April 21, 2003

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office, District Two Conference Room
Time: Meeting called to order at 11:00 a.m.
Presiding: Mark Peach, President
Present: Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Ted Stewart, Treasurer
Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS
Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA
Jim Martin, ABC
Richard McDermott, NBC/WRC
Michael Queen, NBC- Net
Michael Edward Staley, MCT

1. The Minutes of the March 10, 2003 meeting were read and approved.

2003-04-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the March Executive Board Meeting.


Secretary Thomas swore in the newly elected ABC Executive Board Representative, Jim Martin.

2. President’s report: President Peach reported on the CWA Legislative Conference he attended in DC and the District Two Conference he attended in Baltimore. He also appraised the Board of the next remote coming up the first part of June.

3. Vice President’s report: Vice President Krieger attended the CWA Women’s Conference in Atlanta and held a general membership meeting for those members in the southern region while in Atlanta. See attached report.

1. Treasurer’s Agenda:

A. Financial Report: Mr. Stewart read the following report:

We did not have a good month in March with finances. For the month we show a loss of
$22,554.47. Below are the Income and Expenses that were out of the ordinary.

4041: Dues Rebate - $49,721.24 is pretty close to normal.

4042: Initiation Fees - $1,232.00 is lower than the normal amount which should be closer to $3,500.

4043: Non checkoff dues - -788.57 - Because we collect these dues one month and submit them to the Sector the beginning of the following month, this only shows we collected $788.57 more last month, than this month.

5004: Service Agreements - $1,059.00. This is higher than normal, because we paid $729 for the service agreement for the year of 2003 for the postage scale. We also paid the monthly charge of $330 for the copier machine.

5021: Telephone Expenses - $1,995.39 is higher than normal and it includes cost of leasing phones, conference calls, regular monthly bill, long distance, and cell phones for President and Vice President.

5024: Computer Expenses - $1,195.29 - higher than normal and it includes two payments to Jim Sill, one for $475 and another for $208.80 for work he performed that are not included in our annual maintenance agreement. It also includes payment to Speakeasy and Network Access.

5030: NBC - $1,202.00 This is for Union Leave for two members while they testified at an arbitration.

5031: ABC - $5,849.24 - This is for Union Leave for the period of Oct thru Dec 2002. This includes four days for Doug Allmond - one day for Mary Quinn - Seven days for Connie Sims - and five days for Mo Thomas.

5031:01 ABC Mobilization - $450

5031:02 ABC Negotiations - $4,968.46 - Mainly 50% of regular pay for negotiator, and Also included for expenses for note taker, part which will be reimburse.

5036: Rent - $3,713.17 which has recently been raised and is the current amount we are paying monthly.

5038: WJLA - $3,350.63 - this is mainly Union Leave for three members while they worked on grievances and charges against the Company.

5041: Contributions - $1,057.10 This includes two contributions requested by the CWA and approved by E.Board - one for Union to Union and the other for Pediatric aids.

5044: Publications/Training - $1,921.29 - this is mainly for Final Cut Pro classes to pay for the trainer. It also includes bringing in a member of NPR from Illinois to attend shop steward training session.

5046: Metro Wash Council - AFL CIO - $744.00 - This is for two month dues to belong to this organization.

5061: Employee Health Insurance - $9,749.38 - this is high because it is for three months of health insurance. CWA had not billed us for the past couple months and then all of a sudden we got a three month bill. It also includes the presidents health insurance that we pay thru the Flex
Plan and a payment to one clerical for eye care that the Local self insures up to $200 per year according to OPEIU contract.

5074: Covering Remotes - $2,533.61 - this includes two remotes that Local 31 covered. One was a golf remote covered by Mark Peach and the other was a remote for National Race Car League which was covered by Daily Hire Asst to the President, Mike Croke. Both remotes were
in Florida. A portion of these remotes was reimburse recently by the Sector, $1,469 was reimburse, which is higher than normal.

There was a further discussion on the finance committee.

2003-04-02 MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer’s Report:


A. New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

2002-04-03 MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Ann Cassel and Neil Normand Lague, daily hires at ABC; Joshua R. Duncan, Amy M. Parsons, daily hires and Roy Weinstock, staff at NBC; Theophile T. Mondle, daily hire at NPR; Khaliah L. Shepard, staff and Theodore E. Thornton, Jr., daily hire at WHUT..


