Executive Board Meeting

Monday, April 9, 2007

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:50 pm

Presiding:       Carl Mayers, President

Present:           Jim Lee, Vice President

Dave Parr, Treasurer

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Jim Martin, ABC

Rich McDermott, WRC/NBC

Michael Queen, NBC

Stu Rushfield, NPR

Tom Thornton, Daily Hire

Barbara Krieger, MCT

Regular business was postponed pending the questioned status of incumbent Executive Board Members and their submission of a nomination petition. Local By-Laws pertaining to this issue were reviewed. (Section 3)

Executive Board called to recess at 7:48 pm to caucus on preceding issue.

Executive Board reconvened at 8:21 pm

The following members were sworn in by President Mayers to serve their term on the Executive Board: 

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Richard McDermott, NBC/WRC

Stuart Rushfield, NPR

Thomas Thornton, Daily Hire

The status of the remaining members was reviewed and discussed.


2007-04-01     MOTION MADE to adjourn.


            MAKER: Lee                                                                   MOTION FAILED

A proposal was offered to hold special elections to fill vacancies and questioned elected status of other members pending recommendations from the Elections Credentials Committee.



That the Elections Credentials Committee convene and present a proposed set of rules and regulations for a Special Election to fill the vacant seats on the Executive Board.


That the Elections Credentials Committee is to meet as soon as is reasonably possible and present their findings to the Executive Board who shall convene in formal session to debate, amend, and approve said findings.


That the Elections Credentials Committee is to move as expeditiously as is possible.


2007-04-02     MOTION MADE to accept the above Resolution.


            MAKER: McDermott      SECOND: Johnson                MOTION APPROVED

by a voice vote

2007-04-03     MOTION MADE to adjourn


            MAKER: Lee                   Roll Call vote requested. Lee, Parr, Thornton, Rushfield, Johnson and McDermott voted NO.


Several corrections/additions must be made to the minutes of the March meeting:


    add the amount of money involved in the American Income Life Insurance resolution 2007-03-15

    page 5, item 9 - language beginning with “In accordance with Local By-Law 3.31 . . . “ and ending with “MCT contract group is entitled to Executive Board representation of its own election” it should be noted that this text was not formally presented to the Executive Board as written and was inserted for the minutes at a later date.

    page 6 - the language beginning with “Whereas that pursuant to Local By-Law 3.31 . . .” and ending with “MCT contract group is entitled to Executive Board representation of its own election” it should be noted that this text was not formally presented to the Executive Board as written and was inserted for the minutes at a later date.

    correspondence from Ms Krieger regarding this matter should not be attached to the minutes.


2007-04-04     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the March 2007 Executive Board meeting as amended.



President’s Report


1.   ABC Unit meeting: Current contract has expired. Negotiations resume May 21st in Chicago.


2.   PBS Unit meeting: A unit meeting was held with the PBS membership in Alexandria. This was a face to face meeting with no set agenda. Local President Mayers and Vice President Lee were in attendance. About 25% of the membership was present at various times and all were given an opportunity to voice their concerns on any issue. The majority stated they wanted better communications between the unit and the Local. They noted the web site was a good place to start and that it was helpful in keeping them abreast as to what was happening in the Local. The most important issue for them at this time is the upcoming negotiations. The unit members had many helpful suggestions and wanted assurances that certain initiatives would be put in place prior to negotiations. President Mayers stated that every consideration would be given to their suggestions and that the Local would be more proactive. Details of the initiatives will not be provided in this report but will be given to the PBS negotiating committee and the NABET-CWA staff representative assigned to PBS.

Vice President’s Report


1.   CWA Legislative-Political Conference: the opening session outlined key legislative measures CWA was supporting. Some of the initiatives were expanding stem cell research, high speed internet access for all, national health care plan, and the Employee Free Choice Act.


I was able to meet with the CWA District 2 delegation and presented a report regarding our progress with the CNN NLRB charges, the on-going ABC negotiations, and my take on the Pension Protection Act of 2006. The Virginia delegation of District 2 invited me to participate with them on their visits to various members of Congress. I was able to speak with Mr. Ierley, Senator Jim Webb’s Legislative Assistant. I brought to his attention the ABC negotiations and the pension proposals offered by the company asking for the Senator’s assistance on the matter. Executive Vice President Vince Cody of CWA Local 2222 was instrumental in providing me assess and when I was not able to attend a session he made sure our voice was heard on issues pertaining to NABET-CWA. As a matter of note, District 2 VP Catucci’s assistant Charlie “Boots” is arranging a meeting with Maryland Senator Mikulski and Secretary Moe Thomas on the pension issue. Senator Mikulski chairs the Subcommittee on Aging and Pensions and will meet with constituents on such matters. Mr. Thomas is a resident of Maryland and is somewhat familiar with the Pension Protection Act of 1006.

