Executive Board Meeting

Monday, December 12, 2005

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Presiding:       Mark Peach, President

Present:           Barbara Krieger, Vice President

                        Ted Stewart, Treasurer

                        Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Stephen Johnson, HRS

                        Jim Martin, ABC

Richard McDermott, WRC/NBC

                        Michael Queen, NBC

                        Stu Rushfield, NPR

                        William Schmitzer, WHUT

Joseph Thompson, MCT

Minutes of the November 14, 2005 meeting were read and approved.

2005-12-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the October 2005 Executive Board Meeting.

            MAKER: Schmitzer         SECOND: Johnson                MOTION PASSED

President’s Report:


1.         Legal Expenses:

            a.   WJLA member Cardozar Worthy concluded his third and final day of arbitration regarding his termination. Attorney Powers did a stellar job in presenting the case. Many current and former employees testified on Cardozar’s behalf.

            b.   We should be hearing back from the arbitrator soon regarding a decision on the WHUT evaluations grievance.

            c.   Legal Expenses through January look to be near $15,000.

            d.   CNN: Sector attorneys and officers are to meet before the holidays to discuss further action. A letter to the members detailing what has transpired will be going out the first week of January.


2.         Organizing:

            a.   MASN: Still moving forward with organizing.

            b.   C-Span: Looking very positive with contacts and election cards.

            c.   Video Builders: West Virginia in-house union production unit to be organized and get union representation.

            d.   Translators: Working on a collective bargaining unit to get health care.

Vice President’s Report:


1.         Mobilization:

             a.   NPR: Ready to go into their next phase - in print.

            b.   WJLA: Has been very active and successful with bus ads and web sites. The Company bought “” that redirects them to WJLA’s site. Great multi-unit turn out at all five locations.

Treasurer’s Agenda:


1.         Financial Report for November, 2005: Below are the accounts that are either higher or lower than normal.


Dues and Initiation fees were all under the budgeted amount for the month. Dues were short by $8,358.53 and initiation fees were short by $415.34.

The total income for the month was $50,719.06 which is $11,410.90 less than the budgeted amount.


WJLA Union Leave 5038: $3,499.22 is $2,249.22 over the budgeted amount. This is because of the ongoing WJLA negotiations.

Total Members Benefits/Training: $1,973.25 is $888.25 over the budgeted amount.

Computer Expense: $6,425.90 is $5,975.90 over the $450.00 budgeted amount. This amount included a new tape drive, LM2 software, 2 service contracts, and some actual repairs to our computers.

Total Employee Wages: $39,849.61 is $12,214.61 over the budgeted amount due to a three pay periods this month.

Total Legal Expenses: $13,220.69 was $4,220.69 over the budgeted amount.

Overall for the month we are a negative $35,770.45.

2005-12-02     MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report.


            MAKER: Rushfield    SECOND: Martin                   MOTION PASSED


2.         New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2005-12-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Roger H. Herr, daily hire at ABC; Chantel L. Ashley, daily hire at MCT; David S. Mikutsky, daily hire at NBC; Melanie Ann Boucos and John Jay Olszewski temporary part timers at NPR.


            MAKER: Martin        SECOND: Schmitzer             MOTION PASSED


3.         Membership Training: All the programs still offered on the web page. Final Cut Pro classes coming up in December and January are all filled. Demand for these classes seems to be steady and will continue as long as there is a demand.

Secretary’s Report:


1.         Database: We have installed the MUMS program. We will download the CWA data, merge the local Access data, and then generate an “exceptions” report to CWA for corrections. We will also merge the existing new member data from FileMaker to the MUMS data to track new member contacts. We expect this will work in conjunction with QuickBooks and local billing processes.


2.         Mobilization at PBS: We expect a great response from the unit as we undertake mobilization there.

Staff Report:


1.         3.2 - No Work List: A list was supplied to the Executive Board so that they would be able to recognize and keep track of people whose names show up working under a NABET-CWA contract and are not in good standing with the union. This list will not be made a public record, but will be noted by union officials.


