March 10, 2003

Location: NABET-CWA Local 31 Offices, District Two Conference Room
Time: Meeting called to order at 10:20 PM
Presiding: Ted Stewart, Treasurer
Present: Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS
Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA
Richard McDermott, WRC
Michael Queen, NBC
Todd Redlin, HRS

1. Minutes of the February 10, 2003 Executive Board meeting were read and approved with the correction of the time of today’s meeting beginning at 10:00am.

03-03-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the February Executive Board meeting as read and corrected.

MAKER: Bancroft SECOND: Guastadisegni MOTION PASSED


A. Financial Report: A meeting was held with Dan Mahoney, President Peach and Treasurer Stewart addressing several rebate issues. We are trying to get a larger percentage on our rebate and then have control over our arbitration and/or litigation process. President Peach will present a proposal to the Finance Committee for their input. This Committee will in turn bring it to the Executive Board for approval before sending it to the Sector Executive Committee. There were questions relating to the present office lease, i.e., term and amount of increase. We have not received any Initiation Fee money from ABC due to an error on their part. They have been contacted and the error corrected. On the financial report it was requested that when a purchase is made (eg., jackets, hats, etc.) that the number purchased be listed. Also, for the remote repping items, the members would like to know which company, who was doing the repping and where it took place to be listed in the report. The dues from NPR have not been received as yet. They are expected soon. Below are financial amounts for the month of January which are out of the ordinary.


Dues Rebate - Slightly lower than normal.
Initiation Fee - Slightly higher than normal.
Total Income is an approximate normal amount.

Telephone Expense - $2,042.71 - higher than normal, some of this is because part of
December and all of January was paid this month. Also, cell
phone expense is higher than normal, and the President has
changed plans in an attempt to stop this excess.

Computer Expense - $1,046.57 - slightly higher than normal.

Publication/Training - $2,057.80 - higher than normal/ mainly Final Cut Pro expenses
and a couple of Avid class reimbursements were made.

Members Retirement Party - $500 - we had one member retire and no party was put on by
the employer, thus the Local paid $500 towards the party.

Covering Remotes - $1,694.30 - This is expense incurred while covering College Bowl
Games in Florida. A portion will be reimbursed to the Local by
the Sector.

We ended the month with a negative balance of $9,530.43 and a deficit of $37,719.69 for the fiscal year October January, 2003.

03-03-02 MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer’s Report


B. New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

03-03-03 MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: NPR-Calvin Hirofumi Ogawa, staff; WJLA/ NewsChannel 8- Alicia Carmela Green, staff and Dominick Richard Rampey, daily hire.

MAKER: McDermott SECOND: Guastadisegni MOTION PASSED

C. Finance Committee Proposed Budget: A short discussion was held about the format of the budget report. A shorter version was desirable. It was decided that until the whole Finance Committee could meet to go over the budget, it would remain a “tabled” item.

03-03-04 MOTION MADE to table the Proposed Budget.


3. SECRETARY’S REPORT: Secretary Thomas was not present. The Computer system is up and running. Training for the staff has not taken place as yet.


1. Shop Steward Training. There was about 15 members in attendance at the March 1st session. Weingarten Rights and basic negotiation techniques were discussed. The second session will be held on March 22nd with a more intense agenda.

2. Pediatric Aids & Eduardo Diaz Union-to-Union Fund: In discussing this item, a suggestion was made that a letter be sent to the CWA on their use of different quotas when they are levying a tax on the Local and when they are allotting convention ballots.

03-03-05 MOTION MADE to send the monies assessed on the Local by CWA for these funds.



1. The Next Executive Board Meeting will be held on Monday, April 14, 2003, beginning at 11am.

2a. Office Staff Changes: The office is short staffed. A proposal was made that since Izzy Tiglio was retiring earlier than expected due to the circumstances surrounding the OPEIU contract, the Local could hire a new employee. This was predicated on the following conditions: that all overtime would be eliminated, that Izzy be rehired as a part-time employee working 30 hours per week (3 ten-hour days), and that the new employee would be hired full time at the “Clerk-Typist/Receptionist” position.

