Executive Board Meeting

April 11, 2005

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office

Time:              Meeting called to order at 7:14pm

Presiding:       Mark Peach, President

Present:           Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Mike Croke, Daily Hire

Steve Johnson, HRS

Richard McDermott, WRC

Michael Queen, NBC

David Rijos, PBS

Stu Rushfield, NPR

William K. Schmitzer, WHUT

Stan Lorek, RVP-3


1.   Minutes of the March 14, 2005 meeting were read and approved.

2005-04-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the March 2005 Executive Board Meeting.


            MAKER: Schmitzer              SECOND: Queen                  MOTION PASSED


2.   Newly Elected Executive Board Member from PBS, David Rijos was sworn into office by Secretary Thomas and witnessed by the entire Executive Board.


3.   President’s Report:        President Peach reported on the following areas:

      a.   COMCAST Organizing: There was a meeting held on April 5th. Good attendance.

      b.   Senate Recording Studios Organizing: Cards were submitted to NLRB on March 25th.

      c.   CWA Translators/Interpreters Merger: Talks continue to bring this group into Local 31.

      d.   Upcoming Remotes: Several on the calendar - Arena Football in Tampa, Preakness in Baltimore, Booz-Allen golf in Montgomery County, MD.

      e.   Arbitrations Update: Swanson case was won. Awaiting decisions on four others.


4.   Vice President’s Report:

      a.   District Two Conference: Williamsburg, VA: This was a very successful conference. VP Krieger gave a presentation on the changing climate of unions today and it was very well received by the participants.

      b.   Shop Steward Training: Kurt Saunders and VP Krieger are looking at the end of June for the next training session.

      c.   NCC, Las Vegas: VP Krieger will be attending the NCC meetings in Las Vegas as President Peach’s representative


5.   Treasurer’s Report

      a.   Financial Report:



4041:  Dues Rebate - $54,355.63 The budgeted average for a monthly dues rebate is $56,000, thus this month is fairly close, a little over $1,500 off the average.


4042:  Initiation Fee - $5,798.25 The budgeted average for initiation fees is $3,000, thus this month we exceeded the budgeted amount by $2,798.25.

The total income for the month was $63,037.33, and the budgeted amount is $60,600.00 which is $2,437.33 more than the normal budgeted amount.


The Contract Units show less expenses than normal. The total expenses for all the Contract Units was $1,982.35, but $5,925 was budgeted including the Union Leave that is owed.


5062:  Employee Health Insurance - $4,598.29 The budgeted amount for Employee Health Insurance is $4,500, thus we were $98.29 over the budgeted amount.


5021:  Telephone Expenses: $582.88. The budgeted amount was $1,025.00, thus we spent $442.12 less than budgeted.


5010-01:   OPEIU Wages - $16, 398.12. The budgeted amount was $16,500, thus we were actually $112 less than the budget allowed.


5010-02:   President’s Wages - $8,679. The budgeted amount was $9,500, thus we were actually $821 less than the budget allowed.


5010-03:   Vice President’s Wages - $2,000. The budgeted amount was $1,200, thus we were actually $800 more than the budgeted amount.


5086:  Legal Expenses: $19,936.90. The budgeted amount was $6,350, thus we overspent this amount by $13,586.90.


5087:  Organizing Expenses: $1,300. We submitted a voucher to the Sector to receive payment on this amount, but the check did not come into the office until April and thus it will be reflected in the April Finances.

For the month we show a negative $10,937.67 for the month, but we still show a positive $10,660.73 for the fiscal year.

2005-04-02     MOTION to approve report as read:


            MAKER: Stewart                  SECOND: Johnson                MOTION PASSED

      b. New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.


2005-04-03     MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Robert Malcolm Callaway, staff and Edward Kendrick Reid, daily hire at HRS; Shannon Scott Mizell, daily hire at WRC/NBC.



      c.   Membership Training: There will be upgrades made to our existing editing system, and the addition of a DV camera for projects. It was suggested that the CompUSA discount program may not continue indefinitely, and therefore we should purchase as many coupons for later use.


2005-04-04     MOTION to purchase five CompUSA training vouchers for use and distribution as needed for $350.


            MAKER: Queen                     SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION: Passed


2005-04-05     MOTION to authorize $800 for a “train-the-trainer” program with a one year commitment to train our members in Final Cut Pro.


            MAKER: McDermott             SECOND: Rijos                     MOTION: Passed


6.   Secretary’s Report


      a.   Staff Training – Access: The office staff will have completed the training by next month. We held a caucus meeting on Thursday last to discuss what we’re trying to achieve with the database and its key elements. The staff has noted and will work up data fields and reports needed from the database. The project is going well.


      b.   Quick Books Software: The software was purchased and loaded on the Treasurer’s and Assistant Treasurer’s computers. It is working with shared common files and is doing well on the server.


      c.   Kuligowski Court Decision: We appeared in court with council for the damages portion of our case. The judge carefully reviewed and took special note of the five years of “tortured history” of this case. We were given a judgment for $20,000 plus interest. We will pursue levies, attachments, and garnishments in NY and wherever he may have assets.


      d.   Request from CWA for Donations: to be posted.


