February 10, 2003

Location: NABET-CWA Local 31 Offices, District Two Conference Room
Time: Meeting called to order at 12:22 PM
Presiding: Mark Peach, President
Present: Barbara Krieger, Vice President
Ted Stewart, Treasurer
Maurice Thomas, Secretary
Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA
Richard McDermott, WRC
Michael Queen, NBC
Al Turner, ABC
Alton Morris, visitor, WJLA

Vice-President Krieger started the meeting while President Peach was held up on a conference call.

1. Minutes of the January 13, 2003 E-Board meeting were read and approved

03-02-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the January Executive Board meeting as read.

MAKER: Guastadisegni SECOND: McDermott MOTION PASSED


A. Financial Report: Final Cut Pro training is going well, the classes through March are being filled. A broad cross section of members are taking the classes. There is a meeting scheduled with Dan Mahoney, President Peach and Treasurer Stewart later this month to address several rebate issues. Below are financial amounts for the month of January which are out of the ordinary.
Dues Rebate - Almost normal. Slightly lower than normal.
Initiation Fee - Slightly higher than normal.
Total Income is an approximate normal amount.

Telephone Expense - $2,042.71 - higher than normal, some of this is because part of
December and all of January was paid this month. Also, cell
Phone expense is higher than normal, and the President has
changed plans in an attempt to stop this excess.

Computer Expense - $1,046.57 - slightly higher than normal.
Publication/Training - $2,057.80 - higher than normal/ mainly final cut pro expenses
and a couple avid class expenses.

Members Retirement Party - $500 - we had one member retire and no party was put on by
the employer, thus the Local paid $500 towards the party.

Covering Remotes - $1,694.30 - This is expenses incurred while covering College Bowl
Games in Florida. A portion will be reimbursed to the Local by
the Sector.

It was not a good month, as we came out with a negative $9,530.43. We are showing a deficit of $37,719.69 for the fiscal year of Oct-Jan.

03-02-02 MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer’s Report


B. New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed. The WJLA member, Sara Grass, is a staff employee. Mr. Guastadisegni questioned why Alicia Green’s name was not on the list. The staff will check it out.

03-02-03 MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: ABC-Joseph Kyle Conrad, daily hire; PBS- Brendan Allen, daily hire; WJLA/ NewsChannel 8- Sara Beth Grass, staff.


A question was raised about the responsibility of the company to notify the union when an employee is hired. VP Krieger stated that at a meeting in California recently she learned that the company only is required to notify the union when a staff person is hired, not daily hire. (This refers to NBC.)

C. Finance Committee Proposed Budget: A discussion was held and the budget was tabled until the March meeting.

03-02-04 MOTION MADE to table the Proposed Budget until the March meeting.

MAKER: Thomas


Maurice Thomas acknowledged several “thank you” notes that were received and passed them around to the Board.

Secretary Thomas also reported on the purchase and installation of the new computers. During the installation of the new mail system, some down time was experienced. Training is needed to familiarize the staff with the new system and programs so that we will not lose productivity.


1. Shop Steward Training. The title of the “training” was changed to reflect the agenda to “Employee Rights in the Workplace.” The first session will be held on Saturday, March 1, followed by a second session on Saturday, March 22nd. There was a discussion that the flyer seemed to indicate that this was for Shop Stewards. The Board was asked to emphasize to all their members that this is not the case. It is designed to benefit all members. The information will be disseminated by flyers posted at the work sites, and posted on the web.

2. Sector Request for Budget Item for ABC Negotiations. This item was tabled until later in the meeting when President Peach would be there to address it.

03-02-05 MOTION MADE to table item until later in the meeting.

MAKER: Thomas

3. Report from Elections Committee on WRC Local EJ Election. This item was tabled until later in the meeting when President Peach would be there to address it.

03-02-06 MOTION MADE to table item.

MAKER: Thomas


1. The next Executive Board Meeting will be held on Monday, March 10, 2003, beginning at noon.

2. Executive Board Elections: Nomination petitions will be going out shortly by e-mail, web posting and on-site posting. It was noted that daily hire/freelance members have a seat on the Board and should be encouraged to run for offices within the union.

3. OPEIU Contract: Contract expires February 28, 2003. This item was tabled until a later date.

03-02-07 MOTION MADE to table item

MAKER: Thomas

4. Sick Members Fund Request - Pedro Gonzalez: There are no guidelines set up for this fund, only past practice. The Board felt that until formal guidelines were established they would use the policy that if a member requests aid from this fund and no reason was apparent to deny this aid, $500 would be disbursed with a maximum of $1000 per year to the same member. There was discussion about revisiting the AFLAC insurance for income replacement.

