Executive Board Meeting

Monday, July 12, 2006

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:55pm

Presiding:       Mark Peach, President

Present:           Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Rich McDermott, WRC/NBC

Stu Rushfield, NPR

J. Thomas Marchitto, Elections Chair, visitor


Introduction and Presentation: Tom Hucker: The purpose of this presentation was to thank the Local for providing the space needed for the Hucker people. Mr. Hucker explained to us his work in the “Progressive Maryland” group and his participation with the group and how it can help us to move labor into the State General Assembly. He is actively working to merge labor with allies to grow the movement. “Progressive Maryland” runs on individual contributions, grants, and PAC.


2006-07-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the June 2006 Executive Board.

       MAKER: Ted Stewart SECOND: Stu Rushfield MOTION PASSED

Second Guest… Introduction and Presentation: Tom Marchitto, Election Chairman

Tom joined us to discuss the Officers Election. Officers petitions due in the office on Friday, July 14th. Candidates are allowed to do extra mailings, but must incur costs on their own and the mail list must not leave the office. The office staff makes the mailing labels. We will have double sided copies for the literature in the ballot mailing. Members not in good standing will get a ballot, but they will also have a notice informing them that they are not in good standing. The will also have instructions on how to settle up before the deadline. The ballots will be returned to the Local office and be stored in a locked cabinet in Karen or Sue’s office.

President’s Report


1.         General Membership Meeting: Will take place on August 7 at 7:30pm. It will consist of the general discussions first, then the candidates forum. The location is still to be determined.

2.         Legal Report: Still working on the funding for CNN. Legal has another brief to write. We have no major arbitrations coming up. We are still under budget.

3.         General: There are no remote reps coming up any time soon. Secretary Moe Thomas and President Peach will be at the ABC digital discussions in LA in August. Jimmy Tarlau is our new CWA District 2 representative. He is highly motivated.

4.         Organizing: Quiet right now.

Vice President’s Report

1.         Mobilization:

a. NBC- There was not a lot in the way of hard mobilization. We constantly got mixed signals from the negotiating team to go forward, then hold back. The contract will be put to a vote.

b. WHUT- We will be ramping up after discussions with the company, as the members have recently voted the contract down.

c. WJLA/NC 8- Big plans for the end of the month. A rally to run in conjunction with the station sponsored “Family Caregiver’s Expo.” We will be running newspaper ads for the “Family Friendly Rally.” Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30. Please let folks know we will need help.

Treasurer’s Report

Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount.




4001: DUES REBATE: $52,690.69 was $3,309.31 below the $56,000.00 budgeted amount. Our rebate was higher than the budgeted amount last month so we broken even for the two months.


4004: INITIATION FEES $4,364.78 was $14.78 over the $4,350.00 budgeted amount. We sent out a bills on May 1st therefore our incoming initiation fee payments have been higher than normal.


4002 and 4002-04: NON CHECKOFF DUES: We still show two non checkoff accounts because of the reorganization the financial reports.


TOTAL INCOME: $55,247.69 is $6,882.31 under the monthly budgeted amount of $62,130.00. 




5033-03: PBS UNION LEAVE: $4,000.00 is $3,500.00 higher than the monthly budgeted amount of $500.00. This is the final installment of our six month payment plan to PBS.


Total Contract Units were $4,499.80 for the month of June which was $399.80 over the $4,100.00 budgeted amount.


EXECUTIVE BOARD EXPENSES: 179.87 is $109.87 above the 70.00 monthly budgeted amount. This amount is based on a three month petty cash settlement.



5012-01: Postage: $1,078.44 is $628.44 over the $450.00 monthly budgeted amount. We had to reset the postage again but we have not added postage for a couple months so it just appears high.


5021: Telephone Expense: $725.91 is $415.91 over the $310.00 monthly budgeted amount. This is due to the fact we had several conference calls.


5010-04: 401K NABET Portion: $3,205.77 is $1,105.77 over the budgeted monthly amount of $2,100.00. This was higher due to the fact that the June’s 401K is based on May earnings which was a three pay period.


5004: Assistant To The President: This shows $1,285.59 over the monthly budgeted amount. This is not correct due to the reorganization of accounts in the financial program. This amount is actually right on budget.


5030-02: NBC Negotiations: -$206.19 is $707.19 under the monthly budgeted amount of $500.00. The Sector has reimbursed us for some of our negotiating costs.


5074: Covering Remotes: -$26.94 is $361.94 under the monthly $335.00 budgeted amount. This is also due to the fact that the Sector has reimbursed us for our cost for covering remotes.


5086: Total Legal Expenses: 1,848.66 is $8,151.34 under the $10,000.00 monthly budgeted amount.


We are $8,302.37 under the monthly $62,644.00 budgeted total expenses. The net income for the month after expenses $906.06.


2006-07-02     MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer=s Report.


