Executive Board Meeting


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM

Presiding:       J. Carl Mayers, President

Present:           Dave Parr, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Jim Martin, ABC

Rich McDermott, NBC/WRC

Michael Queen, NBC

Stuart Rushfield, NPR

Barbara Krieger, visitor

Charles “Boots” Buttiglieri – Assistant to CWA District 2 Vice President

District 2 Representative Charles “Boots” Buttiglieri gave a presentation to the Executive Board, explaining his role in CWA and the other sectors of CWA. The CWA can provide representatives and lawyer support to the local. He also went into the political environment for unions and how we must be proactive with the CWA-COPE program contributions. The labor board’s most recent decision says that anyone who acts as a supervisor cannot be a member of a union. Our lobby fights for us on these issues as well as candidates who support worker’s issues. It is important that we give and support the CWA-COPE Program. It is expected that every Executive Board Member set the example by making a voluntary contribution to the CWA-COPE Program.

Newly elected Local Officers, President J. Carl Mayers, Vice President James Lee, and Treasurer Dave Parr were sworn into office on Monday, October 2, 2006.

Re-elected Local Secretary Maurice Thomas III was sworn in at this meeting for the new term of office by President Mayers.

Minutes of the September 11, 2006 meeting were read and approved.


      2006-10-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the September 2006 Executive Board Meeting.

            MAKER: Johnson                 SECOND: Thomas                MOTION PASSED

President’s Report


1.   The newly elected Local President Carl Mayers introduced himself and asked that the members close ranks and be one union. The President plans

Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2006

Page Two


to visit each and every contract unit to introduce himself. The Vice President is attending a Pension meeting and could not be present. The President has a new cell phone at 202-316-9979, and it is posted on the web site.

Vice President’s Report

      The Vice President is excused, as he is attending official union business.

Treasurer’s Report


1.   The newly elected Treasurer Dave Parr introduced himself. He has been quickly learning the job, and has been reviewing some 185 pages of the most recent General Ledger report.


2.   Financial Report: Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount.


4001: DUES REBATE: $52,322.06 was $9,807.94 under the $62,130.00 monthly budgeted amount.

4004: INITIATION FEES $2,259.03 was $2,090.97 under the $4,350.00 budgeted amount.

The income for the month was down some because we sent refund checks to NPR members. Quite a few NPR members paid their dues in advance so we owed them refunds.

TOTAL INCOME: $52,322.06 is $9,807.94 under the $62,130.00 monthly budgeted amount.


TOTAL CONTRACT UNITS: It seems that we did not have a lot going on again this month. In September we paid a PBS union leave bill for January union leave. Total Contract Units was $1,579.53. This amount is $2,520.47 under the budgeted amount of $4,100.00.

5060-01: 401K EMPLOYEE: The amount $2,449.65 looks high and there is no budgeted amount. This is the amount that is deducted from OPEIU employees pay checks they contribute to their 401K. This seems to be why the employee wage and benefits appears to be $2,994.52 over the monthly budgeted amount.

5044-2: MEMBERS TRAINING: $1,500.00 is $1,000.00 over the $500.00 monthly budgeted amount. A lot of members are taking advantage of the Final Cut Pro training.

5012-01: POSTAGE: $950.85 was $500.85 over the monthly budgeted amount of $450.00. As you know we sent out the run off election ballots in September.

Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2006

Page Three

5024: COMPUTER EXPENSES: $2,981.66 is $2,531.66 over the monthly budgeted amount of $450.00 for the month of September. There are a couple of reasons for this. This amount includes Jim Sills service agreement, $690.57 for Sue Mums training and $157.45 part for Marks laptop.

5031-03: ABC UNION LEAVE: This is $464.14 over the monthly budgeted amount of $250.00. Dane Crawford was sent to New York for the NASCAR meetings.

5031-02: ABC NEGOTIATIONS: This is high for the month and will be, ABC is in the middle of contract negotiations.

5086: Legal Expenses: 12,833.05 is $5,333.05 over the monthly budgeted amount of $7,500.00.

The Local was $10,322.29 over the monthly $63,234.00 budgeted total expenses. The net income for the month of September after expenses was $-21,234.23.


      2006-10-02     MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read.


            MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: Guastadisegni       MOTION PASSED


2.   New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed. We will hold Mr. Raines application until next month.


      2006-10-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants: Donald Wayne Berger, staff at HRS; Robert Kenneth Washington-Anderson, daily hire at WJLA; and Gregory Thomas Gorham, daily hire at WRC


            MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: Martin                   MOTION PASSED

3.   Training: Ted Stewart has agreed to stay and be appointed as the Training Coordinator.

Secretary’s Report


1.   Correspondence:


      a.   Grievance from OPEIU – Just cause. In accordance with the OPEIU contract, the grievance was read to the Executive Board.


      b.   Disciplinary Letter to Ms. Fitzgerald was read to the Executive Board.


      c.   Ms. Fitzgerald’s Rebuttal Letter to Mr. Mayers was read to the Executive Board

Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2006

Page Four


2.   Presidential Run-off election: NPR Representative Stu Rushfield raised a question concerning the run-off election and why members not-in-good standing were not sent ballots. The explanation was that those members were notified and given an opportunity to become in-good-standing in the first ballot. Nevertheless, if they had brought their dues current or contacted the union office, they could have voted in the run-off, even at the last minute.


