Executive Board Meeting

Monday, January 10, 2005

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Presiding:       Mark Peach, President

Present:           Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Mike Croke, Freelance

Stephen Johnson, HRS

Richard McDermott, WRC

Michael Queen, NBC

Stu Rushfield, NPR

Minutes of the December 13, 2004 meeting were read and approved.


2005-01-01     MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the December 2004 Executive Board Meeting.

         MAKER: Krieger                      SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED

President’s Report


1.      DOL Update: Officers and staff are being interviewed by the Department of Labor in connection with a complaint filed by Mr. Welch investigating the officer’s election. This process should be completed in the next week or so. Everyone interviewed has been represented by the Local’s attorney, Brian Powers.


2.      NBC Negotiations: Petitions for nominees to the position of NBC negotiating committee will be going out this month.


3.      Inauguration Repping: President Peach and Vice President Krieger will be representing the membership in the field on the Inauguration this month. They will be available at various venues.


4.      Posting of Grievances on the Web page: As requested by the membership, we have permanently posted an NPR grievance status report on our web site. The plan is to add other units to their respective pages on the web site in an effort to keep the membership informed.


5.      Integrated Membership Database: In an effort to run the local office more efficiently we are in the process of assembling and coordinating our Access database and QuickBooks applications. The various data related to membership tracking, billing, accounts payable, etc., will be centrally located in the office.


6.      Office Staff: Marilyn Wistort has completed her billing training and will be introduced to payroll and accounts payable/receivable over the next few months. Our goal is to have her operating on her own, but under the watchful eye of Izzy Tiglio, in the finance area by July 1, 2005.

Vice President’s Report


1.      Shop Steward Training: FMCS mediator Kurt Saunders will conduct a training session Saturday, January 29th at 9:00 AM. Please encourage all interested members to attend.


2.      AFTRA: Meeting at their sector office was a productive meeting, involving issues related to NABET jurisdictional work.


3.      OSHA Pamphlets: OSHA has been very helpful by providing pamphlets to us for distribution to Shop Stewards. They explain what the requirements are for the company. Members are not obligated to “ask” for help, but they should be made aware of their rights.


Treasurer’s Report


1.      Financial Report: Below are the accounts that were below or above the budgeted amount for December 2004.


4041: Dues Rebate - $55,210.50 is the actual amount we received, but we should have received around $56,833.33, thus we were short $1,622.83.

4042: Initiation Fees - $2,049.21 is the actual amount which was approx. $950 less than what was budgeted.

4043: Non Checkoff Dues - $4,726.25 and this is dues collected in December that will be sent on to the CWA Rebate office in January.

4045: Grievance Settlements - $5,613.72 was the amount we received and we only budgeted an average of $1 00 per month, thus it was a good month.

4046: Interest - $550.23 was received, but $1,500 was budgeted. This is because many of the statements have not been received as of this date, thus only partial interest for the month was posted.

4048: WJLA Dues - $6,313.68 was sent into the CWA that was collected last month, but not sent in until this month.


5048: Annual Audit - $4,000 was actual amount and we had broke down the budget amount monthly and it would be $670 monthly.

5004: Service Agreements - $1,195.00 was actual amount and the budgeted amount is $450. That is because most of these agreements start the beginning of the year and the $450 is a monthly budgeted amount for the year.

5021: Telephone Expense: $618.77 was actual amount and we had $1,025 budgeted, so

this was a cut in expenses for the month.

5022: Workman Comp Insurance - $1,087 is a once every two year insurance and was not caught and put into the budget.

5010: Employee Wages: $36,718.74 was actually spent and the average monthly budgeted amount was $26,379 and this was for two reasons, the overtime paid was $733.05, when $100 was budgeted and also it was a three pay day month rather than two.

5010-03: Vice President's Wages were actually $830 and the budgeted amount was $1,200, so this was almost $400 less than budgeted.

5074: Covering Remotes - $2,497.58 was actually spent and the budgeted amount was $400, but some of this money will be recovered from a vouch to the Sector.

For the month we show a -$11,596.89 but for the fiscal year we are still a +$26,081.14.


2005-01-02     MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read.


         MAKER: Thomas                     SECOND: McDermott                       MOTION PASSED


2.      New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed. The starting salary shown for an NBC field editor is incorrect and needs to be investigated.


2005-01-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants Charity C. Baisden, daily hire at MCT and Christie Lynn Smith, daily hire at NBC..


