Executive Board Meeting

Monday, July 11, 2005

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 7:12pm

Presiding:       Mark Peach, President

Present:           Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Jim Martin, ABC

Michael Queen, NBC

Stu Rushfield, NPR

Bil Schmitzer, WHUT

Minutes of the June 13, 2005 meeting were read and approved.


2005-07-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the June 13, 2005 Executive Board Meeting.


                                    MAKER: Stewart                  SECOND: Johnson                MOTION PASSED


      President’s Report


1.                           Legal: Expenses and planned expenses.

                              a.   After reviewing the cost of legal representation that Local 31 has experienced in the fight

 against CNN, President Peach requested that the Executive Board take action to try and recoup some of the financial burden. The Local 31 attorney has been the primary point person in establishing, coordinating and communicating the legal battle against CNN. The Local’s year to date fiduciary support of this effort has been in excess of $60,000. Although the results have been fruitful and the representation stellar, President Peach feels that the responsibility should be shared.


                              b.   We are still waiting for decisions from the Arbitrator on the PBS and WJLA cases.

Although there are no arbitrations scheduled for the months of July and August, we

are still trying to set a date for Cardozar Worthy.


                              c.   Some of the unexpected legal costs for the month involved monetary settlement of the

 Howard University case we won; presenting arguments before the Office of Compliance in the Senate Recording Studios organizing drive; new LM 30 filing procedures.



2.                           Organizing:

                              a. Talks are continuing with the Translators and Interpreters Local that we are hoping to have merge into our Local. This group of 150 is currently affiliated with TNG-CWA.


                              b. A petition has been filed on behalf of Senate Recording Studio employees (24+ people). Meetings continue regarding the definition of the unit between the employer, the Union and the Office of Compliance.


                              c.   COMCAST Sports: This group of roughly 70 Daily Hires have signed cards and a petition will be filed this week on their behalf for representation by NABET-CWA. The election is essentially between NABET and IATSE.


3.                           Meeting with Sector President Clark: President Peach will be meeting with Sector President Clark and Local 11 President McEwan to Discuss NBC and CNN affairs. The purpose of this meeting is to coordinate continuing strategies regarding CNN and address on going issues with NBC.


4.                           ESPN Time Buys: After months of discussion between ABC and Union representatives Clark, Maxwell and Peach the company has agreed to consider ESPN Time Buys that appear on ABC covered under the ABC Master Agreement. The final decision to approve this agreement was passed by the NCC. The first of these events to be covered is the WNBA game in Seattle.


5.                           Remotes: The only remote repping scheduled for this month and next is the first ESPN Time Buy in Seattle. President Peach will be the representative. Future planned repping by Local 31 Scheduled for September and October are: NASCAR Atlanta, ABC Golf Orlando, and NBC Golf in Virginia. Sector pays for most expenses. The purpose of this repping is to talk about the issues, hand out contracts, answer health care questions, insure proper pay, on-site shop steward, check for safety issues, and get feedback on contract negotiations.


6.                           Miscellaneous:

                              a. President Peach has asked the representatives of the Executive Board to talk to their respective Shop Stewards and see if there was any interest in some sort of quarterly meeting. The Local 31 Officers feel that this would be a good tool for educating members, discuss common problems and fill some contractual gaps.


                              b. President Peach also asked the Executive Board to think about the possibility of some sort of Local grievance committee. This would be more for the purpose of deciding which grievances, unilaterally, will be arbitrated and in what order.



Vice President’s Report


1.                           NPR Negotiations: The Company wants to do away with the grievance process except for monetary matters and claims that we file too many grievances. It was brought to the company’s attention that 1/3 of the grievances filed have been associated with one particular manager.


2.                           NBC Arbitration 6/16: In an effort to expedite the WRC arbitration regarding Librarian jurisdiction VP Krieger and Attorney Powers took the case to NYC. The money spent on travel and time for this case will hopefully bring this grievance, which has languished for some time, to closure soon.


Treasurer’s Report


1.                           Financial Report: Below are the accounts that were either below or above the budgeted amount.




4041:                           Dues Rebate - $53,768.58 is slightly lower than the $56,000 budget estimate.


