Executive Board Meeting

Monday, November 14, 2005

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Presiding:       Mark Peach, President

Present:           Barbara Krieger, Vice President

                        Ted Stewart, Treasurer

                        Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA/NewsChannel 7

                        Stephen Johnson, HRS

                        Jim Martin, ABC

Richard McDermott, WRC/NBC

                        Michael Queen, NBC

                        Stu Rushfield, NPR

                        William Schmitzer, WHUT

Mark Bejarano, Assistant to President, NPR Affairs, visitor

Carl Mayers, Finance Committee, visitor

Minutes of the October 11, 2005 meeting were read and approved.

2005-11-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the October 2005 Executive Board Meeting.

            MAKER: Johnson            SECOND: Guastadisegni       MOTION PASSED

President’s Report:


1.         Legal Expenses:

            a.   Cardozar worthy (WJLA member) will meet with Brian Powers to prep this month for his termination arbitration. The arbitration is scheduled for December

            b.   Richard Hopp is writing a brief on a WHUT arbitration regarding personnel evaluations not being done thereby preventing some employees from getting wage increases.

            c.   President Peach reviewed with the Executive Board the specific legal expenses paid in the last two months.


2.         ABC Sideletter DC Meeting in AZ: ESPN time-buy agreement with ABC has resulted in a significant increase in work for our members. Nightline changes in DC and NY were discussed, as well as possible buy-outs. HD broadcasts (GMA) were discussed. The company has announced ENG/satellite trucks for the near future.


3.         NCC Meeting: A National “No Work” list as well as a National Organizer for NABET Sector was discussed. President Clark would like to have ABC negotiators selected by March 2006. Kudos to VP Krieger for her Sideletter 32 (NBC) cheat sheet, which is being used at great length in other NBC locals. Next meeting is to be concurrent with the NAB meeting in the Spring.


4.         Organizing: MASN organizing has kicked off officially with Orioles and Nationals. C-Span organizing is going forward. We have submitted a budget request to the CWA for wage reimbursement for organizing campaigns in the Local. At the same time a budget request for miscellaneous expenses was submitted to the NABET Organizing Chair Bill Wachenschwantz. RVP-3 Jim Lee was also copied on this request in an effort to give support to this issue when it was brought to the Sector Executive Council.


5.         Shop Stewards Meetings: Meetings held with NPR and the ABC stewards. The meeting scheduled for the NBC stewards had to be postponed. The NBC & ABC meetings will be held more frequently and are seen as valuable. Some would like monthly unit meetings.

Vice President’s Report:


1.         Shop Steward Training: The next shop steward training class is scheduled for November 19th. We need a volunteer to coordinate classes in the future.


2.         Mobilization:

            a.   NPR: rally held in front of NPR headquarters. Large group of people from CWA headquarters, allied units, and Metropolitan Labor Council were there to hand out pamphlets.


            b.   WJLA: Bus ads are now running with links to the web page and a return e-mail address.

Treasurer’s Agenda:


1.         Financial Report for October 2005: Below are the accounts that were considerably higher or lower than the normal budgeted amount.


Dues Rebate: 4041 - $46,776.83 is $9,223.17 under the budgeted amount.

Initiation Fee: 4042 - $2,733.95 is $1,616.05 under the budgeted amount.

Non Checkoff Dues: 4043 - $-6,194.12 shows as a loss because we collected these dues in September, but were sent to the Sector in October.

Total Income: $46,792.39 is $15,337.61 under the budgeted amount for the month.


Total Contract Units: $836.23 is $3,263.77 under the budgeted amount.

NCC/RVP/Convention Expenses: 5012 - $-1,665.59 , which shows a income rather than expense and that is because we were reimbursed form the Sector for convention expenses.

Total Meeting Room/Meeting Expense: $-1,340.80 is $1,640.80 under budgeted expenses.

Publications: 5044-1 - $1,880.80 was spent on pocket calendars, and this is a yearly expense.

Members Training: 5044-2 - $800.00 is $300.00 over the budgeted amount of $500.

Total Publications/Training: 5044 - $2,680.80 is $2,005.80 over the budgeted amount.

Employee Wages: 5010:

                OPEIU Wages: $16,015.08 is $734.92 under the budgeted amount.

