Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 3:10 PM
To: Karen Ruiz; Sue Fitzgerald
Cc: Carl Mayers
Subject: Assistant to the President's Report and Executive Board Report for April, 2009
Karen, Sue and Carl,

There is not much to report from the Senate Recording Studio this month.

Eric Zeitlin has been officially notified that he is our new Shop Steward, replacing Bryan Whitney.

Scott Edwards was sworn in at the last meeting as our Alternate to the Executive Board.

We have one new hire, Gregg Brunclik, who joins our Administrative department, working as an A/V technician.  Eric and I, among others, are trying to get him to join our union.

Management tells me that we are now officially in a hiring freeze. 

I'm wondering if we should think about including on our web site page links to various Senate/Capitol Hill job sites?  Most of the job listings would not be broadcast-oriented, but there may be some jobs that are offered that our membership might be interested in anyway.

As far as getting photographs of our members in the workplace for posting on the web site, I have hit a brick wall.  Management will not budge on this issue.  One strategy remaining would be for Carl to write the Senate Sergeant At Arms, Terrance Gainer, and make an official request on the union's behalf.  I think with Carl's clout, we may be able to budge management on this issue.

It has been difficult to get our members together to meet as a group.  Perhaps, now that the House Recording Studio has completed their contract negotiations, we can hold a meeting to review their new contract.  I have gotten a copy of the HRS contract to all interested parties.  After we've had some time to read it over, I'd like to arrange a meeting for our members to discuss the differences in our two contracts and strategies for how we can get a strengthened contract, using the House's as a model.  If possible, it would be helpful to have Steve Johnson from HRS, Carrie and Carl to attend.  We would have to coordinate it with management, but they have offered to allow us to use our conference room before or after our normal hours of operation, 9am-5:30pm. 

Larry Jackson
Senate Recording Studio