Executive Board Meeting

Monday, August 13, 2007


Location:        NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:45 pm

Presiding:       Carl Mayers, President

Present:           Jim Lee, Vice President

Dave Parr, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Judy Washington, PBS

Thomas Thornton, Daily Hire

Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Richard McDermott, WRC

Michael Queen, NBC

Stuart Rushfield, NPR

                        Barbara Krieger, MCT

                        Sarah Pacheco, TVS/CNN (by conference call)

Absent:           Rick Reese


1.   Swearing in of New Executive Board Members: The following members were sworn in by Vice President Lee to serve their term on the Executive Board:


Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA

Barbara Krieger, MCT

Sarah Pacheco, TVS/CNN

Michael Queen, NBC

Judy Washington, PBS

      President Mayers welcomed the new members and noted the current Executive Board vacancies for the Citadel/WMAL, WHUT and Senate Recording Studio units.


2.   Minutes of Executive Board Meeting held July 9, 2007 were read and approved.


2007-08-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the July 9, 2007 Executive Board meeting.



Treasurer’s Report

1.   Financial Report: Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount for July.



4001: Total Income: $60,363.80 is $5,336.20 under the monthly budgeted amount of $65,700.00. The Local has not received all of the bank statements showing interest earned in July. The WHUT dues were not deposited in July because the dues report was not included with the check.


5002: ABC: $351.55 for the month was $2,148.45 under the monthly budgeted amount of $2,500.00. Negotiations resume in August.

5003: TOTAL PBS: $3,815.54 for the month is $3,315.54 over the monthly budgeted amount of $500.00. The Local paid $3,531.54 for June 2007 union leave for negotiations.

5020: OFFICE SUPPLIES: $652.53 for the month is $352.53 over the monthly budgeted amount of $300.00. The office needed paper and printer cartridges.

5028: MEMBERS BENEFITS/TRAINING: -$200.00 for the month is $1,350.00 under the monthly budgeted amount of $1,150.00. We had members that paid for the Final Cut Pro class in July and we did not pay the instructor until August.

The Local was $10,603.64 under the monthly budgeted amount of $67,708.13 for total expenses. The net income for the month of July was $5,267.44. YTD the Local is ahead $21,959.47.

      President Mayers mentioned the extra expense necessary to purchase and mail information postcards to members because of the extra elections being held this year. The Sector is being consulted about money the Local spent on training over the last year.

2007-08-02     MOTION MADE to accept the financial report as presented.


            MAKER: Thomas      SECOND: Thornton               MOTION APPROVED

2.   New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2007-08-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants: Tchad J. Moore, MCT daily hire; Shaun Anthony Roberts, Temporary at NPR; Ambrose S. Vurnis and Eric B. Wiese, daily hires at NBC..


            MAKER: Parr            SECOND: Washington          MOTION APPROVED


3.   Negotiators’ Above Base Salary Reimbursement: Treasurer Parr presented information to the Executive Board on this matter and commented that it was disgraceful that these negotiators did not get the money that they were entitled to. President Mayers had contacted counsel on this issue who replied that if reimbursement is not submitted within 90 days by a member, the Local is not obligated to pay. President Mayers made the decision not to reimburse negotiations that took place before 2006. Secretary Thomas commented on this issue as a “made whole” concept in that the basis of this money was to make members whole for monies lost while in negotiations and referred to a resolution passed by the Executive Board in 1988 on this matter. President Mayers stated that the Local needs to make sure this never happens again. Representative Rushfield responded that some Executive Board members were unaware of this reimbursement. Treasurer Parr noted that the Local may fall into deficit because of this issue. John Clark and Steve Sturm have been called on this subject. President Mayers concluded this agenda item by stating that a committee will convene to study the future of reimbursements and that all vouchers must be submitted for current members on negotiators’ lists.


4.   Robert Rutledge Union Dues: This member who lives and works in the Local 31 jurisdiction was transferred by the Sector to a New York Local. The case will be appealed to the SEC at the next meeting.

Secretary’s Report


1.   Correspondence:


            a.   Local 58213 Letter of Appreciation : (See attached.)

            b.   RVP-6 Letter Re: Tragedy in Minneapolis: (See attached.)


2.   Email Spam Detection Software: The office is looking into new anti-spam software.


3.   Web Page: Continued updating of the Local’s website with current postings.

President’s Report


1.   CWA Convention Report: President Mayers would like to see a full delegation sent to Las Vegas for next year’s convention. At this convention, there was a pledge of closer ties with CWA District 2 to work together. Pete Catucci is stepping down from his position due to health reasons. Mr. Catucci gave a wonderful speech at the Convention on the Employee Free Choice Act and connecting to stem-cell research and battles with ALS. This speech received the longest standing ovation ever recalled. Mr. Catucci was noted for his great working relationship with Local 31 and many thanks for everything he has done. Ron Collins has been asked to run for Mr. Catucci’s position. Video streaming was suggested for future conventions.


2.   The Local 31 General Membership Meeting convened Monday, August 6th. A letter and e-mail is going out to all NBC members concerning a new Olympics agreement that has been signed. This will be posted on the website. A new committee is being formed to address the issue of initiation fees and its impact on open shops.


3.   Training: The Local needs to look into other types of broadcasting and general computer training. There may be sources of subsidized income for this training.


4.   Sector Representative Discussion: The Executive Board has been notified that Paula Olson has resigned to accept a position in labor relations at NPR. For now, Lou Fallot will be receiving Ms. Olson’s contract and case work. We are hoping that a new legal representative will be available for this Local soon.


5.   By-Law Committee: The committee continues to make progress in its review of the Local By-Laws and will again reconvene on August 15th.