4042:                           Initiation Fees $3,718.01 is slightly higher than the $3,000 budget estimate.




The total used for contract unit expenses was $1,305.80, which is $4,619.29 less than the budgeted amount for those expenses.


5061:                           Employee Health Insurance - $4,891.53 is $391.53 over the budgets amount of $4,500, but the Total Employee Benefits is $6,761.84 which is $828.16 less than budgeted.


5012:                           NCC/RVP/Convention Expenses - $434.83 shows a minus because the Local received payment from the Sector office as a reimbursement for those expenses in June.


5073:                           Shirts/Jackets Misc. - $3,406.66 is for red shirts that were purchased for two of our contract groups for mobilization during their negotiation period.


5072:                           Unrealized Gains/Loss - $3,143.36 is shown as a negative expense, in reality it shows the amount we gained in the stock market and on other investments.


5021:                           Telephone Expenses: $662.64 is less than the budgeted amount by $362.36. The budgeted amount allotted for telephone expenses is $1,025.00.


Total Payroll Taxes/Charges were $2,961.68, which was $794.68 which is higher because June was a three payday month.


5010-01:                           OPEIU Wages - $24,058.70, which is much higher than the $16,500 budgeted amount and that is because of a three payday month.


5010-02:                           President’s Wages - $13,018.50, which is $3,515.50 higher than the budgeted amount and again that is because of a three payday month in June.


5010-03:                           Vice President’s Wages - $2,210.00, which is $1,010.00 over the budgeted amount of $1,200 per month. Vice President attended NCC meeting in Las Vegas and the District 2 Conference in Williamsburg.


5010:                          Employee Wages - $39,287.20 is much higher because of the extra pay period in June.


5074:                           Covering Remotes - $901.17 shows a negative, which means payment was received from the Sector during June for past remote expenses.


5086:                           Legal Expenses - $11,814.93 was $3,964.93 more than the $7,850 budged amount.


For the month of June, the Local went back by $17,874.29 and for the fiscal year-to-date, we are showing a negative $55,123.51.


Some of the reasons for the loss of income during June is because of the three payday month in wages, the purchase of shirts for the negotiating units, and the higher than budgeted legal expenses.


2005-06-02                          MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read.


                              MAKER: Thomas               SECOND: Martin                   MOTION PASSED


2.                           New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2005-06-03                          MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants: David Langhorne Stephens, daily hire/T#15, ABC; Sean David Hughes, daily hire, NBC/WRC; Alexandra Dodrill Gardner, temp/pt, NPR.


                              MAKER: Rushfield             SECOND: Schmitzer             MOTION PASSED


3.                           Training: Three members on AVID training last month. Coming to an agreement on a Final Cut trainer-training. The G4 has been upgraded with more memory and a DVD-RW drive and a DV camera.


4.                           Web cleaning: If you see anything that needs to be updated on our web site, please bring it to the attention of Moe or Ted.


Secretary’s Report


1.                           Staff Training on Access: We’re looking forward to turning the beta version on by the end of the month, with the month of August as the beta test and tweaking period, looking forward to a running system in September. Office staff have been working on scrubbing our existing membership database (Marilyn and Sue) getting it ready for conversion, making member data corrections, financial reviews and updates (Izzy), and the import of existing new member contact information (Karen).




1.                           Motion 2005-04-06 on Term of office for Local Officers.


2005-07-04                          MOTION MADE to remove MOTION 2005-04-06 from the table.


                              MAKER: Thomas               SECOND: McDermott           MOTION PASSED


Text of changes (in itlaics) and conforming language was presented:


Section 4.20

The offices of Local President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (Secretary-Treasurer), Executive Board members, and Alternate Executive Board members shall be elective.


Section 4.30


Section 4.31

Elections for Local President, Local Vice-President, Local Secretary, Local Treasurer (or Secretary/Treasurer) shall be held immediately following the August General Membership meeting.


Section 4.35

The term of office of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (Secretary-Treasurer) shall run concurrently and shall be for a period of 3 years.


Section 4.36

Newly elected Local Officers shall take office on October 1st of the election year.


2005-07-05                          MOTION MADE to accept the by-law change as amended.


