Executive Board Meeting

Monday, June 11, 2007

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:48 pm

Presiding:       Carl Mayers, President

Present:           Jim Lee, Vice President

Dave Parr, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas III, Secretary

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Rich McDermott, AC

Stu Rushfield, NPR

Tom Thornton, Daily Hire

Barbara Krieger, MCT, visitor

J.Thomas Marchitto, Elections/Credentials Committee Chairperson

Sarah Pacheco, TVS/CNN, visitor (by conference call)

Approval of Minutes of Executive Board Meeting held May 14, 2007. (Secretary’s note: the minutes were in error in that they failed to reflect RESOLUTION 2007-05-07 [MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Johnson PASSED then tabled] concerning the Rules for Special Elections for the remaining open Executive Board seats and the guidelines for Freelance/Daily Hires to run for certain contract-units. This item and text were inserted after the meeting.)


2007-06-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the May 14, 2007 Executive Board meeting with correction.


            MAKER: McDermott            SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION APPROVED with

one abstention

Mr. Lee asked for a record of the Ayes and Nays. There were all Ayes with one abstention (J. Lee).

Treasurer’s Report

1.         Financial Report:

Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount for May.


4001: Total Rebate: $47,232.75 is $11,267.25 under the monthly budgeted amount of $58,500.00. We did not receive dues rebates for HRS, PBS or non checkoff dues in May. The CWA said this was due to the fact that they are short staffed because they are getting ready for the convention.

4005: Investment Income: The $1,933.59 is $1,566.41 under the $3,500.00 monthly budgeted amount.

The Local’s May 2007 income of $57,725.25 was $8,974.75 under the monthly budgeted amount of $66,700.00.


5002: ABC: $6,519.62 for the month was $4,019.62 over the monthly budgeted amount of $2,500.00. $4,749.33 for mobilization covered golf shirts and lanyards. $1,417.50 covered some of the ABC negotiators union leave costs.

5014: OPEIU WAGES: The $20,331.99 is $6,121.99 over the monthly budgeted amount of $14,210.00. May had three pay periods for the office.

5015: President’s salary: This was also $2,269.92 over the monthly budgeted amount of $11,723.50 due to the three pay period month.

5025: PURCHASE FURNITURE/COMPUTERS: The $527.37 monthly amount is $275.37 over for the monthly budgeted amount of $250.00. The Local purchased three scanners.  

All other accounts are under the monthly budgeted amount.

The Local was $2,887.63 over the monthly budgeted amount of $67,708.13 for total expenses. The net income for the month of April was -$12,870.51. The Local is showing an increase in net income of $31,604.96 YTD for the fiscal year.

2007-06-02     MOTION MADE to accept the financial report as presented.

            MAKER: Johnson                  SECOND: Thornton               MOTION APPROVED

2.         New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2007-06-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants: Andy Henle, daily hire at ABC; Jung Hu Lee, daily hire at MCTV; Michael Darren Cook and Michael Dann Loomis, daily hires at NBC.

            MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: McDermott           MOTION APPROVED

Mr. Lee asked for a record of the Ayes and Nays. There were all Ayes.

3.         Picnic Budget: The following resolution was presented:


Be it resolved, that the Treasurer establishes a segregated account for the exclusive purpose of funding the annual picnic for Local 31 members, staff and their families;

That the Treasurer deposit $2000 in the account each month for the purpose of accumulating funds in advance of the picnic;


That the Treasurer can forgo the monthly deposit if in his/her determination the Local is in a deficit or near deficit situation because of unusually high expenses or unusually low income;


That, if the Executive Board determines to cancel or not move forward with the picnic the accumulated funds will be returned to the Local’s general funds account.



2007-06-04     MOTION MADE to approve the resolution as stated above.


            MAKER: Lee             SECOND: Thornton               MOTION APPROVED - one Nay

                                                                                                 (Stuart Rushfield)


4.         Election Expenses: The Election Committee reported that it is ready to conduct whatever elections may be required to fill the vacant Executive Board seats by Special Election. Chairman Marchitto reports that the Post Office box that may be required to collect ballots will cost $350 per year. It was the consensus of the board to leave the judgment for the need of this box to the President and the Election Committee.


Secretary’s Report


Correspondence: Juan Ureta’s letter re: Executive Board actions relative to the actions of Mr. Parr. Copies of his letter were distributed to the Board. The letter was noted but no action taken.


