October 15, 2002

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office, District Two Conference Room

Time: Meeting called to order at 12:10 PM

Presiding: Mark Peach, President

Present: Barbara Krieger, Vice President

Ted Stewart, Treasurer

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary

Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS

Sarah Pacheco, TVS

Ally Potter, MCT

Martin Dougherty, TVS, visitor

Vic Vissari, NBC, visitor

Minutes of the September 9, 2002 meeting were read and approved.

2002-10-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the September Executive Board Meeting as read.


Treasurers Agenda

Financial Report: The following report as read: September was a good month, mostly because of all the back dues rebate that was owed the Local. Below are accounts that were either higher or lower than normal.


4041 Dues Rebate - $74,497.90. This is about $25,000 above the normal amount. The reason it is higher is because some back dues were sent in.

4042: Initiation Fee - $7,030.59. This is a little higher than normal, mainly because of statements that were recently mailed out.

The remaining income was about normal. As far as the dues rebate, we have made a agreement with the Sector that they will sent us an approximate advance the middle of each month for the ABC and NBC dues rebate. This will help us keep the money flow easier. Then by the end of the month they will even out the exact amount and submit it to the Local.

The 25% discount Initiation Fee letters have all been mailed and so far the interest level has been low. In the discount letter, we included a letter letting the member know that if they are working and not keeping up their initiation fee obligations, the Companies will start to be notified that they are no longer in good standing. Hopefully this will help spark a few more checks towards these outstanding fees. The beginning of the year, we will start getting after these members more aggressively.


5020: Scholarship Payments: - $1.292.00 When we merged with the CWA, each Local was assessed a amount towards the Joseph Bernie Scholarship Fund. We have been making yearly payments to pay off the approximate $9,000 assessment, and we paid it off in September with the $1,292 payment. We can donate more if we wish, but that was the minimum amount we were liable for in order for our members to be eligible to apply for it. We have had a couple winners in our Local already for this Scholarship.

5024: Computer Expense - $3,586.57 - This is mostly for the yearly maintenance agreement the Local carries on their computer system, which was paid in September.

5044: Publications/training - $2,881.75 - This is for the pocket calendars that we distribute to each member. We also had one member sign up for a AVID class the month of September.

5069 - Miscellaneous Expense - $1,270.19 - This is mainly the $1,000 that was given to the NPR member who was in the horrible accident on the 4th of July week end.

It was a good month with a profit of $16,514.81 and a loss of $34,638.91 for the fiscal year.

The fiscal year ended the end of September and our annual audit will begin on October 21st.

This is an approximate amount, as we have not received all the September statements yet.

2002-10-02 MOTION MADE to accept Treasurers Report:


