Executive Board Meeting


Monday, February 13, 2006


Location:        NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Presiding:      Mark Peach, President

Present:          Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Mike Croke, D/H

Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Jim Martin, ABC

Stu Rushfield, NPR

William Schmitzer, WHUT

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Joseph Thompson, MCT


Our auditor, David Weaver, explained our financial profile using the LM 2 and audit records for the last reporting year.  We are in generally good heath as far as our financial status is concerned.  He will be happy to join us again at an Executive Board meeting and give any assistance he may offer.  There was a question and answer session that was very informative.


Minutes of the January 9, 2006 meeting were read and approved.


2006-02-01    MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the January 2006 Executive Board Meeting.


MAKER: Stewart             SECOND: Krieger                MOTION PASSED


President=s Report:


1.      Legal Expenses:

a.       Cardozar worthy (WJLA member) spent more than $15K so far. Do not expect to have any significant expenses in the next 30-45 days. President appointed an Arbitration Review Committee, Mr. Thomas as Chair, Mr. Schmitzer (WHUT), Mr. Johnson (HRS), and Mr. Thompson (MCT) on the committee.


2.      Organizing:

a.       C-SPAN: The Stipulated Agreement and the description of work were agreed. The date for the election is set for March 9th.

b.      MASM: District 2 will make efforts to assist in organizing.

c.       RFK, Stadium Employees: Started organizing talks B there are approximately 24 employees.

d.      Vision Builders, WV: Cards signed for this company that does trades videos. Approximately 12 employees.

e.       CWA Organizing: We have submitted our first reimbursement request to CWA for expenses associated with organizing.


3.      Remotes:

a.       MCI Center: ESPN Time Buy. Addressed ABC Stipulation 8 violation where there was no Tech and safety issues resolved.

b.      NBC Sports: Dayton 500 remote this weekend. The majority is staff and Local 31 members.


4.      CWA District 2 Meeting in West Virginia: President Peach to attend. Important discussions re: CWA Resolution 1 to be discussed. Attendance is required by CWA Constitution.


Vice President=s Report:


1.   Mobilization:

a.   NPR: Members addressed the NPR Board of Directors. The web site has had a positive impact. We have asked for additional CWA monies for mobilization.

b.      WJLA: Excellent progress with Mobilization and our leafleting campaigns.

c.       NBC: Efforts are gearing up. We have consults with the committee every week. They are meeting for negotiations in the next week.

d.      PBS:  There will be a vote of the contract concluding this week.


Treasurer=s Report:


1.   Financial Report for January 2006:  Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount.




4041: Dues Rebate: $78,491.85 is $22,491.85 higher than the budgeted amount.  NBC October 05 rebate came in January 6th and was much higher than normal.


4042: Initiation Fee: $8,511.61 is $4,161.61 higher than the budgeted amount. Several people took advantage of the 25% discount and paid their initiation fee in full. An HRS applicant was given 24 months to pay initiation fee.


4043: Non Checkoff Dues: $5,616.39 was collected in the month of January and will be sent to Sector in February.


TOTAL INCOME:  $92,619.85 is $30,489.85 over the normal budgeted amount for income.




Total Contract Units Expense: $6,736.91 is $2,636.91 over the budgeted amount.  This is due to the fact that we paid $2,615.59 in NPR union leave and $4,061.32 for NBC shirts.   


All other groups did not spend anything and were all under the budgeted amount.


5004: Service Agreements/Machine Repair : $1,229.30 was for meter rental and service agreement for the postage machine and scale $599.30 over the budgeted amount.  This was for a maintenance agreement. 

5002: Postage: $1,016.70 is $566.70 over the budgeted amount.  We have not filled the postage in several months due to emails.   


5048: Annual Audit Expenses: The bill for $1,500.00 was $750.00 over the budgeted $750.00..


5086: Arbitration Expenses: $8,813.79 over the budgeted $1,500.00.  We had to pay the Arbitrator for the NBC Library arbitration and the Currence arbitration..   