President’s Report


1.         CWA Local Leadership Week Long Conference 7/29-8/3/07: It is important that the Local sends a representative to this conference.


2.         CWA District Two Local President’s Meeting: President Mayers will attend this meeting on June 15th in Baltimore.


Staff Report


1.         Union Leave Report:


July 2007 - 2 days

            ABC:  2 days

                        7/16-17 - CWA Convention - Moe Thomas

June 2007 - 14 days + ½ hr

            ABC:  3 days

                        6/1 - Negotiations - Moe Thomas

            6/11 - Executive Board - Dave Parr & Moe Thomas

            6/12 - Executive Board - Jim Lee

            NBC:  1 day

                        6/11 - Executive Board - Richard McDermott

            NPR:   ½ hour

                        6/11- Executive Board - Stu Rushfield - ½ hr

            PBS:   10 days

                        6/18-19 and 6/25-27 - Negotiations - Charles Coates & Jimmy Suissa

May 2007 - 15 days + ½ hr

            ABC:  14 days

                        5/14 - Executive Board - Dave Parr & Moe Thomas

5/15 - Executive Board - Jim Lee

5/20-5/31 - Negotiations - Moe Thomas


            NBC:  1 day

                        5/14 - Executive Board - Richard McDermott

            NPR:   ½ hour

                        5/14 - Executive Board - Stu Rushfield - ½ hr


2.         No Work List (3.2): As listed for the benefit of officers and stewards.


3.         New member packets: Membership packages sent to the following:


ABC:  Eric Humpert

            Melinda Mazo

HRS:   Todd Baham

MCT:  James Hubler

NBC:  John Deal

            Patrick Longstreth

            Johnny McEachin

            Demian Padron

NPR:   Ann Lennon

WJLA:Hillary Esquina

            Rigel Moranchel




1.         Election Credentials Committee Status Report on Executive Board Elections.: Chairman Tom Marchitto was present to again offer his assistance to conduct the Executive Board Special Elections.

The board once again carefully considered the letter from President Clark last month, as well as the resolution and instructions from the Sector Executive Council.


2007-06-05 The matter of RESOLUTION 2007-05-07 was brought from the table


            MAKER: McDermott             SECOND: Johnson     MOTION PASSED.


The resolution for the Special Election of Executive Board representatives was carefully reviewed. The Elections Committee participated in the discussions. On advice of counsel the wording was amended to be sure that the language was in conformance with the SEC’s instructions.


WHEREAS pursuant to Local By-Law 3.31, the Local Executive Board has the power to determine its own composition from time to time, and may change that composition as it may see fit, and


WHEREAS the Local Executive Board has been instructed to promulgate reasonable and clear guidelines for eligibility of candidates wishing to run for election as an Executive Board Representative, in accordance with the resolution of the NABET-CWA Sector Executive Council, as reported in President Clark’s Letter of May 4, 2007, and


WHEREAS the SEC resolution further calls for the promulgation of these rules by the Executive Board to be submitted to the Sector President, on behalf of the Sector Executive Council, for approval not later than June 12, 2007,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the following rules and guidelines shall apply to this election for Executive Board Representative:


1.   Each contract group shall elect one primary representative, and shall also elect one alternate representative. The groups for this election are ABC, CNN, NBC, PBS, NPR, MCT, WHUT, WJLA, WRC, and HRS. Except as provided below, staff members shall vote in their respective contract unit to elect a full time staff member as their representative. The Freelance/Daily Hire representative shall be elected from among all Freelance/Daily Hire members at large.

2.   In any Contract Unit where there are less than 50 members in good standing, and the number of Freelance/Daily Hire employees who are members in good standing is a clear majority of the total number of employees in that unit in the previous year, a Freelance/Daily Hire member may be elected to the Executive Board to represent that Unit.

3.   Every candidate for Executive Board Representative and Alternate must submit a valid, timely filed petition for the office as specified by the Local By-laws and the Elections Committee.

4.   Each elected representative must be a member in good standing and shall have worked a minimum of 15 days in the past 3 months within that contract group. Further, a majority of their work must be within that contract group. All Executive Board Members shall maintain a reasonably close association with the contract group that they represent. In the event that an Executive Board Member can longer maintain a reasonably close association with the contract group that they represent (defined as less than 15 days in a quarter, resignation or retirement from employment at that workplace, or in the event the majority of their employment in the last 12 months is not with that contract group), they shall tender their resignation within 30 days and a special election for that seat shall be held for his or her replacement.

