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Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 10:16 PM
To: Karen; Carl Mayers; Sue Fitzgerald
Subject: November Report

November Report:



November has been a very interesting month for WRC Local. NBC is starting to implement a “new” streamlining plan (NBC 2.0). Some of the long-time reporters and anchors have not had their contracts renewed. Contracts are being bought out for some air talents. The NABET staff is gearing up for buyouts/sero offers. Morale is at an all-time low and the atmosphere is that of a morgue.


Many of the Nabet employees want to leave ASAP!


As of this time no NABETS (in Local) have been approached with offers. Human Resources has informed me that …”They still do not have a plan for local”.

It is interesting to note that “upper management of both Net and Local” are touring the areas of the WRC and Network facility at Nebraska Avenue. These managers have been there for years and have never once been seen in these areas…at least not in public! Nor together!


Local Field   …… New trucks still have not arrived for the local operation. The transition with “strap-on” gear for digital is starting to happen. External hard drives, bigger camera batteries and no training on the computer editing.


Local Editing ….. Workload is still extremely heavy.


We are all still trying to figure out what NBC 2.0 really means!



That is all I have at present.




Al Zodun