Executive Board Meeting


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Location:        NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:38pm

Presiding:      Mark Peach, President

Present:          Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Jim Martin, ABC

Richard McDermott, WRC/NBC

Michael Queen, NBC

Stu Rushfield, NPR

William Schmitzer, WHUT

Stanley Lorek, Finance Committee


Minutes of the September 12, 2005 meeting were read and approved.


2005-10-01    MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the September  2005 Executive Board Meeting.


MAKER: Queen                    SECOND: Krieger                MOTION PASSED


President=s Report:


1.         Legal: There was discussion of the follow-up conversation with Brian Powers regarding  a modified retainer of $7500 to be reconciled every six months.  The Board did not feel that a retainer was any better than the current arrangement particularly without controls.

a.   NBC arbitration of the Local Library case will be heard the end of November.

b.   PBS case on the termination of an employee was decided in favor of the grievant through arbitration.

c.   WJLA - Termination case is still awaiting dates for arbitration hearing.


2.         Remotes: Vice President Krieger will not be going to Atlanta.  The NASCAR remote has been postponed.


3.         Organizing: The Comcast group elected to have IATSE represent them.  We are happy that they chose to be a union shop. 


We are going forward with the organizing campaign to unionize MASN - the technicians who bring us the Orioles and Nationals games.


4.         NCC Meeting: President Peach will be attending this Network Presidents= meeting in Scottsdale, AZ.  That same week there will be an ABC Sideletter DC meeting..



Vice President=s Report:


1.         Shop Steward Training: The shop steward training class is scheduled for October 22nd.


2.         Mobilization: WJLA=s second phase of mobilization has begun. Two letters have been sent to advertisers; bus ads will start November 1st as will a website: 


NPR negotiations are also coming to a close, the contract expired 9/30/05. There was little movement in negotiations, but the group is ready to mobilize.  


NABET-CWA Local 53 requested our help in supporting them at a rally against NCI at the corporate office in Tyson=s Corner on Saturday, October 15.


Treasurer=s Agenda:


1.         Financial Report for September 2005:  Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount.




Dues Rebate: 4041 - $73,305.74 was $17,305.74 over the budgeted amount and this is mainly

because it is the end of the fiscal year and the Dues Rebate office is attempting to clean up their back rebates.


Initiation Fee:  4042 - $5,667.73 IS $2,667.73 over the budgeted amount.


Non Checkoff Dues: 4043 - $3,190.81 shows as income for the month, but it actually is money that was collected and was sent to the Sector in early October.


Total Income: $82,458.16 is $21,858.16 more than the budgeted amount.




WJLA: 5038 - $2,306.60 is $1,106.60 over the budgeted amount.  This is because of the  ongoing WJLA negotiations.


Total Contract Units: $2,335.60 is $3,589.40 under the budgeted amount.


Employee Health Insurance: 5061 - $5,147.14 is $647.14 over the budgeted amount.


Employee Wages: 5010:


OPEIU Wages:  $15,439.11 is $1,060.89 less than the budgeted amount.


Presidents Wages: $8,679.00 is $821.00 less than the budgeted amount.


Vice Presidents Wages: $2,990.00 is $1,790.00 more than the budgeted amount.


Legal Expenses: 5086 -  -0- was not paid out in September, but will be paid in October.


For the month we show a positive of $30,354.59 for the Month of September and a negative $40,171.49 for the fiscal year.  The Annual Audit will begin on October 19th.


2005-10-02    MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer=s Report.


MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: Queen                 MOTION PASSED


2.         New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.  Question was raised as to the salary listed on Brian Pratt=s application. 


2005-10-03    MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Robert Wayne Phillips, temp at HRS; Vera Elliott, daily hire at MCT; Virgil Harold Baldon, Jr, David Llewelyn Humphrey, Michael M. Huntting, Anand Ramanlal Mistry, Vincent S. Vezzi, daily hires at NBC and Rodney Harvey Turner, staff at NBC; Matthew Paul Long, daily hire at SRS; Brian William Pratt, staff at WHUT; and William Mosley, daily hire at WJLA.


MAKER: Queen                    SECOND: Schmitzer                        MOTION PASSED


3.         Membership Training:  Final Cut Pro has been updated with DVD recorder and a camera.  New classes to begin in December. Web site training opportunities are still on the web site, including classes for $69 from CompUSA.


4.         Jaystar Group. LM-2 Software was purchased and received in the office.  We must file our LM-2 electronically and will need to discuss details of the categories we use in Quick Books with the auditor.


5.         Finance Committee Meeting: Met today and gave a report to the Board (attached to these minutes).  The Board thanked the committee for the their time and effort and will discuss the report at the November meeting.


Secretary=s Report:


1.         Correspondence: We received correspondence from NABET-CWA Local 53 requesting our support for their rally at the National Captioning Institute (NCI) in Tyson=s Corner. 


A letter from the NAACP, Prince George=s County Branch was received requesting an ad and purchase of tickets for their benefit dinner on November 11th.


2.         Staff Training B Access Database: We are working with the MUMS people to adopt the MUMS software and have it installed in our computer.


3.         Change in Wording in Motion 2005-09-08:


2005-09-08    MOTION AMENDED to read: Waive the NABET-CWA Local 31 initiation fees for new members of the Senate Recording Studio contract unit, to include those on the NLRB Excelsior list and anyone hired or employed who return an application and checkoff authorization within 30 days of the contract ratification.


            MAKER: Schmitzer               SECOND: Thomas               MOTION PASSED


4.         Renewal of Web Site: The Board agreed to renew the domain names for the web site for 9 years @ $270.


Staff Report:


1.         3.2 - No Work List: A list was supplied to the Executive Board so that they would be able to recognize and keep track of people whose names show up working under a NABET-CWA contract and are not in good standing with the union.  This list will not be made a public record, but will be noted by union officials.