5.   In the event of resignation from the Executive Board, recall, death, or disqualification of an Executive Board Member, a special election shall be held for his or her replacement.

6.   A candidate for Executive Board representative shall not accept nomination for more than one contract unit on the Board.

7.   Freelance/Daily Hire members may vote in a contract-seat election if they meet the same qualifications as a candidate for that contract-seat.


2007-06-06 RESOLUTION 2007-05-07 AS AMENDED

      MAKER: McDermott             SECOND: Parr           MOTION PASSED

Mr. Lee asked for a record of the Ayes and Nays. There were all Ayes.

In order to fill the vacant seats on the Board, pursuant to Local By Law 3.22, the following temporary appointments are made, for a period of not more than 60 days, pending the completion of the Special Election:


2007-06-07           RESOLVE to appoint Mike Queen to the Executive Board as representative for the NBC contract unit.

      MAKER: McDermott            SECOND: Johnson 


2007-06-08           RESOLVE to appoint Barbara Krieger to the Executive Board as representative for the MCT contract unit.

      MAKER: McDermott            SECOND: Rushfield 


2007-06-09           RESOLVE to appoint Richard Guastadsegni to the Executive Board as representative for the WJLA contract unit.

      MAKER: McDermott            SECOND: Lee


2007-06-10           RESOLVE to appoint Sarah Pacheco to the Executive Board as representative for the CNN contract unit.

      MAKER: McDermott            SECOND: Rushfield 

It should be further noted that each temporary appointee must submit a nominating petition if they expect to be elected and continue in office.

Temporary appointees Barbara Krieger and Sarah Pacheco were sworn in at this meeting. Msrs. Queen and Guastasengni were not present.


2.   Junior Diabetes Walk Report: Jodi Fabrizio-Clontz sent a thank you for the Local’s support for this cause and reported that $7,187.60 was raised by the CWA Headquarters JDRF team for 2007.


1.         Date of Next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 9, 2007, beginning at 6:30 pm.

2.         WMAL Affairs: No report.

3.         WRC Affairs: This past month has seen a number of disciplinary meetings called by management. Discussions with management continues on these issues. Discussions concerning a more family friendly scheduling system have been also been attempted but the management has not been very receptive. This attitude seems to be in contrast to General Electric's HR pronouncements and public relations.

            Many members of the network division are extremely concerned that an E-Board member has not been appointed to represent them while the local proceeds with elections for vacant seats on the board.

4.          ABC Affairs: No report.

5.         Freelance Affairs: No report.

6.         HRS Affairs: No report.

7.         MCT Affairs: Hopefully, we will wrap up negotiations in a few days and have a contract ready for a vote.

8.         NBC Affairs: No report.

9.         NPR Affairs: DC-based BRT’s debated, but did not reach a timely consensus regarding changes to vacation selection procedures per Sideletter #2 of the NPR-NABET contract. Discussions are ongoing. NPR recently hired a NABET Shop Technician to be a new Supervisor in Engineering Technology. That individual has not been replaced in the Shop and NPR has not guaranteed that the position will be filled. NPR has announced a new Engineering Supervisor position at NPR New York to manage the engineering staff, which may increase due to the production of a new morning show expected to debut in Fall, 2007. An NPR manager reports that if a NABET staffer is hired for the management position, that person would be replaced by a new technician. NPR intends to dismantle two studios formerly used primarily for production of NPR cultural programming and convert those studios into pod-casting studios. At this time, NPR has given no commitment that NABET technicians will be involved in production from these studios. NPR management recently offered overtime assignments to individual technicians without seeking volunteers from the entire Unit, contrary to the requirements of the Contract. Managers have been reminded of their obligation and say they will oblige.

10.       PBS Affairs: Negotiations scheduled to start in a few days.

11.       SRS Affairs: Proposed contract may go to a vote soon.

12.       TVS/CNN Affairs: A hearing on the charges is scheduled for September 24th.

13.       WHUT-TV Affairs: No report.

14.       WJLA Affairs: Contract signed, waiting to receive contract books for distribution.

2007-06-11     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 10:13 pm.

            MAKER: Lee            SECOND: Johnson                MOTION APPROVED

Respectfully submitted,


Maurice Thomas, III