2.         Membership Packets: Packages were sent to: Christopher Kisner (ABC), John Collins & Lorenzo Braye resent pkgs (HRS); Patrick Anderson, Gregory Breazeale, Norman Butler, James Carswell, Jeffrey Glaze, William Kaplan, Richard Lasch, Daniel Marshall, Leonard Schmidt, Orazio Spagnardi and James Turner (NBC), Charles Hudson (resent) and [redacted by request] (NPR), and Philip Ivantsov (MCT.



1.         CWA Resolution #1 - Board Members’ Input: CWA is faced with a challenge to revamp the structure and operation of the whole union. Guidebooks were distributed. Changes that are recommended from the locals will likely be enacted at the next national convention. We will be soliciting inputs through February 2006.



1.         Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, January 9, 2006, beginning at 6:30 pm. Without objection.


2.         Holiday Gifts:


2005-12-04     MOTION MADE to appropriate $250 to each of the office staff as was done last year.


            MAKER: Stewart       SECOND: Thomas                 MOTION PASSED with one



3.         Requests from Sick Member’s Fund:

            a.   Kristie Barrett: She was injured at a Monday Night Football game mishap - $500

            b.   Tommis Carpenter: Continuing condition resulting from a serious motorcycle accident - $500

            c.   Adonis Dawkins (Member of Local 25) - $100


2005-12-05     MOTION MADE to appropriate the above amounts from the Sick Members Fund.


            MAKER: Queen         SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION PASSED


4.         Negotiating Committee Resolution: To have conforming language to allow one “Lead Negotiator” per unit. The “Lead” chosen would be the top vote-getter. The others would be alternates and participate as members of the negotiating committee within the meaning of By-Law 8.20. Actual resolution language to be drafted and discussed at the January 2006 meeting.


5.         PBS Affairs: The Company has called an end to dues check-off withholding. We are close to going to Capitol Hill to apprise lawmakers of the situation.


6.         TVS/CNN Affairs: Nothing new to report. See President’s report.


7.         WHUT Affairs:. We were supposed to have had our first negotiation meetings. Things are fairly quiet at the shop.


8.         WJLA Affairs: There was a hand billing campaign and other mobilization efforts this month. Negotiations are to restart later in the month. There were a few grievances filed this month.


9.         WMAL Affairs: No report.


10.       WRC Affairs: Vacation and limits on microwave truck operators. We are continuing talks over dubs made in a truck that go to air. Librarians have been making dubs of field tapes for studio air use, which is a violation of the arbitration agreement. Next grievance meeting is scheduled for 12/19. Grievances on all these violations need to be filed immediately.


11.       ABC Affairs: There still is great confusion over possible staffing changes. WNT West Coast Live could have an impact on the bureau. Field HC camera system is to be chosen.


12.       Freelance Affairs: Looking into a general Daily Hire Committee to discuss matters in general without having just one name associated with the issues. Conference calls open to daily hires are a good place to start.


13.       HRS Affairs: Everyone has received printed copies of the new contract. Management is working to get retroactive pay started.


14.       MCTV Affairs: Joseph Thompson, newly elected Executive Board representative was sworn into office. Public access trained volunteers are being used to train other volunteers. We plan to meet with the Executive Director on the issue. The Company is currently in reorganization. They want to merge represented and non-represented positions. We are watching these changes carefully.


15.       SRS Affairs: Sector Representative Paula Olson met with the unit.


16.       NBC Affairs: Canceled the Company holiday party. AFTRA sent a talking points paper to members to encourage them to stay with the union.


17.       NPR Affairs: The Company gave their “last, best, and final offer.” The Negotiating Committee said it was unacceptable. The Company came back and increased financial items. The offer still failed to meet the requirements of the Negotiating Committee. The Committee has recommended that the contract be rejected. There will be a unit meeting this Thursday (12/15/05), then a vote on the contract. There were two recent terminations of long term employees. The Company has promoted a “client-service” environment as opposed to a collaborative workplace. One of the members terminated was a negotiator.


2005-12-6       MOTION MADE to adjourn at 9:56 pm

            MAKER: Schmitzer   MOTION PASSED

Respectfully submitted,


Maurice Thomas, III


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