                Presidents Wages: $8,679.00 is $1,006.00 less than the budgeted amount.

                Vice Presidents Wages: $3,010.00 is $1,810.00 over the $1,200.00 budgeted amount.


Legal Expense:     5086 - $19,461.68 is $10,461.68 over the budgeted amount and really was for the month of September..

Overall for the month we show a negative $29,746.84, which is also the amount we are negative for the fiscal year, as the fiscal year began October 1, 2005

2005-11-02     MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report with the notation that some of the wages for VP Krieger were from September.


            MAKER: Thomas            SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED with 1 abstention Martin


2.         New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2005-11-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Lamonica L. Carsler, and Daniel Edward Immerman, daily hires at MCT; Vahan Armen Baladouni, temp at NPR; Mark Anthony Bautista, staff and Mark William Lureau, daily hire at WJLA/NewsChannel 7.

            MAKER: Johnson            SECOND: Krieger                 MOTION PASSED


3.         Membership Training: CWA Nett Academy is offering a course in Home Automation. There are several offers of technical training for our members.

Secretary’s Report:


1.         Database: We are working with the MUMS people to adopt the MUMS software and have it installed in our computer.


2.         Mobilization at PBS: There will be a rally on November 15th at 11:00 am at CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) in DC.

Staff Report:


1.         3.2 - No Work List: A list was supplied to the Executive Board so that they would be able to recognize and keep track of people whose names show up working under a NABET-CWA contract and are not in good standing with the union. This list will not be made a public record, but will be noted by union officials.


2.         Membership Packets: Packages were sent to: Kimberly Clark and Michael Wilson of ABC, Jack McKinney of NBC; Melanie Boucos of NPR.



1.         President’s Vacation: President Peach requested an extra week of vacation in lieu of a 3% wage raise in 2006. The last wage increase President Peach received was in 2003.


2005-11-04     MOTION MADE that President Mark Peach be granted on a non-precedent basis, one (1) additional week of vacation (total six weeks) to be taken during 2006.


            MAKER: Schmitzer         SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED



1.         Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, December 12, 2005, beginning at 6:30 pm.


2.         APSD - PC Cleanup & Updates: It was noted that Jim Sills performed this service and was paid since this was outside the maintenance agreement with the Local.


3.         APSD - Server warranty Expiration & Service Contract: The manufacturer’s warranty on the server expires the end of November 2005. Jim Sills offered a ten month hardware maintenance agreement to coincide with the term of the server software agreement already in place.


2005-11-05     MOTION MADE to accept the hardware maintenance agreement offered by APSD for the server at a cost of $1500 for a ten month period - November 2005 through September 2006.


            MAKER: Thomas            SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION PASSED


4.         APSD - Tape Backup Failure: The backup on the server has outgrown the maximum storage capacity of the backup system.


2005-11-06     MOTION MADE to appropriate monies to cover the cost of a new tape drive, tapes and installation


            MAKER: Johnson            SECOND: McDermott           MOTION PASSED


5.         CWA Resolution #1: The delegates to the 2005 CWA Convention adopted Resolution #1 “Ready for the Future” which calls for every level of the union to examine the challenges ahead and identify ideas and recommendations to best meet them. The resolution outlines a 10 month process and directs the International Executive Board to collect and consider input from all levels of the union and develop a Strategic Plan for the future which is to be made available by June 1, 2006. The Strategic Plan will be debated and voted on by the delegates to the 2006 Convention in Las Vegas July 10-11, 2006. The representatives of the Local 31 Executive Board were charged with the responsibility of contributing to this self evaluation. Their input will be submitted at the December meeting.


6.         Jennifer Loeb Initiation Fee Status:


2005-11-07     MOTION MADE that based on the particulars of her case, the Executive Board agrees to waive the initiation fee for Jennifer Loeb, since she was on NPR’s original excelsior list. This is contingent on her being a member-in-good-standing with her dues current, and that she signs and returns a dues check-off form within 15 business days.


            MAKER: Rushfield        SECOND: Stewart                 MOTION PASSED 


7.         Budget Approval FY 05-06: The Executive Board took the Finance Committee’s report under advisement.


2005-11-08     MOTION MADE to accept the proposed budget revised projection expenditures of $2000 per month in account 5010-03 and $2500 per month in account 5086-01.


