January 13, 2003

Location: NABET-CWA Local 31 Offices, District Two Conference Room
Time: Meeting called to order at 12:23 PM
Presiding: Mark Peach, President
Present: Barbara Krieger, Vice President
Ted Stewart, Treasurer
Maurice Thomas, Secretary
Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS
Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA
Richard McDermott, WRC
Ally Potter, MCT
Al Turner, ABC
Stanley Lorek, visitor, Finance Committee
J. Carl Mayers, visitor, Finance Committee
Vic Vissari, visitor, Finance Committee

Before the meeting got underway, RVP Jim Lee asked permission to address the group. He informed the Executive Board that he had submitted his petition for re-election as Regional Vice President for our region (Region 3).

1. Minutes of the December 9, 2002 E-Board meeting were read and approved with the correction that the new members listed as House Recording Studio are actually National Public Radio.

03-01-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the December Executive Board meeting as read and corrected.



A. Financial Report: Final Cut Pro training is going well, the classes are being filled by word of mouth. Office checks will soon be printed directly from the computer. We are trying to expand on “direct deposit” in order to save some money with our payroll company. Below are financial amounts for the month of December which are out of the ordinary.


4041 - Dues Rebate - About five or six thousand dollars less than normal.

4043 - Non checkoff dues - Much higher than normal as money was collected the end of the month and was not submitted to the Sector until the beginning of January.

5003 - UPS - higher than normal from sending out new membership information to new NPR and News Channel 8 members.

5005 - Mtg Room/Office Refresh - higher than normal as office holiday dinner was included in this account this month.

5019 - E-Board Attendance - This is only paid twice a year in June and December. Thus this month it is $1,720 that is not on a normal monthly report.

5021 - Telephone expense - this is much higher than normal and this is being caused because of cell phone expenses. We are attempting to change the cell phone plan for the President and see if we can cut this expense.

5044- Publication/training - This expense is a little higher than normal, but is a really good price when you take into the fact that we have trained around ten members during the month of December in both Final Cut Pro and Avid.

5074 - Covering Remotes - This shows we earned money this month instead of a expense, because money we have spend in the past, a portion was reimbursed this month from the Sector office, thus it comes up as income rather than expense.

The Interest for the month was not available at the time this report was done.

It was a good month showing a net profit for the month of $8,114.83. Fiscal year to date we are show a minus $26,344.50. (When you take into this amount that we spent a little over $20,000 for a new computer system during this period, we are really doing quite well).

Financial Committee met today and will have a budget to present to the Executive Board by February’s meeting. We are not where we want to be, but at least we are not going backward.

03-01-02 MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer’s Report


B. Audit for 2002: Presented as information to the Executive Board.

C. New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed. The PBS member, Robert Lee Vizina, is a daily hire employee.

03-01-03 MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: NPR-Cal R. Southworth, staff; PBS- Robert Lee Vizina, daily hire; TVS- Donna Eileen Lacey, daily hire; WJLA/NewsChannel 8- Nichelle Anissa Newsome, daily hire, Jonathan Reed Potts, staff, Michael David Rudd, daily hire, James William Walker, staff.


Question came up about the status of PBS employee, Robert Vizina. Representative will try to get more information. The office staff is to try to get the e-mail addresses of all new employees.


Maurice Thomas read “thank you” notes from the MailCarrier, Izzy Tiglio, and Sue Fitzgerald for their Holiday Gifts.

Secretary Thomas also reported on the purchase and installation of the new computers, DSL service, e-mail service, and tech support. He felt that this was a good investment and we should see a good return on it. We’ve asked all the members to send us their e-mail addresses so that we could cut down on the paper use and we’ve had a good return. We should also be getting rid of two telephone lines used for dial-up service and the expense associated with them. The new system gives us the capability of teleworking, providing the OPEIU contract will allow. The web site will be upgraded.

Secretary Thomas assured the Board that he would keep the Finance Committee informed of all purchases and future needs so that they can build them into the budget. He felt that we should count on 10% for drive breakage and $2,000/year for miscellaneous expenses.


1. Elections - The NBC Local EJ ballots were mailed out and four had been returned to the office over the Christmas holidays. They were placed in a cardboard ballot box in the Local Office. The cleaning staff inadvertently removed the box with the ballots. A new ballot was sent out and the deadline for return to the Local Office is January 31, 2003. A ballot box will be purchased.