2.         Membership Packets: Packages were sent to: Mark Bautosta, Robert Washington-Anderson of WJLA; Vera Elliott of MCT; Virgil Baldon Jr, Kevin Bond, Stephen Boon, Jamie Brown, Gregory Bryant, Matthew Butler, Derbin Cabell, Carl Carden, Francine Cooper, Kenneth Harris, Richard Headen, David Husney, Dave Mikutsky, Robert Rue, Richard Strodel, and Charles Tudor of NBC; Charles Hudson and John Olszewski of NPR.








1.         Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 14, 2005, beginning at 6:30 pm.


2.         President=s Vacation:   President Peach requested an extra week of vacation in lieu of a 3% pay raise.


3.         Request for Assistance from the Sick Members Fund: A member has requested assistance with medical bills and loss of wages for four months after a serious accident, not job related.


2009-10-04    MOTION MADE to allocate $500 from the Sick Members Fund to member Thomas Bagnall.


MAKER: Queen                    SECOND:  Schmitzer                       MOTION PASSED


4.         NBC Affairs:   Negotiations are scheduled to start in New York City on November 2, 2005.  The group is already to start ARed Shirt Thursdays.@  The Union has received notice from the Company that they are installing software to monitor keystrokes on the AVID Editor.


5.         NPR Affairs: The contract expired on 9/30/05 and the company is not interested in extending it.  They are seeking complete removal of jurisdiction in certain areas.  A unit meeting was called to discuss the situation and there was a good turnout of members as well as: Sector Representative Paula Olson, CWA District Two Representative Monica Hogan, Vice President Barbara Krieger, Secretary Maurice Thomas and President Mark Peach.  The negotiation meeting held on 10/6 seemed to make some progress.  The web site has served to keep issues out in the public eye.


6.         PBS Affairs:   Jurisdiction and buy-outs/layoffs are hot topics on the negotiation table.  Progress is slow, but ongoing.


7.         TVS/CNN Affairs:   Nothing new to report..


8.         WHUT Affairs:. There was a meeting with Sector Rep.Lou Fallot and the negotiating committee to discuss new contract negotiations. Employee evaluation grievances are in line for arbitration.


9.         WJLA Affairs: Negotiations continue with great difficulty.


10.       WMAL Affairs:  No report.


11.       WRC Affairs: The company is giving no breaks in the field because they are short staffed. Some field reps are meeting with management to try to resolve this issue. There are general safety problems with some of the vehicles.  It was suggested that we have an Assistant to the President for WRC Local affairs.  President Peach will take this under consideration.


12.       ABC Affairs:  There are concerns about the changes to staffing because Nightline is leaving the bureau.  Rescheduling and retraining staff will occur as a result.  Seventeen to nineteen people will be affected.  There is considerable concern over the excess use of DV cameras by producers in the field.


13.       Freelance Affairs:   No report.


14.       HRS Affairs: House Administration is working on technical contract language.  We are hoping to wrap up soon.  Maintenance job is still open.


15.       MCTV Affairs: Joseph Thompson has been appointed Assistant to the President at MCT by President Peach.


16.       SRS Affairs: Negotiations will start soon with this newly organized group.



2005-10-05    MOTION MADE to adjourn at 10:00 pm.


MAKER: Stewart                   MOTION PASSED


Respectfully submitted,





Maurice Thomas, III



MT3:sf   opeiu153aflcio-clc

October 11, 2005



TO:           Executive Board


FROM:     Financial Committee



We have presented a proposed budget along with the normal financial statements in this month’s packet.  These budget overviews are based on last year’s spending and increases that we were able to foresee.  The actual expenses will most likely be above our proposed number due to several contract negotiations that are either in the process, or will be starting within the current fiscal year. Also, please be aware that future budget expenses will increase because of the ongoing increase in rent, wages and other items that increase on a annual basis.


The budget overviews we are presenting are for the current month of October 2005 and again in February 2006.  In January we will be having one less employee, thus there will be less wages paid out after that period, and it will make a difference in the bottom numbers.  The months of October 2005 and February 2006 should be fairly close representations to those numbers.


The financial profit and loss that you have in this month’s packet is for the end of the fiscal year of 2004-2005.  Please be aware it is not the actual bottom numbers, as we have dues rebates

we have not received yet that were from that fiscal year, and we still have a couple legal bills for August and September that have not been paid as of this date.  There will also be other miscellaneous transactions.  What you are being presented is what we currently have received and paid out.


You as an Executive Board, along with the Officers of this Local are responsible for the finances of this Local.  We as a Financial Committee are only presenting this proposed budget as a guideline.   We encourage you to support the leadership and to also encourage them to stick to the budgeted amount that they are being allowed to spend.  The Local has been averaging a loss of about $40,000 per year and it is our hope of stopping this drain on the finances of this Local.


We are requesting that the Executive Board propose and hopefully pass language to put a cap on 7.40 of the By-Laws.  We also feel it would be to the Board’s interest to have any employee who is paid under the 7.40 language of $20 per hour, to present the Executive Board a breakdown of how these hours were spent and on what contract group on a monthly basis.

Page two




Because of the large amount of outstanding Union Leave that is owed, the Financial Committee has requested that a separate account be used to keep track of how much outstanding union leave is owed.  Money should be deposited in that account on a monthly basis so that the Executive Board can keep track of their outstanding obligations.


Again, we as a committee are proposing these changes.






Carl Mayers, Chairman





Stan Lorek





Richard Guastadisegni





Ted Stewart