From: Izzy Tiglio
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2003 1:50 PM
To: Sue Fitzgerald; Ted Stewart
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Subject: March 2003 Financial Report

Report on March 2003 finances



We did not have a good month in March with finances. For the month we show a loss of

$22,554.47. Below are the Income and Expenses that were out of the ordinary.


4041: Dues Rebate - $49,721.24 is pretty close to normal.

4042: Initiation Fees - $1,232.00 is lower than the normal amount which should be closer

to $3,500.

4043: Non checkoff dues - -788.57 - Because we collect these dues one month and

submit them to the Sector the beginning of the following month, this

only shows we collected $788.57 more last month, than this month.



5004: Service Agreements - $1,059.00. This is higher than normal, because we paid

$729 for the service agreement for the year of 2003 for the postage scale.

We also paid the monthly charge of $330 for the copier machine.

5021: Telephone Expenses - $1,995.39 is higher than normal and it includes cost

of leasing phones, conference calls, regular monthly bill, long distance,

and cell phones for President and Vice President.

5024: Computer Expenses - $1,195.29 - higher than normal and it includes two

payments to Jim Sill, one for $475 and another for $208.80 for

work he performed that are not included in our annual maintenance

agreement. It also includes payment to Speakeasy and Network Access.

5030: NBC - $1,202.00 This is for Union Leave for two members while they testified

at an arbitration.

5031: ABC - $5,849.24 - This is for Union Leave for the period of Oct thru Dec 2002.

This includes four days for Doug Allmond - one day for Mary Quinn -

Seven days for Connie Sims - and five days for Mo Thomas.

5031:01 ABC Mobilization - $450

5031:02 ABC Negotiations - $4,968.46 - Mainly 50% of regular pay for negotiator, and

Also included for expenses for note taker, part which will be reimburse.

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5036: Rent - $3,713.17 which has recently been raised and is the current amount

we are paying monthly.

5038: WJLA - $3,350.63 - this is mainly Union Leave for three members while they

worked on grievances and charges against the Company.

5041: Contributions - $1,057.10 This includes two contributions requested by

the CWA and approved by E.Board - one for Union to Union

and the other for Pediatric aids.

5044: Publications/Training - $1,921.29 - this is mainly for Final Cut Pro classes

to pay for the trainer. It also includes bringing in a member of

NPR from Illinois to attend shop steward training session.

5046: Metro Wash Council - AFL CIO - $744.00 - This is for two month

dues to belong to this organization.

5061: Employee Health Insurance - $9,749.38 - this is high because it is for three

months of health insurance. CWA had not billed us for the past couple

months and then all of a sudden we got a three month bill. It also

includes the presidents health insurance that we pay thru the Flex

Plan and a payment to one clerical for eye care that the Local

self insures up to $200 per year according to OPEIU contract.

5074: Covering Remotes - $2,533.61 - this includes two remotes that Local 31 covered.

One was a golf remote covered by Mark Peach and the other was a

remote for National Race Car League which was covered by

Daily Hire Asst to the President, Mike Croke. Both remotes were

in Florida. A portion of these remotes was reimburse recently by

the Sector, $1,469 was reimburse, which is higher than normal.



Izzy Tiglio
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