2. New member orientation. This was held on Saturday, January 11, 2003 at the Local office. Fifteen new members attended and the event was well accepted. Postcard invitations were sent out in December, but Elizabeth Bancroft started calling all those who had not responded a week before the session. This seemed to bring more members out to the orientation. Hopefully, we will have another orientation in six months time.

3. Shop Steward Training. It was decided that this would now be a training session open to all members and will be conducted by Kurt Saunders of the FMCS. The first session will be held on Saturday, March 1, followed by a second session on Saturday, March 22nd. The information will be disseminated by flyers posted at the work sites, e-mail directly to all members and web page posting.


1. The next Executive Board Meeting will be held on Monday, February 10, 2003, beginning at noon.

2. The General Membership Meeting will be held on Monday, February 3, 2003 in the District 2 Conference room beginning at noon. All elected and appointed union officials, not on the clock, are expected to attend. The time and location for this meeting has been changed to try to make it more convenient for members who work a night shift. Secretary Thomas will conduct a survey of the membership to find out when and where are the most desirable times and places to hold the General Membership meetings.

3. ABC Mobilizer: The ABC locals have been asked by the Sector Office to split the cost of paying one member to act as the Mobilization Chairperson (C. Braico) to whom all other mobilizers would report. They felt this was necessary to centralize the mobilization activities. This cost would be approximately $3300 per local.

03-01-04 MOTION MADE to split the cost of the ABC Mobilizer.


4. Metropolitan Washington Council “Evening with Labor”: They are requesting that we purchase an ad in the book. A discussion was held on how much the MWC and the Community Agency have helped our members in the past

03-01-05 MOTION MADE to purchase a 1/4 page ad.


5. White House News Photographers Association Awards Book: Many of our members are award winning photographers featured in this book.

03-01-06 MOTION MADE to spend the same money as was expended last year for an ad in the WHNPA awards book.


6. Local 31 T-Shirts: It was suggested that we needed to order long sleeve red t-shirts with the NABET logo. The office will get a price and e-mail the Board for approval.

7. New Unit at House Recording Studio - Waiver of Initiation Fee: Two groups are merging and a request has been made that the new group be granted a waiver of the Initiation fee.

03-01-07 MOTION MADE to waive the Initiation Fee of the new group that is merging with the current group at HRS for 60 days from today.


8. CWA Request for Donations: post.

9. WHUT Affairs: An unfair labor practice suit has been filed against the company for failure to bargain. Adam C. Powell is leaving the company to spend more time with his family.

10. WJLA Affairs: Four cases have been referred to the AAA. One case will be heard on January 29th. NewsChannel 8's assignment desk is causing problems with one-man band assignments. Daily hires are refusing to work one-man bands. Cameras have been installed purportedly for security purposes. A reminder that crew cars are not to be used on personal days or vacation days.

11. WMAL Affairs: No report.

12. WRC Affairs: A non-NABET (intern?) was given a camera and told to shoot at the NBC Health Expo and was not paid. We need more info before we can file a grievance. One member may be disciplined for not coming to work on the recent snow day.

13. ABC Affairs: Former Washington bureau chief engineer , Bill Fowler recently died. Overseas agreement is causing problems - company cannot afford to send NABETs overseas. There will be a grievance meeting on January 14th. The AIO Layoff arbitration will be held in DC, the west coast and Chicago over the next few months.

14. Freelance Affairs: No new problems.

15. HRS Affairs: There will be 20 new positions to fill In the future - check web site. We are working to get the Senate Recording Studio into the union.

16. MCTV Affairs: The company is to provide new employee information to the union on a quarterly basis. Debbie must provide part-timers 1099 information to Izzy.

17. NBC Affairs: Atlanta bureau is requiring one-man bands for all local shoots. Any Lack has been replaced by Shapiro. There is a new management person in maintenance, Larry Gitano has gone. Reminder that daily hires get upgrades, etc under Article VIII + 4% when they have worked 200 or more days. Ed “Duff” Thomas died recently. He was a former member and father of Drew Thomas a current member of NABET.

18. NPR Affairs: No report. Mark Bejarano is doing a great job! Shop Stewards have been elected and an Executive Board member will be elected in March.

19. PBS Affairs: Fred Kent a member on LTD died yesterday. David Truely died in December. Surveillance cameras have been installed. They will record for 3 days then they will be erased.

20. TVS Affairs: Daily hires have not received their retro pay under the new contract. The company will rectify.

03-01-08 MOTION MADE to adjourn the meeting at 2:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III