         MAKER: McDermott               SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION PASSED


Secretary’s Report


1.      Correspondence: Thank you notes were received from the family of Ed Spillett. The office staff and the mailman sent thank you cards for the Holiday Bonuses.


2.      CWA Request for Donations: To be posted.


3.      Community Services Agency: is a part of the Metropolitan Labor Council. They have actively helped our members of the years.


2005-01-04 MOTION to appropriate $300 to the Community Services Agency


         MAKER: Stewart                      SECOND: Queen                   MOTION PASSED

Staff Report:


1.      No Work List (3.2): As listed for the benefit of officers and stewards.


2.      New member packets: Only two packets were sent in December, but membership stickers are now in distribution.




1.      2005 Calendars: We have these in the office, and D/H members can call the office to request one and we will mail it to them.




1.      Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February15, 2005, beginning at 7:00 pm. This change is due to the holiday on Monday. Notice to be sent to all Executive Board members and union leave arrangements to be changed appropriately.


2005-01-05     MOTION to have the next Executive Board meeting to be Tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 7:00 PM.


            MAKER: Johnson                  SECOND: Croke                    MOTION PASSED


2.      Annual General Membership Meeting: Monday, February 7, 2005 at our Silver Spring office starting at 7:30pm.


3.      Power Outage Planned: The weekend of January 15 through the morning of January 17, will affect office e-mail delivery.


4.      Hartford Insurance for Office Equipment: We have a policy that now covers office equipment liability.


5.      National Convention Election: We have four positions to the NABET convention and the CWA Convention. Because the Sector will be paying for the delegates to the Sector Convention, the Board feels that in an effort to limit expense, we should send four delegates to the NABET Convention and the one with the highest votes will stay for the CWA Convention.


2005-01-06     MOTION MADE to elected and appoint four delegates to the NABET Sector Convention, and the highest vote getter to stay for the CWA Annual Convention.


            MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: McDermott



2005-01-07     MOTION MADE to table the above motion until the next meeting.




6.      MCT Affairs: No report.


7.      NBC Affairs: AFTRA has withdrawn its petition to organize Network Librarians. As you know, the Library has been part of NABET’s jurisdiction. Positive discussions were also held with AFTRA regarding hand held digital camera jurisdiction.


8.      NPR Affairs: The advisory committee continues to make progress through meetings, as agreed upon in the contract extension. There are two upcoming arbitrations related to the termination of two members. A shop steward election is being conducted at NPR West.


9.      PBS Affairs: The company has changed their health care policy that will not allow for service from doctors members have had for years. The union is questioning these changes. Negotiations are still in progress.


10.    TVS/CNN Affairs: A letter to the membership giving an update on the NLRB complaint was sent out in November. The Board Charge has been moved to Advice. Members will be receiving Local pocket calendars in January. We hope to have another update letter in the next month or so.


11.    WHUT Affairs: Waiting to hear from Company on contract offer and ratification vote.


12.    WJLA Affairs: A settlement was recently reached in a grievance where a manager was apparently doing NABET jurisdictional work. It was agreed by both parties that the work was within the NABET-CWA jurisdiction. There were further discussions of rules surrounding “one-man-band” assignments. Members are fired up and united regarding the upcoming negotiations which will be negotiated by Sector President John Clark. Negotiations are scheduled to start on January 21st at alternate locations. Proposals are mostly prepared, as are mobilization material to be distributed.


13.    WMAL Affairs: No report.


14.    WRC Affairs: A recent grievance meeting addressed a harassment case, an OSHA violation and other discussion items. President Peach will be in Local EJ on the 26th to investigate the “weather plus” program. There was a meeting with AFTRA to discuss NABET jurisdictional work under the contract. This is in response to an ongoing arbitration regarding a librarian in Local EJ. There was an understanding of the issues and a pledge to meet again.


15.    ABC Affairs: Working on an updated seniority list. We’re working to clarify the OTE rules. Inauguration preparations are going forward.


16.    DCTV Affairs: No report.


17.    Freelance Affairs: The definition of “local” utility daily hire has been an issue for both Networks and is being addressed. The Union has considered the economic and contractual aspects, and continues to negotiate the issue. A safety meeting will be held in New York City in February to discuss NBC NASCAR issues for the upcoming season.


18.    HRS Affairs: Contract talks resume this week. Two engineering positions to be opening soon. Announcement to be made to all.


2005-01-08     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 10:09 PM.




Respectfully submitted,


Maurice Thomas, III