6.   Staff Reports:


      a.   No Work List: A list was supplied to the Executive Board so that they would be able to recognize and keep track of people whose names show up working under a NABET-CWA contract and are not in good standing with the union. This list will not be made a public record, but will be noted by union officials.


      b.   New Member Packets: From March 14 through April 11, 2005, I sent out 7 new membership packages. I resent about three membership packages.


      c.   Stickers: Marilyn and I are still working on membership stickers and minimum dues bills.



1.   Term of Office for Local Officers. After discussion of CWA and NABET Sector changing by-laws to conform to a three year term of office, the Executive Board agreed that our term of office for local elected officers should be in conformance as well. The following Local By-Law change was offered and tabled until the next meeting. Representatives were asked to take the measure back to their units and discuss this proposal. The concept of term limits was also discussed.


2005-04-06     MOTION to amend Local By-Law 4.20 to change from a two year term to a three year term and to delete language referring to even numbered years. If passed, this change would take effect with the next officer election in 2006.


            MAKER: McDermott            SECOND: Rushfield              MOTION: Tabled Automatically


2.         Review of Motion 2005-03-04: The motion as stated was for an allocation from the Sick Members Fund. It is the instruction of the Executive Board to the President that adequate justification be given by Member Vissari for this allocation from the fund.



1.   Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 9, 2005, beginning at 7:00 pm.


2.   American Income Life Insurance: Ms. Yaffee gave a presentation to the board last month, explaining the benefits for our members from her company, particularly $2000 of no cost life insurance for every member, active, freelance/daily hire, and retired.


With over $15 billion of life insurance in force, American Income is nationally recognized as one of the significant carriers of supplemental insurance in North America. Headquartered in Waco, Texas, American Income is licensed in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and New Zealand.”


“American Income is dedicated to providing supplemental life, accident and health insurance benefits to working families across the nation.  With a variety of individual and group insurance  designed to meet the needs of Union, Credit Union and Association Families, AIL is committed to providing support in both word and deed.”

She would like to have a mailing from the union, first an introductory letter ( to all Executive Board Members and Shop Stewards, explaining the program and what will be asked of the member, and then a letter sent to the membership of the local. The entire cost of the mailing will be borne by American Income Life Insurance, including envelope printing (by a union shop), stuffing, and postage. The union office will retain control of the membership list and labels will be applied by the staff. Members are free to accept or decline the offer, and if once declined they will not be contacted again. The response may be by mail or web or e-mail. There is a contract to be signed by the President and authorized by the Executive Board.

2005-04-07     MOTION to authorize the President to enter into a contract with American Income Life Insurance company to provide cost-free insurance to our members and to authorize a mailing to the membership to inform them of this insurance plan at no cost to the union.


            MAKER: Thomas                  SECOND: Johnson                MOTION: Passed


3.   Pediatric Aids Foundation: No Action taken.


4.   Pocket Calendar Order for 2006: We will get an additional 10% discount on our order if we commit now for 2006. We purchase 1200 for this year and there were fewer left-overs.


2005-04-08     MOTION to approve the purchase of 1000 pocket calendars for the membership for 2006.


            MAKER: Rushfield                SECOND: McDermott           MOTION: Passed


5.   OPEIU Grievance: Notice is given to the Executive Board of a grievance filed by the office workers union concerning a promotion for on of our employees not given consideration for her seniority.


6.   ABC Affairs: There continues to be communication problems with producers. Also, the application of the Overseas Agreement is still an issue. OTE is still being discussed. The situation with the Nightline program is of concern to all.


7.   Freelance Affairs: COMCAST organizing looks positive at this point.


8.   HRS Affairs: Negotiations almost complete, working on final draft. Positions open, interested parties should email:


9.   MCT Affairs: No report.


10. NBC Affairs: Four grievances have been filed and will be discussed at next grievance meeting on April 18. The arbitration on the Local Librarian position continues. Negotiator ballots were returned and Richard McDermott will represent Washington at the negotiations. Nominations for the Shop Steward in Local Field are due back this week. A meeting was held on March 21 to review coaching supervisors and computer presentations. All looked good.


11. NPR Affairs: There was a shop steward meeting on March 29. Five grievances have been filed since April 1st. They will be discussed at the next grievance meeting.


12. PBS Affairs: Just completed a two-day arbitration on the COHO discrepancy and the discharge cases. The new NABET negotiator, Don Jernigan, met with President Peach on April 6th to discuss the ongoing negotiations. The former negotiator, John Krieger, retired April 1, 2005.


13. TVS/CNN Affairs: The NLRB action has moved forward significantly. The union is withholding further action until talks can be held with the company.


14. WHUT Affairs: Contract in the was approved by the membership. Talks for the Engineering contract are to begin immediately. The contract just approved expires next month. An arbitration award came back in favor of a terminated employee. He will be returned to work the beginning of May.


15. WJLA Affairs: Negotiations continue. The arbitration on the termination of an employee was held on April 7 and 8. We are awaiting the decision of the arbitrator. The second case involving a termination was postponed and we are awaiting dates from the arbitrator.


16. WMAL Affairs: No report.

17. WRC Affairs: The union is investigating possible OSHA violations involving a cable pull on March 16th. Several daily hires have not received the 4% we thought was due them through the Sideletter 32 language. This issue will be discussed further.


2005-04-09     MOTION MADE to adjourn at 10:26 pm.




Respectfully submitted,






Maurice Thomas, III