Staff Report


1.   Union Leave Report: By unanimous consent, union leave will no longer be published in the minutes.

2.   No Work List (3.2): As listed for the benefit of officers and stewards.

3.   New member packets: Five membership packages were sent out this month.


      ABC:  Theodore Pawlicki

      NBC:  Ian McDougall

Ambrose Vurnis

      WJLA:Andreia Jackson

Daniel Lyon

At this point in the meeting, Representative Krieger asked to speak on the issue of CWA Convention expenses. The dialog has been presented for the record as per request of Mr Parr.


Representative Krieger: Why did Moe (Secretary Thomas) get two days of Union Leave for the convention when we were assured that there would be no expense to the Local?

Secretary Thomas: Yes, I did get leave. It was officially approved by President Mayers which we will receive in letter form.

      Krieger: No expenses.

      Thomas: No, I paid for everything else out of pocket.

      Krieger: Were you the official photographer for NABET?

      Thomas: Yes. 

      Krieger: Were you paid for that?

      Thomas: No, nothing.


4.   Dunkin Initiation Fee/Status: The Executive Board was informed of John Dunkin’s unique history and current status with Local 31.


Be it RESOLVED that John R. Dunkin, as a reinstated Member, will not owe NABET Local 31 a second initiation fee.


2007-08-04     MOTION MADE to accept the resolution.


            MAKER: McDermott            SECOND: Thomas    MOTION PASSED



1.   Election Results: Vacancies still remain for Executive Board seats representing WHUT, Citadel/WMAL and Senate Recording Studio. All Alternate Executive Board seats are vacant at this time.


2.   Robert Rutledge Status as per SEC: Rich Gelber is being consulted about the membership status of Mr. Rutledge from Local 11 and proper allocation of dues



1.   Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, September 10, 2007, beginning at 6:30 pm.


2.   Senate Recording Studio Initiation Fee Waiver:  The following resolution was made in accordance with Local By-Law 7.11 and Sector By-Law 12.1.


Be it RESOLVED that the newly organized Senate Recording Studio contract unit Initiation Fee will be waived.

                        This language is subject to pending review by the officers.


2007-08-05     MOTION MADE to accept the resolution. 

            MAKER: Johnson     SECOND: Rushfield             MOTION PASSED


3.   Complete Computer Maintenance Service Agreement: Investing in a new computer system is absolutely necessary at this time. Evaluation of present service is calling for the availability of immediate IT services in a budgeting range of 4,000 to 6,000 dollars. We are seeking guidance for “no-excuses” support service and are also shopping for new hardware.


4.   Pocket Calendars:


2007-08-06     MOTION MADE to pay not more than 2,000 dollars to print 2008 Local 31 pocket calendars.

            MAKER: Parr           SECOND: Washington         MOTION PASSED


5.   Alternate Executive Board Elections: The Local is seeking candidates for these positions.


6.   Review of Shop Steward Locations: President Mayers inquired if there are enough Shop Stewards to meet our current Unit staffing and for shift changes (evening and overnight). He would like responses on this issue before next January as the next Shop Steward elections will get underway.


7.   ABC Affairs: Negotiations continue in Chicago from August 20 through 29. Members of the Atlanta bureau have declined offers of recall and have accepted monetary offers. Severance agreement includes one week for every year of service. All non-NABET members at ABC Radio were fired.


8.   Citadel / WMAL Affairs: NABET has a continued contract with WMAL’s new owner, Citadel.


9.   Freelance Affairs: There are questions from daily hires about time sheet input. They are being asked to supply unnecessary information. Editing efficiency is being questioned in some of the shops.


10. HRS Affairs: There are currently two positions available for Broadcast Engineering/ Production Specialists. Please check for the vacancy announcement.


11. MCT Affairs: The facilities have upgraded to a Pay 4 level for employees. Everybody is happy with the new contract.


12. NBC Affairs: The buyout continues to be offered to employees. High Definition studios are being built and there is more satellite transmission work for the DC bureau. Local stage managers are not getting proper breaks. The Local needs to be consulted about the changes taking place at NBC.


13. NPR Affairs: There is an opening for an audio engineer at NPR West (Los Angeles). Five NPR engineers have left and will not be replaced. NPR will close the Chicago bureau; its engineers are being moved to Chicago Public Radio. NPR is closing two intake facilities and the ENG budget has been cut by 30 percent.


14. PBS Affairs: The new contract has been ratified. A new AVID is in the process of being purchased for upgraded video technology.


15. SRS Affairs: No report.


16. TVS/CNN Affairs: NLRB lawyers are still interviewing people at this time. Former Local President Peach has also worked with the NLRB for continuity on the issues. The opening court date for this case is September 24, 20:07.


17. WHUT-TV Affairs: The Local is seeking an Assistant to the President and Executive Board Member.


18. WJLA Affairs: Positions are available in editing for full-time or daily hire, all shifts. The station is now doing all recording on XD HD cameras and more laptop editing. All field photographers will have these services by September. The move to all High-Definition coverage continues as soon as possible.


19. WRC Affairs: NBC Newschannel Washington has announced a staff reduction. Three “permalance” NABETs (5day-a-week employees working at least 8 hours/day) are being cut by the end of the year. A producer has already left. This will significantly affect the capacity of the DC bureau to cover news. General Electric has announced that a major early retirement package will be available to NBC employees who qualify. The basic qualifications are 30 years service and 55 years of age. The company is offering 500 buyouts company-wide this year, and another 400 in 2009. WRC problems include reasonable rest breaks and use of stringers.

2007-08-07     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 9:38 pm.

      MAKER: Lee                              MOTION APPROVED

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Johnson

Acting Secretary