company (tech-ops) is looking to hire 3 people for a broadcast project in DC. He is looking for smag / engineering types.

Anyone that is interested should call him at 212-465-1318 or email Be sure to mention Jim's name.

NABET Signal: NABET-CWA - August 8, 2014

August 8, 2014
  • NABET-CWA Charges Nexstar Broadcasting with Blatant Labor Law Violations in Rochester and Syracuse
  • Next Generation Summit Brings A New Wave of NABET-CWA Activists to Pittsburgh
  • New Agreement at NBC Extends NABET-CWA Coverage at the NBCSN Cable Sports Network
  • Shared Services Agreements Reduce Media Diversity, Cost Jobs, and Make an End Run Around the FCC’s Media Ownership Limits

NABET-CWA Signs Major Sports Event Agreement with ABC-Contract Coverage Extends to ESPN

NABET-CWA has signed an agreement with ABC Television which will provide union contract coverage for a number of events airing on many ESPN platforms, starting later this summer. That agreement was announced on July 2, 2014 by NABET-CWA President Jim Joyce. NABET-CWA members already work on ESPN studio shows such as “Olbermann”, “Pardon the Interruption”, “Around the Horn”, and “Highly Questionable”, as well as on “ESPN on ABC” broadcasts, such as NASCAR races and NBA games.

Under this new agreement, ABC Television will continue to provide crews for "ESPN on ABC" broadcasts as well as for certain events airing on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU,ESPN Classic, ESPN News, The Longhorn Network and the SEC-ESPN Network. These crews will work for ABC under terms contained in the NABET-CWA/ABC Master Agreement as well as the Sports Agreement. ABC Television and ESPN are both subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company.

“This agreement will bring the economic stability and the important benefits of our contract to the many freelancers who work on ESPN broadcasts. Most of these workers will have healthcare benefits and retirement security benefits for the first time as the result of working at ESPN”, stated President Joyce. He added, “We expect this agreement to serve as a new cornerstone in our partnership with the Walt Disney Company.”

Further information on this agreement will be provided to NABET-CWA members in the coming days.

CNN NLRB Case Update

Dear NABET-CWA CNN Member,

I am writing to update you on the National Labor Relations Board case involving CNN America and Team Video Services.  As you might be aware, over the past several weeks, NABET-CWA has been engaged in a campaign to bring highly focused attention to this case. That campaign included directing all NABET-CWA members from across the country to call the office of NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce to ask two simple questions: “What is the status of the CNN case involving NABET-CWA and when will a final decision be issued?” NABET-CWA members were then asked to report in to Sector Headquarters the responses that were received from the NLRB.

July 2014 ENG Safety Newsletter

Here is the July 2014 ENG Safety Newsletter!

Previous ENG Safety Newsletters can be found on our Member Info page.

Ask the NLRB about CNN!

Local 31 Members;
Here is a simple, easy and important call to make. You will be transferred to  the Chairman's office.  If there is no one available to answer the phone, you will be sent to voice mail where you can leave your message and your phone number so that they can get back to you.  This is very important  for our fellow NABETs who were wrongfully  discharged  from CNN.  Please  support them by making this call!
Fraternally, Rich McD

With a fully seated NLRB now in place, every NABET-CWA member needs to contact the office of NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce, at 202-273-1070. When you do, ask two simple questions;

“What is the status of the CNN case involving NABET-CWA and when will a final decision be issued?

Please report any response that you receive from the NLRB by e-mailing us at It is vitally important that you provide us with these reports so that we can track the volume of calls as well as any responses the NLRB provides to callers.  It is our hope that a louder chorus will deliver a message seemingly unheard to date. That message is, “A ten-year wait for justice is outrageous!”


Affordable Care Act ("ACA") and how it affects your Flex Plan Participation

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