                              MAKER: Rushfield             SECOND: Schmeitzer            MOTION PASSED





1.                           Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 8, 2005, beginning at 6:00 pm. Posting to be made on web in large “attention-getting” format because of the change in time.


2.                           Date of next General Membership Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 1, 2005, beginning at 7:00 pm.


3.                           PBS, WJLA and NPR Mobilization: These units have asked for red shirts for mobilization. WJLA has plans for shirts, ads, posters, and other signage. NPR has yet to meet for planning. PBS has had unit meetings and are ready for mobilization. We need everybody’s help on this. We plan to wallpaper the city on these contracts with E-mails, phone calls, picketing, and hand billing.


4.                           CWA Convention/NABET Convention: Your elected delegates met today to discuss the conventions.


5.                           CNN Legal Expenses: A unit meeting is scheduled for CNN members (TEAM) at the Sector office. Local has led the fight for this contract, spending over $62,000 in the last two years. The Sector should be asked for some amount of reimbursement, and ask our RVP-3 Representative for his assistance. After careful discussion, the following motion was made:


2005-07-06                          MOTION MADE to direct the Local President to write a letter to RVP-3 Jim Lee seeking 80% reimbursement of expenses in the fight for and defense of the CNN/TEAM contract from NABET-CWA Sector.


                              MAKER: Schmitzer            SECOND: Johnson                 MOTION PASSED


6.                           Freelance Affairs: Locals 16 and 31 have been working with the company (ABC) to settle the long standing definition of “local” as it relates to sports remotes. We’re in the process of settling the Booz-Allen ’04 grievance defining a local daily hire. This affects a number of people who work these events.


7.                           HRS Affairs: The contract is anticipated to be ratified on July 12th.


8.                           MCT Affairs: President Peach met with the General Manager last week. We’re working with management to coordinate positions. The union was informed that members will get a 3.9% increase instead of a 2.5% increase as provided in the contract.


9.                           NBC Affairs: The Network Librarians arbitration was heard in New York. SERO retirement offers will be made to members. A retirement financial planning seminar was held and was well attended. UBS is the planning company.


10.                         NPR Affairs: The Company is taking a hard line on union jurisdiction in bargaining. Mobilizing is underway there. We have been told that the company e-mail system cannot be used for mass mailings to the membership. Notices will be posted on the union’s web site.


11.                         PBS Affairs: We had unit meetings in Alexandria. We had a great turnout of members. Executive enrichment at the expense of the workers is a key issue. More meetings scheduled on the 18th and 19th


12.                         TVS/CNN Affairs: Although nothing has been confirmed in writing it appears that the NLRB Office of Advice will be issuing a complaint on the 8(a)5 charge that was filed against CNN and TVS. This section of the NLRA addresses our claim that CNN and TVS were co-employers and the existing contract should never have been terminated. In addition, we expect that the Regional Director will recommend that the Office of Advice issue a complaint regarding the 8(a)3 charge which addressed the co-employers failure to re-hire NABET-CWA represented employees in December 2003. Once everything is officially in writing these complaints should go before an Administrative Law Judge sometime this Fall, we hope.


13.                         WHUT Affairs: We will be combining the Engineering contract with the Technician’s contract in the current negotiations. The Chief Engineer passed away last week. We finally got our retro pay. We will be seeking punitive damages for the excessive delay. We have asked for a complete list and accounting. Members who left employment before the signing of the current contract also got their retro pay. The Swanson arbitration will have to go back to the arbitrator.


14.                         WJLA Affairs: Negotiations were held on June 21 and 22nd. More dates have been requested. Made #1 in the ratings for 5:30P. Supposedly, WJLA opposes “people meters” for ratings.


15.                         WMAL Affairs: ABC Radio is on the sale block.


16.                         WRC Affairs: A new audio board was installed, and no training was provided. There have been patching and configuration problems. Scheduling problems persist, particularly split shifts. The Local is still working on the GPS tracking phones issues.


17.                         ABC Affairs: Money and staff cut-backs are having deep impacts.


2005-07-07                          MOTION MADE to adjourn at 10:47 PM.


                              MAKER: Stewart                MOTION PASSED


Respectfully submitted,







Maurice Thomas, III