03-02-08 MOTION MADE to send Pedro Gonzalez a check for $500 to help with his expenses while he is out of work recuperating from his heart attack.


5. District Two Conference. The President and delegates elected to the previous convention are eligible to attend this conference. Due the budget constraints, the Board decided to leave it up to the discretion of the President as to the number of delegates the Local will send.

03-02-09 MOTION MADE to cover the expenses of the President and one delegate attending the District Two Conference in Baltimore, MD April 23-25, 2003.

MAKER: Guastadisegni SECOND: McDermott MOTION PASSED

6. CWA Women’s Conference: This will be held in Atlanta, GA April 3-6, 2003. In the past, the Local has sent 3 delegates, but due to budget constraints only one will go this year. Vice President Krieger will represent the Local. While she is in Atlanta, she will conduct a membership meeting for those members living/working in the area.

03-02-10 MOTION MADE to cover the expenses of VP Krieger to attend the CWA Women’s Conference in Atlanta, GA , as well as all expenses required to conduct a membership meeting for the members in the area.


7. Pediatric AIDS Foundation: Discussion on how the amount of money assessed as a quota against the Local was reached.

03-02-11 MOTION MADE to table.

MAKER: Thomas

8. Eduardo Diaz Union-to-Union: International Solidarity Fund: Discussion on how the amount of money assessed as a quota against the Local was reached.

03-02-12 MOTION MADE to table

MAKER: Thomas

At this point President Peach assumed the chair of the meeting.

Item #2 under Old Business was removed from the table for discussion.

ABC Negotiations: The Sector Executive Council has appropriated up to $3500 as its share of the cost for funding a full-time Mobilization Coordinator and up to $6000 as its share of the cost for funding the collection, processing and production of bargaining notes, as well as the payment of travel expenses for a daily-hire representative at the bargaining table. The SEC has approached the ABC Locals to appropriate funds to support the NCC resolution of 1/23/03. This resolution requests the Locals to: fund the position of a full-time Mobilization Coordinator on a shared basis at an expense not to exceed $3500 per Local; to fund the expenses involved in recording, processing, and producing bargaining notes on a shared basis at a cost to be determined after the completion of the negotiations; and fund the presence and participation of one daily- hire representative at the negotiations with the expenses begin shared among the Locals and the Sector, with the Sector paying for air and ground transportation expenses and the Locals splitting all other costs. A discussion was held and it was decided that these items were necessary, but that some of the expenses were too open-ended.

03-02-13 MOTION MADE to appropriate $5000 to the ABC Negotiation Committee with the following stipulations: the Mobilization Committee is consulted and agrees to the choice of Mobilization Coordinator; the Negotiation Committee provides the Local with an accountability for all expenses incurred by 4-1-03; and that the daily-hire representative be chosen by the NNC.


9. WJLA Affairs: One case before the AAA has been continued to the second day of hearing. There is a new News Director, Bill Lord, a former NBC manager. The Safety Committee must be put back into place as there are too many safety issues coming up. The company is harassing the older employees by changing schedules and jobs. A grievance has been filed on another issue under the 7.18(a) section of the contract.

10. WMAL Affairs: No representative.

11. WRC Affairs: Mike DiRubbio had a bad accident at home and will be out of work for a while. There are personality conflicts that are turning into grievances. The EJ shop steward election has generated a flood of calls. The Election Committee letter to those involved should be going out within the week and will hopefully answer any and all questions that have been raised.

12. ABC Affairs: The members are unhappy with the overseas agreement. The Company looks on overseas assignments as perks. Members are being advised that if they do not like the agreement that they should not take the assignment. If more people rejected the assignments, maybe the company would reconsider the agreement.

13. Freelance Affairs: No representative.

14. HRS Affairs: Representative out of area in training for two weeks. See attached report.

15. MCTV Affairs: No representative.

16. NBC Affairs: Vibrant (editing system) will be used, plans are posted. Management personnel will be moved out of the Local area when the Network moves in.

17. NPR Affairs: No representative present, see attached report.

18. PBS Affairs: No representative.

19. TVS Affairs: No representative.

20. US Air Arena: No representative

21. WHUT Affairs: No representative

03-02-14 MOTION MADE to adjourn the meeting at 2:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III