Executive Board Meeting


Monday, December 11, 2006

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:43 pm

Presiding:       Carl Mayers, President

Present:           Jim Lee, Vice President

                        Dave Parr, Treasurer

                        Maurice Thomas III, Secretary

                        Stephen Johnson, HRS

                        Rich McDermott, WRC

                        Michael Queen, NBC

                        Stu Rushfield, NPR

                        Bil Schmitzer, WHUT

Approval of Executive Board Minutes for the meeting held on November 13, 2006.


2006-12-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the November 13 Executive Board Meeting


             MAKER: Schmitzer               SECOND: Lee            MOTION : PASSED

President’s Report


1.   WHUT Agreement has been ratified and signed. WJLA contract has a tentative agreement, there was a unit meeting on Saturday with a good turn-out, and the ballots have been sent to all members. MCT contract is in redline form. There is to be a unit meeting on Friday, and ballots should be sent thereafter. MCT ratification ballot tabulation will then done in January.


2.   Mark Peach Affairs: Mark Peach was given a check for his unused vacation. In turn, he reimbursed the Local for the outstanding election expenses that he owed The laptop extended warranty and the cell phone data cable matters were discussed and resolved as closed by the Executive Board.

Treasurer’s Report:

1.   Financial Report:

Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount.


Executive Board Meeting

December 11, 2006

Page Two

4000-01 and 4000-02: Non Checkoff Dues and Initiation Fees: -$1,549.81 for non check off dues is low due to the fact that we sent some of the dues that we deposited in October to the Sector in November. Initiation fees were $4,365.25.

4001-04: Total rebate: The $55,263.61 is -$3,236.39 under the monthly budgeted amount. This is partly due to the fact that the NPR dues rebates are still behind. CWA has been holding up the NPR rebates because NPR has not sent the dues reports with the checks. CWA now has the reports and is working on processing the rebates.


5000: NBC: NBC is $892.00 under the monthly budgeted amount now that the negotiations are over.

5002: ABC: Even with negotiations going on at ABC we are $824.20 under the monthly budgeted amount.

5003: PBS: In November the Local settled our outstanding union leave to PBS that is why we are $8,380.82 over the monthly budgeted amount.

5015: Officers Wages: The Presidents salary is $5,273.99 over the monthly budgeted amount for two reasons. There were three pay periods in November, also the Local paid Mark 60 hours of unused vacation

5019: Insurance expenses: The total insurance is $2,869.15 over the monthly budgeted amount because the Local paid two OPEIU insurance bills in one month. In October the CWA sent our bill to Local 41.

5028-01: Publications: $2,168.55 is a yearly charge for Shop Steward Newsletters.

The Local was $21,913.64 over the monthly budgeted amount of $67,303.50 for the total expenses. The net income for the month after expenses was -$31,692.87.


2006-12-02     MOTION MADE to accept the financial report.


      MAKER: Thomas                        SECOND: Queen       MOTION : PASSED


2.   New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed. There was a discussion on the initiation fee of transfers from CWA Locals. Further discussion will be necessary.


2006-12-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants: ROBERT Charles Boccaccio, Manuel Ernest, Karen M. Roncelli (T#43), Geoffrey Hayes Turner, Richard D. Weiss, carroll Steven Widner, daily hires at ABC; Alan Michael Atkinson, Francine Eileen Cooper, Anthony Logan Pittman, Denise M. Royal (T#CWA-900), Jennifer Lauren White, (T#CWA 3805) all daily hires at NBC; Melisssa Ellen Marquis, staff at NPR.


      MAKER: Rushfield                      SECOND: Johnson                MOTION PASSED

Executive Board Meeting

December 11, 2006

Page Three

Secretary’s Report


1.   No correspondence.

2.   MUMS is installed and working and has been used for the last few elections.

3.   WJLA website has been amended in anticipation of the contract ratification vote.

4.   The web site has been getting ~15K hits per month.

Staff Report

1.   No Work List (3.2): As listed for the benefit of officers and stewards.

2.   New member packets: Membership packages sent to the following employees:


ABC - Andrew Black                         NBC-  Michael Abate

      Robert Boccaccio (resent)                        Michael Broleman

      Manuel Ernst                                            John T. Caldwell (resent)

      Michael Mihshie                                       Pedro Delgado

      Scott Pray                                                 Tabitha Keys (resent)

      Paul Thomason                                         Scott Poston (resent)

      Carroll Widner (resent) 

                                                            NPR-  Melissa Marquis

MCT - Jamelan Fain (resent)                         Kurt Stalnaker

            Philip Ivantsov (resent)

WJLA-Mati Kerpen (resent)




1.   O’Donoghue and O’Donoghue Retainer Fee: Set to $8500 per month:

2006-12-04     MOTION: to remove from the table, MOTION 2006-11-08.

            MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: Schmitzer             MOTION PASSED


2006-12-05     MOTION MADE to establish a retained fee arrangement for legal representation in accordance with an agreement with O’Donoghue and O’Donoghue attorneys.


            MAKER: Rushfield                SECOND: Lee                        MOTION PASSED



1.   Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, January , beginning at 6:30 pm.


2.   Holiday Gifts:

Executive Board Meeting

December 11, 2006

Page Four


2006-12-06     MOTION MADE to appropriate $250 to each of the office staff as was done last year, and $50 for each of the building maintenance men.


