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Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 6:57 PM
To: Carl External; Carl Mayers; Sue Fitzgerald; Karen Ruiz
Subject: March 2009 Report

March 2009 Report


Content Producer training occurred at WRC / NBC, during the month. No one has been offered a position of Content Producer as of yet. The Company is still telling the employees that these will be non-represented jobs. The building at Nebraska Avenue is being consolidated to move all groups closer together and free up additional building space. Storage areas are being cleared out and old equipment thrown out.


More “retirements” occurred at WRC during the month.


Local EJ:  PII machines have been installed in the edit rooms.


Local Field:  Local field has started shooting on PII.


Local Maintenance:  ASBESTOS Tile flooring in half of the Shop was removed, while leaving the other half of the flooring intact.


Contract:  NBC contract talks resumed.




Al Zodun