From: Judy Washington []
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2009 2:44 PM
To: Charles Coates; Carl Mayers
Cc: Karen Ruiz; Sue Fitzgerald
Subject: RE: PBS March Summary
Not much going on here.   Just waiting for the NOC to launch their new equipment so the MOC can start using the AVID Interplay for ingest.  This is my PBS news submission for Monday's Eboard meeting.
And could you send an Info Package to Mr. Jasenn Robertson at 2501 Dewitt Avenue, Alexandria VA 22301?
Judy Washington
PBS Media Operations Center

From: Charles Coates
Sent: Thu 4/2/2009 7:20 AM
To: Carl Mayers
Cc: Karen Ruiz; Sue Fitzgerald; Judy Washington
Subject: PBS March Summary

Not much going on here other still preparing to switch over to new automation & servers

Who knows when that will happen?


Ok moving on here can we send out an Info Package To?

Mr. Ian Farley at 4320 Jackson Place Alexandria Va. 22309

Thatís all I have for now!


Charles T. Coates

NOC Supervisor, PBS



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