            MAKER: Queen                     SECOND: Schmitzer             MOTION PASSED


3.   Mobilization funds for ABC: Cliff DeGray has been appointed as the mobilzer for ABC Washington.


2006-12-07     MOTION MADE


“Whereas this Local Executive Board wishes to be prepared for any contingency in preparation for negotiations with ABC/Disney, and


Whereas mobilization has proven to be an effective tool in demonstrating the resolve of this Union to achieve a fair and just contract for our Members,


Therefore be it resolved that this Executive Board allocates $50,000 to the Washington ABC contract group for use in its mobilization efforts in the next contract negotiations.”

            MAKER: Parr                        SECOND: LEE                      MOTION PASSED


4.   Server Replacement: The Executive Board was briefed on the server failure over the weekend. The server needs to be replaced. The Board would like to defer the purchase for the next few months, if possible. Therefore, the Board moved to authorized the estimated purchase price, but defer the purchase.


2006-12-08     MOTION MADE


“In recognition of the age and serviceability of the existing Intel Server for the Local 31 office, as well as its central and vital role in the office in the productivity of the office and service to our membership, therefore this Executive Board allocates not more than $5,000 to purchase a replacement server when required, but in expectation of replacement in the Spring of 2007.”

            MAKER: Schmitzer               SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED


5.   Bill Schmitzer retirement: WHUT representative will be retiring at the end of the month. He will be resigning from the Executive Board.


2006-12-09     RESOLUTION


“Whereas WHUT Executive Board Representative William Schmitzer has served this locally faithfully for more than 22 years, and


Whereas Brother Schmitzer is to retire from WHUT and end his service in this Executive Board, and

Executive Board Meeting

December 11, 2006

Page Five


In recognition of his faithful service to five past Local Presidents, this Local, and his contract group,


Therefore be it resolved that this Executive Board congratulates Brother Schmitzer on the occasion of his retirement, thanks him for his outstanding service to the Union, and makes a one-time retirement gift of $500 in lieu of any other provision of the local by-laws for retirees.”

      MAKER: Johnson                        SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED


6.   ABC Affairs: The Overseas Agreement: The Sector is working to finalize language for a new agreement. Extensive use of DV cameras remains an issue, with excesses being reported monthly. The members are demanding that we take action instead of just “listening” to their complaints. TV-C and Master Control rebuilding work continues without our help. The work is proceeding slowly and appears to be headed for a February completion date. Members have expressed an active interest in the Master Agreement talks to begin in February. A Unit Meeting in that time frame has been promised. Cliff DeGray has been appointed as Lead Mobilizer for ABC Washington. We need three or four more Shop Stewards. We need to schedule the next Shop Steward class soon.


7.   Freelance Affairs: No report.


8.   HRS Affairs: We hope to have some new job openings in the near future. We’re hopeful that things would be better under new management.


9.   MCT Affairs: We’re working with MCT. We have a redline version of the contract, and we’re hopeful to be able to close this soon.


10. SRS Affairs: The Senate Sergeant-at-arms will be retiring. In the new political environment, we can hope that the contract will be resolved in the new year.


11. NBC Affairs: Twelve NABET members will be offered buy-outs due to massive staff reduction at WRC local and the network.


12. NPR Affairs: A BRT received discipline for performance issues, and the company based part of its justification for skipping a step in progressive discipline on a portion of a policy manual that has not been published or distributed uniformly since 1997. UPDATE: NPR has agreed to abolish its use of the old policy manual, and is writing a new series of policies which will be published on the Company’s internal website. NPR has provided NABET with a copy of the first draft, and the BRT Stewards are reviewing the material.The appropriateness of the discipline is still under discussion. There has been discussion regarding NPR's implementation of overtime drafting procedures. The hiring of four new BRTs (Broadcast Recording Technicians) have been fulfilled as agreed upon in the latest NABET-NPR Contract. All four new employees have begun training, and either have or should soon receive NABET/Local 31 membership packets. They are: Melissa Marquis, Kurt Stalnaker, Sean Phillips and Stephen Belter. However, two temporary employees who recently were

Executive Board Meeting

December 11, 2006

Page Six


approved as Local 31 members are not being retained by NPR. One has already departed and the other will leave in early January. Yet another recently approved member is seeing his work hours cut back fairly dramatically. NPR continues its process of locating a site for the relocation of NPR headquarters, slated to occur within five years.


13. PBS Affairs:


14. TVS/CNN Affairs: The case will come to trial in the next year.


15. WHUT Affairs:


16. WJLA Affairs:


17. WMAL Affairs: The ABC/Citadel deal has been moved back to March ’07 or later.


18. WRC Affairs: Since the last E board meeting WRC has cut numerous on air reporters and anchors. Nabet members have sought buyout offers and some members have received offers. At this time there is no certainty of the number of offers to be handed out. Under these trying reorganization and layoff circumstances moral is very poor. Our members continue to perform their jobs ,as always, in a professional and sweeps winning manner


2006-12-10     MOTION Made: to adjourn.

            MAKER: Schmitzer   MOTION PASSED

Meeting adjourned at 10.30 PM

Respectfully submitted,


Maurice Thomas III,