            MAKER: McDermott      SECOND: Thomas                 MOTION PASSED with 2 abstentions Rushfield/Schmitzer


8.         Request for Funds from Sick Members’ Fund: Kristie Barrett (daily hire member at ABC) was injured on the job during the NFL football game between Atlanta and the New York Jets on October 24th. Her leg was broken in 3 places and she cannot work.


2005-11-09     MOTION MADE to allocate $500 from the Sick Members’ Fund to Kristie Barrett to help with expenses resulting from her injury.


            MAKER: Rushfield          SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED


9.         Waiver of Balance of Initiation Fee of Maurice Brown:


2005-11-10     MOTION MADE that based on special circumstances the balance of the initiation fee of Maurice Brown is waived.


            MAKER: Johnson            SECOND: McDermott           MOTION PASSED


10.       Office Restructuring: Due to the upcoming resignation of Izzy Tiglio in January 2006, reassignments for the clerical office staff have been made. Karen will take over Izzy’s financial responsibilities, and Marilyn will take Karen’s membership/dues responsibilities.


11.       Upgrades for Karen and Marilyn: Karen will be upgraded from Secretary to Assistant to the Treasurer and Marilyn will be upgraded from Assistant Secretary to Secretary.


12.       NBC Daily Hire Rep at Negotiations: In order to provide daily hires working at NBC a voice in the negotiations, the NNC has requested that a daily hire be present at the negotiating table. The cost of this participation will be shared between the Sector and the locals. The Sector will pick up the airfare and ground transportation for the daily hire rep. Each NBC Network Local will share the other expenses (hotel, per diem) with the Sector. The four Network Locals will split the salary loss. This is contingent on the other Local Executive Boards approving this arrangement.


2005-11-11     MOTION MADE to appropriate the necessary funds to cover the NABET-CWA Local 31 portion of the negotiating costs for the NBC contract for financing a daily hire representative in accordance with an approved policy by the Sector.


            MAKER: McDermott      SECOND: Thomas                 MOTION PASSED


13.       Purchase of NABET Shirts: This is to provide red shirts for mobilization at the various units in negotiations.


2005-11-12     MOTION MADE to appropriate up the $4000 to purchase NABET shirts to be used in mobilization efforts.


            MAKER: McDermott      SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION PASSED


14.       NPR Affairs: Negotiations were postponed due to serious illness in the negotiator’s family. We filed a grievance in San Francisco and met on October 3rd and 9th, but no resolutions. There was an NPR Board of Director’s meeting at the Willard Hotel in DC. After renting a room in the hotel, we handed out handbills and fact sheets. Sunday morning we greeted the Board members inside the hotel. NPR contract negotiations are at a stand-still.


15.       PBS Affairs: Negotiations are at a halt since the company gave its “best and final: contract offer.


16.       TVS/CNN Affairs: Nothing new to report..


17.       WHUT Affairs:. We were supposed to have had our first negotiation meeting today, but it was postponed by the company. We had a grievance meeting on October 26th with the Deputy General Manager over jurisdictional violations. We are back on the air with a low power transmitter for now, unmanned. We had a labor/management meeting on November 1st and discussed short turnaround issues among others. They’re looking for DV cameras in the near future.


18.       WJLA Affairs: There is to be a hand billing campaign and other mobilization efforts this month. Negotiations are to restart later in the month.


19.       WMAL Affairs: No report.


20.       WRC Affairs: Buyouts are being offered, but are considered insulting. Tim Russert has been meeting with the crews and decided that daily hires will not travel, only staff - divided between sound and camera people. There was a “Town Hall” meeting tonight for the staff which boiled down to more-work-with-less-people. They are adding digital microwave and microwave in a suitcase, using DV cameras for streaming video for sales and internet.


21.       ABC Affairs: Nightline changes have created a lot of confusion and concern. New technology equipment in the next year may cause additional staff reductions.


22.       Freelance Affairs: No report.


23.       HRS Affairs: We have a contract which runs until April 2009!


24.       MCTV Affairs: No report. Joseph Thompson has been elected Executive Board representative.


25.       SRS Affairs: Negotiations will start soon.


2005-11-13     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 12:36 am.

            MAKER: Stewart             MOTION PASSED

Respectfully submitted,


Maurice Thomas, III


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