2b. Isabelle Tiglio’s Retirement: It is with regret that the Executive Board of NABET-CWA Local 31 accepts the retirement of Izzy Tiglio. The Board acknowledges her 21 years of dedicated and loyal service to the Local. We wish her many good years of health in her retirement and are happy to welcome her back as a part-time employee of the Local. The conditions of her “Letter of Agreement” will be addressed by President Peach.

2c. New Staff Employee: The Board acknowledges the need for an additional full time clerical employee and authorizes President Peach to publish this position under the OPEIU/NABET-CWA Agreement.

03-03-07 MOTION MADE to hire a full time employee in the Clerk-Typist/Receptionist position under the OPEIU/NABET-CWA Agreement.


3. Invoice for NBC Arbitration: A voucher for wages and equipment rental was presented to the Board for approval. A daily hire member testified at a NBC arbitration (not his own) and had to cancel a scheduled work day in order to do so. Treasurer Stewart will call the individual and pose several questions that the members of the Board felt needed to be addressed before approving the voucher.
03-03-08 MOTION MADE that Local Treasurer Stewart will pay this voucher after receiving satisfactory responses from the member to the questions posed by the Executive Board.


4. WMAL Affairs: No representative.

5. WJLA Affairs: Several grievances have been filed and are being referred to arbitration. The new Vice President of WJLA is Bill Lord. A new photographer has been hired, but the Local has not been notified of this hiring as yet.

6. Request for Donations to NABET-CWA Local 23 in Wilkes-Barre, PA: This local has been involved in a fight for a decent contract with WBRE/WYOU for the past fifteen months and is in dire need of help.

03-03-09 MOTION MADE to donate $500 to help Local 23 in its mobilization efforts to gain a contract with WBRE/WYOU.


7. Sick Member’s Fund Guidelines:

03-03-10 MOTION MADE that the following would be the guidelines for the disbursement of funds from the Sick Member’s Fund:
• open to all members of NABET-CWA Local 31
• member must submit a letter stating the reason for the need of assistance
• request must be approved by the Executive Board
• disbursement of $500 per request with a $1000 maximum/year/member

MAKER: McDermott SECOND: Guastadisegni MOTION PASSED

8. ABC Affairs: Representative not present. Negotiations are on-going.

9. Freelance Affairs: No representative.

10. HRS Affairs: No problems. They are still hiring on the “HS” scale with 14 openings, 3 are non-union. They cover committee hearings and the House floor. Easy-going atmosphere. Overtime can be paid or put into vacation time. Send resumes to Todd Redlin’s home address. Check “Roll Call” on the web for job listings: www.house.gov.

11. MCTV Affairs: No representative.

12. WRC-TV Affairs: A Daily Hire member was “fired” for alleged violent behavior. Union will grieve. Company sent letter stating that the “Violence in the Workplace” computer class is mandatory for all employees.

13. NBC Affairs: The company held a meeting with the network editors to say that Washington & New York Networks will go with Vibrant by Black Belt. The change over should be complete in 6 months to a year. They will move to the other side of the building. Anyone can do “non-linear” editing. The librarian issue: stories are archived on videotape and will stay NABET. The contract has gone to the printer. Several members have received special training so that they can be assigned to military units in the event war breaks out (overseas rate being paid).

14. NPR Affairs: No representative present, see attached report.

15. PBS Affairs: Cashe Mitchell was in an auto accident and has not been to work since February. During the snow days, those that came to work were given vacation pay. They are waiting to see if those who did not come in will be docked. “Bravo” awards are going to those who came in during snow as a “thank you.”

16. TVS Affairs: No representative.

17. WHUT Affairs: No representative. Negotiations are on-going.

03-03-11 MOTION MADE to adjourn the meeting at 1:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III