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Subject: WRC/MSNBC Mid-Month Report 11-11-2007
Mid-Month Update as requested by Carl Mayers, Rich McDermott, Ted Stewart





Ted, as you requested,


Here is a mid month News Report at WRC/MSNBC:


Local Field:    New Field Cameras are being tried out at WRC.

Trucks and generators are still issues at WRC. There is one old short-mast   truck (Stinger) that is still in service. It was taken off the books in January and 

was supposed to have been replaced in that month (January 2007). This truck is an ergonomic nightmare for the operators. The previous one of these trucks was taken

out of service due to chassis cracks / broken frame. Money is not being spent on upgrades , because, it  was supposedly being taken out of service. NABET

was told in grievance meetings and in HR , by management, that the truck would be gone  by January, 2007. Well, it is now over 11 months past that date. Members are

are suffering back and leg problems working with the vehicle. It is time for NABET to demand a thorough Safety Inspection both  Mechanically and Physically of the frame, engine and safety equipment of the vehicle by a totally independent source separate from NBC and management.


MSNBC:         A NABET Local 11 employee from MSNBC is permanently in Washington, DC planning and installing Earth Stations for MSNBC at 4001 Nebraska Ave.

This person has told me that he will be both Management and NABET and that he will remain part of Local 11. Well, NABET 31 represents Washington.

He needs to transfer to Local 31. He is under the impression that he does not have to transfer and join our seniority list. Also, since when did the policy change that

says "NABET represents management?". He needs to be one or the other. NABET 31 does this work at Nebraska Ave. and representation has been re-affirmed by

letter between NBC and NABET. Carl is familiar with the letter and this on-going incident. Carl has his name and info.


That is all I have for now as of 11-11-2007.




Al Zodun

Local Assistant to the President




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