3.   OPEIU Office Grievance: Sue Fitzgerald cites alleged improper access to the union office computers and office records as well as performance of OPEIU jurisdictional work. The record revealed that while documents were removed from the office, the removal was authorized by the Treasurer but not the newly elected President. No sensitive personal information was removed from the office, but names, dates, and named money amounts to individuals were part of the General Ledger. The Executive Board asked that all union records removed from the office be immediately returned.

STAFF REPORT: (none reported)



1.   Legality of Local’s support to Tom Hucker. CWA District 2 had endorsed Tom Hucker’s campaign for election as Maryland House delegate. No local funds were expended in support of the campaign, and Local 31 did not publicly endorse Mr. Hucker’s candidacy. Documented full disclosure was made of the legal research prior to the use of the Union Office by the Tom Hucker campaign. President Peach had written legal opinions from our own legal counsel as well as CWA legal counsel. The occupancy was in fact legal, and was further prior authorized by a poll of the Executive Board. There is a signed contract that governs their use. All these documents were carefully reviewed by the Executive Board. While the campaign activity was to have vacated by November 7th, in fact they will have vacated the office by the end of this October. Treasurer Parr has been in direct personal contact with Candidate Hucker.



1.   Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 13, 2006, beginning at 6:30 pm. Without objection.


2.   Mark Peach’s Laptop Computer: Secretary Thomas offers the following resolutions:

      2006-10-04 RESOLUTION.


WHEREAS the newly elected Local Officers and this Executive Board wish to recognize the singular efforts of the past Local President, Mark Peach, and


WHEREAS the current market value of the Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop well below serviceable level,

Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2006

Page Five


THEREFORE, be it resolved that this NABET-CWA Local 31 Executive Board makes a single gift of the Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop to past Local President Mark Peach, for his four years of superior service and dedication to duty as an elected officer of this Local.


      MAKER: Queen                           SECOND: Johnson                MOTION PASSED

      2006-10-05 RESOLUTION.


WHEREAS the newly elected Local Officers and this Executive Board wish to recognize the time and dedication of the past Local Officers, and


WHEREAS their professional attention to the duties of the local contributed directly to the advancement of the principles of union leadership and representation to all of our members and the union movement as a whole,


THEREFORE, be it resolved that this NABET-CWA Local 31 Executive Board wishes to thank Mark Peach, Barbara Krieger, and Ted Stewart for their four years of superior service and dedication to duty as elected officers of this Local.


            MAKER: Martin                    SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED

      2006-10-06 RESOLUTION.

      WHEREAS the past Local President, Mark Peach, owes the local the sum of $1268.30, and

      WHEREAS the past Local President wishes to repay this debt over time,


THEREFORE, be it resolved that NABET-CWA Local 31 Executive Board will accept a signed repayment agreement over time between Past Local President Peach and Local President Mayers, to be repaid in less than one year from the date of signing, in 12 equal payments of not less than $100 per month and one payment of $68.30 due immediately on signing of the agreement.


            MAKER: Queen                     SECOND: Martin                   MOTION PASSED

      2006-10-07 RESOLUTION.


WHEREAS for more than four years the office computer system administration has been the additional duty of the Local Secretary, and


WHEREAS the Local Secretary has assumed responsibility for the reduction of expenses associated with the operation of the office’s computer server and desktops,

Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2006

Page Six


THEREFORE, be it resolved that the duty of Computer System Administrator will continue to be assigned to the Local Secretary as an additional duty.


            MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: Parr                       MOTION PASSED


3.   President’s Salary: There is a signed agreement from President Mayers that his salary will be lower by 10%, effective Monday, October 2, 2006.


4.   Letter to Executive Board - Barbara Krieger: As a result of the grievance filed by OPEIU regarding the alleged removal of sensitive personal information from the office, Past Vice President Barbara Krieger sent a letter to the Executive Board protesting this action. After careful review, it appears that in fact none of the alleged violations took place, with the exception of the highlighted General Ledger entries as noted above in the Secretary’s Report.


5.   Letter to Executive Board - Izzy Tiglio: Both Ms. Tiglio, retired OPEIU office staff and Ms. Ruiz, current OPEIU Treasurer’s Assistant provided letters to document the events of October 2, 2006, the first day in office for newly elected officers. Between the letters offered, it was clear that the activities of the day were not under the direct supervision of the new President.


6.   Executive Session: The Executive Board went into Executive Session to discuss the matters above more fully, as well as the attendant personnel issues.


      2006-10-08     MOTION MADE: to go into Executive Session to discuss the OPEIU grievances and associated letters.


            MAKER: Queen                     SECOND: Martin                   MOTION PASSED


      2006-10-09     MOTION MADE to come out of Executive Session.