For the month we show a negative $5,029.58.


2006-02-02     MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer=s Report.


MAKER: Thomas              SECOND: Guastadisegni          MOTION PASSED


2.   New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2006-02-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants:  Lorenzo Warren Braye, staff, HRS; James Christopher Horan, Michael Sean Kinney, Janice Eileen Swan-Jones, daily hires NBC; Christopher Levon Whitfield, Jr., temporary p/t NPR.



MAKER: Schmitzer            SECOND: Rushfield                 MOTION PASSED


1.      Membership Training: There are several offers of technical training for our members.


Secretary=s Report:


1.      Database: We are working with the MUMS people to adopt the MUMS software and have it upgraded in our computer.


2.      Correspondence:


2006-02-04           MOTION MADE to approve $137.50 for the Eduardo Diaz Union to Union Fund.


Maker: Thomas                  SECOND: Guastadisegni          MOTION PASSED


2006-02-05     MOTION MADE to approve $300 for the CWA Pediatric Aids Foundation.


Maker: Schmitzer               SECOND: Martin                    MOTION FAILED

1 abstention


2006-02-06     MOTION MADE to approve $137.50 for the CWA Pediatric Aids Foundation.


Maker:      Krieger           SECOND: Croke                  MOTION PASSED


2006-02-07    MOTION MADE to approve $100 to be sent to the hospice that cared for Paula Olson=s father.


Maker:      Rushfield        SECOND: Krieger                MOTION PASSED

Request for funds from the CWA Local 6310 for the Gentilini family is to be posted at all locations.


3.      Web Site:


4.      Internal Mobilization and CWA-COPE Fund: COPE and its importance was discussed based on a meeting the officers had today with CWA Political Representative Mike Grace. All the Eboard members were given a COPE form and asked to participate.


Staff Report:


1.   3.2 - No Work List: A list was supplied to the Executive Board so that they would be able to recognize and keep track of people whose names show up working under a NABET-CWA contract and are not in good standing with the union.  This list will not be made a public record, but will be noted by union officials.


2.   Membership Packets: Packages were sent to: Membership packages sent:  ABC:  Ryan Leimbach, Jay Mathis, Karen Pearce; MCT:  Isaac Asare, Ronel Butler; NBC:  Alfred Faison, Michael Kinney, Matt Mills, Janice Swan-Jones.




1.   CWA RESOLUTION 1: The delegates to the 2005 CWA Convention adopted Resolution #1 AReady for the Future@ which calls for every level of the union to examine the challenges ahead and identify ideas and recommendations to best meet them. The resolution outlines a 10 month process and directs the International Executive Board to collect and consider input from all levels of the union and develop a Strategic Plan for the Future which is to be made available by June 1 2006. The Strategic Plan will be debated and voted on by the delegates to the 2006 convention in Las Vega, July 10-11 2006. The representatives of the local 31 Executive Board were charged with the responsibility of contributing to this self evaluation. Board Members Input: Independent contractors is being abused and their getting away with it, and that=s confusing organizing. Money leaking for the lack of adequate tracking of freelancers and day worked. They work for several contracts in several areas.


2.  Negotiating Committee Resolution: We need to find ways of cutting costs while adequately representing our members. Most contract groups have one negotiator. The sense of the Board was taken in a Resolution. The negotiating committees would have advisory committees for consultation and inputs. One person would be on union leave at a time. Provision would be made for alternates and experts in particular sub-groups and areas.


2006-02-08     MOTION MADE to elect one ALead Negotiator@ per contract unit in the local on paid union leave. Others may attend and assist. Additional attendees in areas of expertise may be called, on union leave, as may be approved by the Local President, and to allow Contact Negotiation Committees to consult on contract bargaining.


MAKER: Thomas              SECOND: Johnson                  MOTION PASSED


Mr. Guastadisegni asked for a record vote on this motion.