Treasurer’s Report


1.   Financial Report: Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount for March.


4000-01 and 4000-02: Non Checkoff Dues and Initiation Fees: The non checkoff dues for the month were $4,589.40 and initiation fees were $8,210.32, that is $1,079.08 under the combined monthly budgeted amount of $4,700.00. We had a lot of incoming non checkoff dues in February that we sent to the Sector in March.

4001: Total rebate: The $51,463.80 is $7,036.20 under the $58,500.00 monthly budgeted amount. The CWA has caught up on all back dues.

The Local’s March 2007 income of $55,084.72 was $11,615.28 under the monthly budgeted amount of $66,700.00.


5002-02: ABC Negotiations: $5,637.48 for the month was $3,137.48over the monthly budgeted amount of $2,500.00. The ABC Negotiations were scheduled for the entire month of March.

5029: Meeting Rooms & Expenses: The total for the month of March were $580.00, was $180.00 over the monthly budgeted amount of $400.00. This is due to the members we sent to the CWA Womens Conference and the CWA Legislative-Political Conference.

All of the other accounts were either under or right on budget for the month of March.

The Local was $9,273.75 under the monthly budgeted amount of $67,708.13 for total expenses. The Local is showing an increase in net income of $24,759.87 YTD for the fiscal year. The Local ended showing a negative $88,178.28 for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2006.

2007-04-05     MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report


            MAKER: Lee                   SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION APPROVED

2.   New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2007-04-06     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants: Loren Andrew Olson, staff at Montgomery TV and Donald Andrew Spaulding, staff-BRT at NPR.



Secretary’s Report



1.   Thank-you note from Dave Parr and family for expressing our condolences and sympathy for their loss. A donation was made to a charity as requested by the family.

Staff Report


1.   Union Leave Report: April 2007 - 4 days + ½ hour

            ABC:  3 days

4/1 - Negotiations - Moe Thomas

4/9 - Executive Board - Dave Parr

4/10 - Executive Board - Jim Lee

            NBC:  1 day

4/9- Executive Board - Michael Queen

            NPR:   ½ hour

4/9- Executive Board - Rushfield

      March 2007 - 26 days + ½ hr


            ABC:  26 days

3/1-31 - Negotiations - Moe Thomas (22 week days)

3/12 - Executive Board - Dave Parr

3/14 - PBS Unit Meeting - Jim Lee

3/24-25 - CWA National Women’s Conference - Mary Quinn

            NBC:  1 day

3/12 - Executive Board - Michael Queen

            NPR:   ½ hr

3/12 - Executive Board - Stu Rushfield


2.   No Work List (3.2): As listed for the benefit of officers and stewards.


3.   New member packets: Membership packages sent to the following:


      ABC:  Robin Anderson         NBC:  David Cooke

                  Kelly Carter                            Arthur Curran

                  Andre Joyner                          Thomas Deshazo

                  Eugene Sisk                            Robert Evans

Ricardo Whitson

                                                                  Mark Wilson 



1.   Barbara Krieger:

Discussion continued on the legality of Barbara Krieger’s status on the Executive Board. Barbara feels she has been personally slighted on this matter.


2007-04-07     MOTION MADE TO ENTER Ms. Krieger’s letter to the Executive Board dated April 8, 2007 into the record


            MAKER: McDermott      SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION NOT APPROVED (Tied vote)

2.   CWA Convention Elected Representative: Discussed possibility of convention representative election being held.



1.   Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 14, 2007, beginning at 6:30 pm.


2.   Jernigan Retirement Party Request:


2007-04-08     MOTION MADE to approve $500 for the retirement party


            MAKER: McDermott      SECOND: Thornton               MOTION APPROVED


3.   Alternative Executive Board Members:


2007-04-09     MOTION MADE that Local 31 proceed immediately with the election of Alternate Executive board members for the seats already filled.


            MAKER: McDermott      SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION APPROVED


4.   WHUT-TV Affairs: No report.


5.   WJLA Affairs: No report.


6.   WMAL Affairs: No report.


7.   WRC Affairs: No Report


8.   ABC Affairs: No Report


9.   Freelance Affairs: No report.


10. HRS Affairs: No report.


11. MCT Affairs: No report.


12. SRS Affairs: No report


13. NBC Affairs: No report


14. PBS Affairs: No report.


15. TVS/CNN Affairs: No report

There was a final consensus of the Executive Board that there is no personal animosity between individual members because of recent recorded events. This statement shall be part of the record.


2007-04-10     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 11:06 pm


            MAKER: Parr                 SECOND: Lee                        MOTION APPROVED

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Johnson

HRS Representative

Acting Secretary