Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 10:33 AM
To:; Sue Fitzgerald; Carl Mayers;
Cc: Marilyn Wistort; Karen Ruiz
Subject: Re: July Executive Board Minutes
Please insert this in the Secretary's report on the convention:
"CWA President Larry Cohen Addresses 2008 NABET-CWA Conference.

President Cohen spoke to the need to change the environment in which we work, recognize that the "old ways" of doing business must change, and to mobilize and organize our members to meet the challenges of the labor movement. The Employee Free Choice Act and health care reform are just two of four key points to be presented at this year's CWA Convention in Las Vegas. Job and retirement security are necessary for all workers. CWA-COPE, the Steward's Army, and the Million Member Mobilization were the key programs that will move the labor agenda forward and members need to be involved at every level of the union."


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