February 6, 2006


Location:        NABET Local 31 Conference Room

Time:              Convened at 8:04 p.m.

Presiding:       Maurice Thomas III, Secretary

Attendance:    Mark Peach, President

Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Richard Mc Dermott

Gary Beall

Charles Slie


The Minutes of the August 1, 2005 General Membership meeting were distributed and read.


GM06-02-01  MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the August 1, 2005 General Membership Meeting.


            MAKER: Stewart       SECOND: McDermott           MOTION PASSED


Treasurer's Report:


1.   Financial Report: As of this date, the Local has a total of 1479 members: 478 staff employees, 969 daily hire employees, 18 temporary employees and 14 employees who are on medical leave of absence. This is a decrease of 53 members since the August 1, 2005 General Membership Meeting. The main reason for this decrease in membership is due to the fact that we are in the process of cleaning out our database of all members who are behind in their dues or are no longer working in the industry. Many of these members, who had their dues paid up to date, chose to go inactive.


As of December 31, 2005 the Local had cash assets of $642,607.80. As of June 30, 2005, we had cash assets of $691,811.06, which means we show a loss of $49,203.26 in this six month period. This represents a loss of $111,861 in the 12 month period, but 22% less than was “lost” in first six months, so the loss of assets is slowing down. Part of the reason for this decrease in cash assets is because the Local now pays it’s own legal expenses.


The Annual Audit was performed after September 30th when the fiscal year ended. The Local is now required to file the Labor Department revised LM2 Report, which requires extremely detailed financial records.


GM06-02-02  MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer's Report.


            MAKER: Charlie Slie            SECOND: Kreiger     MOTION: PASSED


2.   Membership Status: Currently, we have 1479 members. We have sent notices to several members whose dues are in arrears and not in good standing.


3.   Training Report: Our training offerings continue to be well received. The union’s own Macintosh computer editor system and Final Cut Pro training station gets regular use to train our members in non-linear editing.


Secretary's Report:


1.   Membership Database: The membership database development is a critical factor in effective service to our members. Along with the Sector and the CWA, we continue to update and revise our database structures using MS Access and merge with the CWA-commissioned MUMS program.


2.   NABET31.ORG: The web site has continued to be a valuable source of critical and timely information to the membership as well as the general public. The office’s computer system and e-mails to members continues to serve us well.


President's Report:

1.   Remote Reports: President Peach will be repping NBA on ESPN in Washington, DC in February and March, two days each. He also plans to attend NBC golf in Florida in March when it starts off the season.


2.   Organizing Efforts: We have submitted our first reimbursement request to CWA for expenses associated with organizing.

a)  C-SPAN: The Stipulated Agreement and the description of work were agreed. The date for the election is set for March 9th. We will be meeting with the organizing committee next week.

b)  MASN: District 2 will make efforts to assist us in organizing.

c)  RFK, Stadium Employees: Started organizing talks, there are approximately 24 employees.

d)  Vision Builders, WV: Cards signed for this company that does trades videos. Approximately 12 employees.

3.   Legal Expenses:

a)  WJLA member Cardozar Worthy case - briefs were filed at the end of January.

b)  The arbitrator for the WHUT evaluations grievance found in favor of the union in that the company was obligated to perform evaluations. However, there was no monetary remedy.

c)  The arbitrator’s decision on the NBC Local Library arbitration has come back and is available for review.

d)  The legal bill to be paid last month was $7.5K. This month it will most likely be double because of the Worthy case.

e)  CNN: President Peach asked Sector President Clark to check on the status of the review by CWA for reimbursement of CNN legal expenses. There was a meeting of Union attorneys last week to discuss future plans. President Peach and Local 11 President McEwan will meet with Sector President Clark this week in NYC to discuss the same. We expect the NLRB to send out a decision on the charges this month.

Vice President’s Report:

1.   Mobilzation Efforts:

a)  NPR & PBS will be requesting more money for mobilization.

b)  WJLA: There was a mobilization meeting on 1/21/06 and mobilization action on 1/28/06. We believe our mobilization efforts have had a positive effect on negotiations.

c)  NBC: Possible mobilization action once contract talks begin.

New Business:

1.         Date of Next General Membership Meeting: August 7, 2006 at 7:30PM. Passed without objection.


2.         CWA Resolution #1: CWA is faced with a challenge to revamp the structure and operation of the whole union. This national initiative to redefine and reorganize the union was explained to the meeting. Our members are encouraged to give input to the process of making the union more responsive and of greater service to the membership.


3.         Elections for Shop Steward, Negotiator, and Local Officers: Shop Steward nominating petitions are to be posted on the web page the 16th, and should be returned by March 2nd. Ballots for Shop Steward will be sent out March 6th and returned by March 27th. Election ballots for ABC negotiator are being sent on Tuesday the 7th. Ballots are due back by Friday the 28th. Nomination petitions for local officers’ elections are to be distributed in early June, due back in mid-July, and the election will be conducted in August of this year for three year terms for local officers.


4.         Montgomery Community TV Affairs: Negotiations for a new contract begin in June. Lou Fallot will be our Sector representative for these negotiations. There is an issue on the interpretation of legal holidays. On-demand training is not being implemented.

5.         NBC/WRC Affairs: Morale is still as bad as ever. Management came to us and asked to applicants for shooter-editor-drivers in the field. We had a grievance meeting. The hand-held camera for the PM news will be upgraded to GP6. We will be filing an 8.10c complaint for workload on the PM broadcast.


6.         NPR Affairs: Negotiations have been extremely unpleasant. They have refused to return to the bargaining table. We have filed a UFLP charge and the Board will be interviewing our negotiators. The Company continues to implement the contract. Our members and Mr. Boilen of AFTRA spoke before the board. AFTRA has filed a grievance on being forced to do NABET-CWA work. A letter signed by 160 AFTRA members objecting to the contract implementation.


7.         PBS Affairs: Negotiations are at a halt since the company gave its “best and final” contract offer. They refuse to continue negotiations and have begun some implementation. Members are voting on the contract now.


8.         WJLA Affairs: Worthy decision due soon. The unit had a mobilization meeting on 1/21/06. The Company and the Union met on January 31st and February 1st. There is to be additional hand billing campaign and other mobilization efforts this month. Negotiations are to restart later in the month.


9.         TVS/CNN Affairs: We are hopeful that the NLRB ruling will come in by the end of the month. The Local has requested reimbursement from the CWA for legal expenses.


10.       WHUT Affairs: Negotiations for the combined studio and engineering maintenance contracts With the impending expiration of the contract, meetings are scheduled for later this month..


11.       ABC/WMAL Affairs: There is much confusion over lighting and projection arrangements for the show. We continue to have concerns over producer use of DV cameras in the field. There was a TD meeting where the company announced planned changes for schedules, staffing, and new TV-C overnight operations. Buy-out offers are in negotiations. ABC-owned radio stations are to be merged with the Citadel Group.


12.       Freelance Affairs: Disney is making ESPN their sports coverage. We’re still tracking daily hires over 20 days. The Sector is looking into organizing a Daily Hire Committee. The Company (ABC) hired 16 daily hires for the Super Bowl, but failed to do a proper tear-down, and there was some missing equipment. Utilities are not getting proper travel and accommodations. We need to get time sheets and investigate further. The need for effective remote representation is more critical than ever.


13.       House Recording Studios Affairs: There is an opening for a Senior Camera position that was posted on the web site. Things continue well there.




GM06-02-03  MOTION MADE to adjourn.


            MAKER: Mike Queen           MOTION PASSED


Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Maurice Thomas

NABET -CW A Local 31 Secretary