            MAKER:  Thomas                 SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSEDIN EXECUTIVE SESSION: After extensive discussion of the facts, it was the sense of theExecutive Board representatives that the letter to Ms. Fitzgerald was ill-advised and it wassuggested to the President that the letter should be removed from her record. However, theExecutive Board affirms that the President is the sole authority for the management of the officestaff, local union policy, and who may authorize materials to leave the office for any reason. Inlight of the facts presented, a letter of apology from the Local will be sent to Ms. Krieger for anymisunderstanding or discomfort in this matter


7.   Union Leave Limit: Mr. Queen offers this resolution to limit the amount of union leave.


      2006-10-10     RESOLUTION: The President of Local 31 shall, whenever possible, limit union leave for officers and e-board members to no more than one day per month per member. In addition the President will report ALL union leave activity to the executive board of the local at each monthly executive board meeting.


            MAKER: Queen                     SECOND: McDermott           MOTION PASSED

Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2006

Page Seven


8.   Recognition by CWA - Pediatric Aids Foundation: A certificate was attached to the agenda.


9.   ABC Affairs: The Overseas Agreement and rate continues to be a sore point with the membership. The White House Pool Van seating is still deemed to be unsafe and inadequate. Negotiations for a stand-alone contract for Digital Channel (D2) broadcasting are nearly complete. Plant construction of the new TV-C and Master Control area were completed in September. Electronic installs are now underway. A concern over the heavy use of DV cameras by Producers continues to be an item of irritation. An improper vacation pay issue was resolved.


10. Freelance Affairs: Local 31 will have a representative at the NBC Sunday Night Football game in Charlotte, NC this month.


11. HRS Affairs: There was a Unit Meeting on June 1st explained the Union and what it does for our members, and had a great turnout. It was a very informative and was well received. There is to be a meeting with management to clarify current language in the contract. We should have at least 4 new full-time union positions available soon as our operation expands to cover more committees in the next Congress. I will inform the Local of any official word on these openings. Also, work is beginning on new House studios in the Capitol Visitor Center which we will be operating then it becomes open for business.


12. MCT Affairs: The MCT representative was taken to the hospital with chest pains. We are awaiting a status report. No word on contract talks.


13. SRS Affairs: Sector Representative Lou Fallot is working on the new contract.


14. NBC Affairs: The company has announced they would like to cut 700 jobs nationwide. This would translate to the elimination of eight network positions in Washington in and out of NABET. Tim Russert has announced that anyone who would like to apply for a buyout should contact Rachel Manning ASAP. The final decision on what the specific offer might be will be decided by New York management.


15. NPR Affairs: NPR Engineering had issued a memo that will prevent Electronic Engineers from taking annual leave in blocks greater than two days for the duration of the NY Build Project (NPR is constructing new studios to replace the current New York bureau, due for completion in early 2007). . The Company has informed the Union that EEs will be allowed to carry over leave into next year. Steward Joe Mills is investigating whether the Company is in compliance with the subcontracting provisions of the contract re: the building of the new New York Bureau facilities. Steward Andrea Jackson-Gewirtz is conducting a step one grievance. A BRT received discipline for performance issues, and the company based part of its justification for skipping a step in progressive discipline on a portion of a policy manual that has not been published or distributed uniformly since 1997. Four BRT shifts are being eliminated in January, due to the elimination of production of NPR's "Performance Today."

Executive Board Minutes

October 10, 2006

Page Eight


The number of shifts eliminated does not invoke the automatic shift pick clause in the contract. After a poll of BRTs, the Company has announced that it will not hold a new shift pick, and that four displaced BRTs will be allowed to choose from the remaining shifts left

over from the Fall '06 shift pick.

16. PBS Affairs: Nothing new to report. Ace system has not been readily accepted by the other member stations.


17. TVS/CNN Affairs: No new status on the NLRB charge.


18. WHUT Affairs: The Negotiating Committee met with the company again on October 11th. The company submitted a slight improvement to the contract that had been rejected. The minimum staffing clause is back in along with other new language. The unit will get another chance to vote on this proposed contract.


19. WJLA Affairs: Mobilization activity will continue pending new talks to restart under the auspices of the FMCS. There is to be a negotiations meeting with the mediator, the Company and the Union on Thursday.


20. WMAL Affairs: We are negotiating the transfer details in the Citadel merger agreement. The union has made a tentative proposal.


21. WRC Affairs: NBC Universal has begun implementing the” NBCU 2.0” strategic initiative. It plans to reduce the company’s operating expenses by $700 million by the end of 2008. This includes the reduction of approximately 700 jobs, the closing of MSNBC’s plant at Secacus, NJ and moving MSNBC operations and personnel to 30 Rock and the CNBC facility at Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Newsgathering operations will be “modernized”, streamlined, and consolidated with emphasis on expanding digital operations. Presently a NBCU 2.0 committee is studying the Washington DC facilities to determine where savings can be squeezed out. How this will effect our members in DC at this time is not clear yet. We expect buyout offers, but that is not certain. The WRC nabet staff continues to create top-notch product under stressful circumstances.

      2006-10-10     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 10:55 PM.

            MAKER: Guastadisegni         MOTION PASSED

Respectfully submitted,


Maurice Thomas, III