From: Stuart Rushfield []
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 9:48 AM
To:; Carl External; Marilyn Wistort; Sue Fitzgerald; Karen Ruiz
Subject: NPR Notes for 9/8/08 E-Board Meeting...

NPR Notes for E-Board Meeting, September 8, 2008:

The elections for bargaining committee members for the forthcoming NABET-NPR negotiations are complete.  A record number of willing members stepped up to offer their services as negotiators for the critical contract talks that lie ahead.  The BRT negotiator representatives will be Brian Jarboe and Stu Rushfield, with Neil Tevault as the alternate.  The non-BRT representative will be Richard Lewis, with Mark Bejarano serving as his alternate.  The current contract expires at the end of March, 2009  A recently filed grievance has now been slated for arbitration.  The case involves the stripping and build-out of two long-time technical facilities (studios) which have been re-equipped with gear aimed at allowing production staff to use the facilities without the services of a BRT.  Production staff is being encouraged to use these facilities in a self-operating manner, despite the fact that the AFTRA contract does not require them to serve as their own engineers, nor does NPR compensate AFTRA members in any way for doing the work of technicians.