C. Finance Committee Report: There were questions raised over the amounts of union leave in the last quarter and whether that could be avoided in the future.

Secretary’s Agenda:

Correspondence: Several thank you cards were received.

The Secretary reported on the recent difficulties with the web page caused by the bankruptcy of our previous web hosting company. Doug Allmond is working to correct the problem immediately.

Old Business:

1. Shop Steward Training report. Our last two sessions were well attended. Members participated actively. We plan to have regular member orientation, member rights, and steward training in the future.

2. Office Staff Changes Update: Izzy is retiring and we will be hiring a new receptionist/data entry clerk. Karen will move into the center office and be exclusively engaged with membership service and billing issues.

3. Election results/Upcoming: RVP 3 Election results to be announced April 28th.

4. Sick Member Fund: There was some debate as to the need for such a fund and how we may put dollars toward it from grievance settlements. It was agreed that we should fully fund our scholarship requirement to CWA first before we set aside any monies for a sick members fund.

New Business:

1. Date of next Executive Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 12, 2003, at 7:30PM in the CWA District 2 Conference Room. Passed without objection.

2. NCC Meeting - Scheduled for May 16-20: The President estimates that this meeting will cost $1200 to the Local. Advisory to the Executive Board.

3. Izzy’s Retirement Money: We are obligated to certain payments and residual fees in accordance with the OPEIU contract as Assistant to the Treasurer Isabelle Tiglio will be retiring and becoming a part-time employee.

2003-04-06 MOTION MADE that due to the forced retirement of Isabelle Tiglio, we are required to pay the OPEIU severance package in accordance with the contract, and this payment is authorized by the Executive Board.


4. “Four Wall” contract: In consideration of producers and companies working in our area, the thought was to have a simplified, basic language contract for these producers to hire and utilize our members. A sample contract was shown.

5. Proposed Changes for Executive Board: Mr. Staley presented a number of proposals to change or improve the responsiveness of the Executive Board to the membership. Once again there was considerable discussion of the duties of the Executive Board representative to their constituencies as well as board meeting times and fair compensation. No action taken.

6. Jurisdiction of NABET-CWA and Local 31: Mr. Staley suggests that we should be more aggressive in seeking jurisdiction in various workplaces in our area. He suggests that Executive Board members, Officers, and others should take advantage of various training opportunities to make them more effective. He also stated that more dollars should be allocated to Executive Board members for their time and for union leave to meet their duties. No action taken at this time.

7. CWA Request for Donations: Post

8. Sacred Heart Church Request for Donations: Post

9. Request for 17th annual ATU Women’s Conference Donations: No action.

10. Request for Donations, WHNPA Dinner: No action.

11. ABC Affairs: President Peach spoke to Lou Hepp of ABC Accounting to discus payroll issues. The issues were resolved. They also discussed the Disney payroll system. Apparently New York, Chicago and Los Angeles all had problems when the system started. Washington is to go on line in October. Mr. Hepp feels confident that all the bugs were resolved in the other locations. See attached report.

12. Freelance Affairs: Assistant to the President for Freelance Affairs, Mike Croke has been meeting with freelance members and is planning a conference call to discuss the effects of the ABC negotiations on the daily hire community. While repping a remote at the MCI center recently, Mike was asked by several members why the union agreed to break off negotiations with the company because of the war.

13. House Radio & TV Gallery: No report.

14. Montgomery Community TV Affairs: 4.71 notice is given of the resignation of the previous Executive Board member and the acceptance of their newly elected representative. See attached report.

15. NPR Affairs: Elections to be held soon for Executive Board and Shop Stewards. See attached report.

16. PBS Affairs: A non-union (but bargaining unit member) and a union shop steward had a problem and management moved the non-union to another unit. An new facility has been built where audio and video are “ingested” as data files into a server. Tech Center members are starting training. This will be our new way of captioning, adding secondary audio, and pre-screening of programs on to long-term servers. Eventually, tapes will be sent back to producers so that “perfect files” will be stored forever. All programs are now transferred on a daily basis to new Omnion servers. We’ve had a lot of air discrepancies but they are cleaning up.

17. TVS Affairs: No report.

18. WHUT Affairs: No report.

19. WJLA - NewsChannel 8 Affairs: Things continue with difficulty with management. See attached report.

20. WMAL Affairs: See attached report.

2003-04-08 MOTION made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III