From: Richard McDermott []
Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009 1:54 PM
To: Moe Thomas; Sue Fitzgerald; Carl External; Al Zodun
Subject: WRC/NBC report
      Our members at WRC are experiencing considerable turmoil. The management at the station( and all NBCU  O&O's) is plowing ahead with significant changes. These changes are being implemented with little or no input from employees, nor much regard for employees
past contributions or future job prospects.

Content Producers....this scheme is on the verge of implementation in Washington. It has already been started in other cities. NABET employees are facing elimination of their jobs and the creation of non-union positions which incorparate  NABET job functions under new job titles. We have been and  are presently persuing legal actions to defend our members.

Local News Service.......another scheme to reduce staff and cut union represented employees.  This is a pooling arrangement for news coverage by different ( and competative) media corporations. It is to be put into effect this month and will negatively affect our news field crews. Our WRC members along with IBEW & IA members at channels 5 & 9 will be affected.

Our news editors at WRC will be wiped out by these plans. Our Daily Hire field crews will see their  shifts reduced and elimimated.

Contract Negotiations.......NABETS' contract with NBCU expired on March 31st. Since bargaining began in September of 2008,very little progress has been made. NBCU has put forth many negative proposals which would change seniority, reduce work opportunities and erode job security.
All our represented shops are seeing similar attacks upon our members jobs, and the economic security of our families. We must stand together and coordinate a defense of our union sisters and brothers.