            MAKER: Rushfield                SECOND: Krieger                 MOTION PASSED


2.         New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2006-07-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants: Jared Xavier Anderson, Norman Anthony Butler, David E. Williams, and Keith Allen Williams, all daily hires from NBC.


            MAKER: Rushfield                SECOND: Krieger                 MOTION PASSED


3.         Training: Final Cut Training is going very well. We will be purchasing a Final Cut Key Board. Calls are coming in from down south with interest in participating in the program. Since we have requests from the south, it is possible that we might hold classes in Atlanta.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Moe Thomas is at the CWA Convention.


1.         Correspondence: A note from Rob Libero at ABC for the gift he received from the Sick Member’s Fund. A get well card was sent to Jeff Corwin, manager at ABC. A note requesting help from the Sick Member’s Fund for member Tom Carpenter, a former NPR employee with medical and financial burdens because of his departure from NPR.


2006-07-04     MOTION MADE to send $500.00 in aide to Mr. Carpenter.

       MAKER: Stu Rushfield SECOND: Ted Stewart MOTION PASSED

Staff Report

Sue will secure the Knight’s of Columbus Hall for the General Membership Meeting/ Candidate’s Forum. We will need it on August 7th, from 6pm-12 midnight. It will be posted on the website and we will do a mass mailing to make members aware.

Sue will order the pocket calendars.


2006-07-05     MOTION MADE to have Sue order 800 of the 2007 pocket calendars.

       MAKER: Ted Stewart SECOND: Stu Rushfield MOTION PASSED

Sue suggested that we stop sending certified mailing of documents since the “result does not justify the cost.” Letters are usually returned “unclaimed.”


2006-07-06     MOTION MADE to honor Sue Fitzgerald’s suggestion to have the Local discontinue registered mailings.

MAKER: Stu Rushfield SECOND: Ted Stewart MOTION PASSED

Sue made a suggestion to purchase a one year maintenance agreement for our Pitney Bowes folding machine at the cost of $1504. No Motion was made and the suggestion failed to go forward. Questions were raised… Does CWA have a machine such as ours? Will the Service response time be affected without the agreement?

1.         No Work List (3.2): As listed for the benefit of officers and stewards.

2.         New member packets: Membership packages sent to the following employees:


            ABC:              Lee Day

            NBC:              David Williams

            NPR:               Luke Huapaya (resent)

            WHUT:          Lovita Bryant

            WJLA:            John Lewis (resent)



1.         Retiree Notification: President Peach met with several new retirees and presented them with a letter of appreciation and a NABET-CWA retiree pin.



1.         Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 14, 2006, beginning at 6:30 pm.


2.         ABC Affairs:  Waiting to hear from the field crews about the overseas agreement. Working on the OTE language and how it applies in practice. AW-06-02 is working towards arbitration. The field shop steward is monitoring weight and stress over the safety concerns. The radio sale is moving along, and has been an ongoing concern. We are trying to recruit more shop stewards.


3.         Freelance Affairs: Mike Croke will represent Local 31 on the National Daily Hire Committee.


4.         HRS Affairs: Should have four positions become available soon. We had a very positive unit meeting with members and 4 non-members on June 1st. Spirited discussion.


5.         MCT Affairs: Negotiations are on going. Employee evaluations were halted.


6.         SRS Affairs: In a stall mode over the wages. Paula Olson will contact John Clark about the stale mate.


7.         NBC Affairs: Contract negotiations continue. Not available for a vote, but negotiating team will most likely endorse. Not much mobilization, because of on/off talks. Increase in Daily Hires. Gene Roberts retired after over 30 years. Had a little party for Gene and Mark took him to lunch. The station lost power for approx. 45 minutes because of a leak in the basement. The network field crews have been boycotting overseas trips because of poor pay and conditions. Status of Contract Unit meeting is scheduled for later this month. The strike authorization vote has sparked some concern with the company.


8.         NPR Affairs: NPR now deducts union dues again, although there are questions about the FLEX credits and whether dues should come from this money. We need to get more information and have further discussion. The Memorandum of Understanding has been a surprise to members. It appeared on the NPR website and no one was made aware of this agreement prior to this posting.


9.         PBS Affairs: Mark Peach toured and was impressed with the new facilities. There was a unanimous ratification of the library agreement.


10.       TVS/CNN Affairs: Mark held a very positive meeting to keep the members up to date and informed about the NLRB case.


11.       WHUT Affairs: 70% rejection of their contract.


12.       WJLA Affairs: We had more fly overs at the beach on the July 4th holiday. There will be a major mobilization effort at the end of the month. We will ramp up more handbilling.


13.       WMAL Affairs: No report.

14.       WRC Affairs: The station is looking for DVC Pro editors, and they now have Final Cut Pro editing systems on-line. We=re still having problems in the Library area with a non-NABET making dubs there.


2006-07-07     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 8:40pm

MAKER: Ted Stewart SECOND: Stu Rushfield MOTION PASSED


Respectfully submitted, minjul10-06.gif

Barbara Krieger, Vice President

NABET-CWA, Local 31