MCT: Thompson B Abstain

HRS: Johnson B Aye

NPR: Rushfield B Aye

WJLA: Guastadisegni - Nay

Treasurer: Stewart - Aye

ABC: Martin: - Aye

WHUT: Schmitzer B Aye

Freelance: Croke B Nay

Vice President: Krieger B Aye

Secretary: Thomas - Aye




1.      Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 13, 2005, beginning at 6:30 pm.


2.      CWA-COPE:  [See Secretary=s Report.]


3.      Hiring Legal Counsel on Staff:  Asking what are the possibilities of hiring our own legal staff person for $96K? for a 40-hour week. This might make it possible to have in-house legal reviews, depositions, and preparations and might save money in the process. We need to investigate several avenues to either share or reduce costs, above the Arbitration Subcommittee idea.


4.      Request for Sick Members Fund: [See Secretary=s report.]


5.      Retirement Party for Izzy Tiglio: There will be a open house, thank-you party for retiring staff Treasurer=s Assistant Izzy Tiglio, to be held at the union office.


6.      NPR Affairs: Negotiations unpleasant. They refuse to return to the bargaining table. The Board will be interviewing our negotiators. They continue to implement the contract. They have stopped payroll deductions of union dues, burdening the members with individual dues reporting and billing.  We are telling our members how important it is to pay dues. In the midst of the NPR Board Meeting, the DALET system crashed. Our members and Mr. Boilen of AFTRA spoke before the board. Details are on the web site. AFTRA has filed a grievance on being forced to do NABET-CWA work. A letter signed by 160 AFTRA members objecting to the contract implementation.


7.      PBS Affairs:   Negotiations are at a halt since the company gave its best and final contract offer. They refuse to continue negotiations and have begun some implementation. Members are voting on the contract now. Ballots to be counted on Friday.


8.      TVS/CNN Affairs:   Nothing new to report.


9.      WHUT Affairs: With the impending expiration of the contract, meetings are scheduled for next week.


10.  WJLA Affairs: The Company and the Union met on January 31st and February 1st. There is to be additional hand billing campaign and other mobilization efforts this month.  Negotiations are to restart later in the month. Bill Hovis just retired December 24th, he did morning audio. Bill Seymour is retiring March 3rd, and Tony Ferrigno is retiring in May. Staying active for sweeps. Jobs posting are up all the time.


11.  WMAL Affairs:  ABC Radio sold 49% of its interest to Citadel group.


12.  WRC Affairs: Morale is still as bad as ever. Management came to us and asked to applicants for shooter-editor-drivers in the field. We had a grievance meeting. The hand-held camera for the PM news will be upgraded to GP6. We will be filing an 8.10c complaint for workload on the PM broadcast.


13.  ABC Affairs: Radio sale (see above). We=re working on resolving issues around the Overseas Agreement. Looking into a feed from Alabama, and the Linda Cam operation. There was a TD meeting where the company announced planned changes for schedules, staffing, and new TV-C overnight operations. Buy-out offers are in negotiations.


14.  Freelance Affairs:  The Company (ABC) hired 16 daily hires for the Super Bowl, but failed to do a proper tear-down, and there was some missing equipment. Utilities are not getting proper travel and accommodations. We need to get time sheets and investigate further. The need for effective remote representation is more critical than ever.


15.  HRS Affairs: There is an opening for a Senior Camera position that was posted on the web site. Todd Redlin is recovering from hip surgery and doing nicely at home. Director Gary Dennick is retiring at the end of February. Daniel Hornack, part of the original group for the union is also retiring.


16.  MCTV Affairs: Recently hired a Client Services Director, overseeing services to external clients, will be head of the department that includes the teaching assistants. Still looking for a Technical Supervisor, full time. There are two new employees Ronell Butler and Isaac Asare hired as Production Technicians. Need to start mobilizing early for new contract.


17.  SRS Affairs:  Negotiations met last week with their four attorneys. They are to meet next week. Paula Olson is the staff representative.


18.  NBC Affairs: Nothing to report.


2006-02-09     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 11:15 PM.


MAKER: Stewart               MOTION PASSED


Respectfully submitted,







Maurice Thomas, III