New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

2002-10-03 MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Katrina Deneen Stafford, Freelance, T#16, Reginald Roy Wade, Freelance, Edward Paul Wonsicki, Freelance, ABC; Christopher Gordon Hawkins, Freelance, Trever Dean Ottinger, Freelance, NBC; Pierre Chanu, Freelance, William Harrison Moore, Freelance, Tawana Rene Smith, Freelance, Arthur L. Thomas, Freelance, Thomas Joseph Tyler, Freelance, Kenneth M. White, Freelance, TVS; Bernard J. Forte, staff, John Louis Gonzalez, staff, Matthew Cargill Murray, staff, Landon Antonio, Stuckey, staff, Colvin S. Underwood, staff, George Edwin Wilson, staff, WJLA/NewsChannel 8; Stacey Lynn Abbott, Michael Anthony Beacom, Mark A. Bejarano, William Bremmer, William Preston Brown, Jr., Charles William Burch, Ivan K. Burketh, Robert Earl Butcher, Dennis Lloyd Byrnes, Marcia A. Caldwell, Shawn Corey Campbell, Tommis Ronald Carpenter, Dennis Joseph Coll, Michael S. Cullen, Leo DelAguila,, William J. Deputy, Jana N. Drewery, Luke Howard Dunbar, Hugh Mitchell Eaton, III, Peter Samuel Ellena, Neal Stanley Ellis, Nicholas A. Gibson, Juan Carlos Gomez, Mark Peter Greenhouse, Gary Andrew Henderson, Suzanne Mesnick Herin, William Thomas Hill, Jr., Johney Burke Hunn, Andrea Elizabeth Jackson-Gewirtz, Brian David Jarboe, Howard Daniel Jones, Jr., Richard J. Kaplan, Susan Klein T#16, Terrence Hale Knight, Martin R. Kurcias, Mahlan Paxson Laird III, Kevin D. Langley, Arthur Halliday Laurent, Lawrence Lee Lynch, Richard Mandell Lewis, Linda Eileen Mack, Sherry Ann Marchefsky, William Joseph McQuay, Jr., William Theodore Mebane, Dennis D. Medvee W#31, Phillip Anthony Mein, Joseph Lamar Mills, Parris Mitchell Morgan, Patrick Joseph Murray T#51, Lowell Vincent Muse, Guy Temple Napper, Jr., Dale A. Neiburg, Christopher T. Nelson, Frank Nelson, Robert W. Neuhaus, Dennis L. Nielsen, Renee Michele Pringle, Frank Edward Qualls, Neal S. Rauch T#11, Andrew Mason Reynolds, Joshua H. Rogosin, Andrew Bruce Rosenberg, Abdullah F. Rufus, Stuart N. Rushfield T#16, Michael Lew Schweppe, Daniel Shukhin, Kevin J. Smith, Gerald W. Tennent, Neil David Tevault, Charles Harold Thompson, Christopher Robert Tsakis, Curt Turner, R. Mark Wagner T#18, Tanya B. Warren, Robert Spurr Weston, IV, Manoli Wetherell, Lorna Lee White, John Gabriel Widoff, Flawn Williams, III of National Public Radio.


Secretarys Agenda:

Correspondence: James Carl Mayers resigned as Assistant to the President for ABC Affairs.

2. Article X Cases pending cases: No further action to date.

3. Results of Officer Elections. The results of the 2002 run-off election for the Office of President are as follows:

Mark Peach 70%

Jim Lee 30%

The term of office is October 1, 2002 to September 30, 2004.

Presidents Report: The following members were interviewed and have accepted the position of Assistant to the President for their respective locations: Jimmy Suissa-TVS, Mark Bejarano-NPR, and Alton Morris-WJLA. Each individual was informed as to what will be expected of them. They will be taking an active role in reaching out to the membership in an interactive fashion. Attending General Membership meetings twice a year, unless working, will be expected, as well as other member communication related tasks. We will be pushing organizing and member representation at all locations. Planning to get much more involved with members, seeking their input and advice. Regular meetings with Stewards and officers conducted by Assistants to the President. We will take an activist position, meeting with company representatives to establish a working relationship. Meetings with the following company representatives have taken place: Joy Axelrad-ABC, Larry DAnna-TVS and Colette Colclough-WJLA. More visits to remote locations while watching costs incurred. Local Officers will travel to Atlanta this month to visit with staff and freelance members there and at NASCAR racetrack. I will look for regular assigned stewards for NASCAR events next year. VP Krieger will be coordinating shop steward training - having more frequent sessions to train our stewards. Assistants to the President will conduct regular quarterly meetings to anticipate problems before they occur. There will be monthly conference calls with the Assistants to the President. An Audio Seminar in January 03 is in the planning stages.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Date of next Executive Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 12, 2002, at 12 noon in the CWA District 2 Conference Room. Passed without objection.

Local Elections: Elections to be held soon for new stewards and Executive Board representatives.

The question was raised as to how to dispose of outgoing President Allmonds remaining vacation. The incoming President will make arrangements with the incoming Treasurer.

The question was raised as to how we should determine the proper pay and vacation entitlement for incoming President Peach.

2002-10-04 MOTION MADE to have the Treasurer research the matter of proper pay and vacation for incoming President Peach and to have him report to the Executive Board at the next regular November 2002 meeting.


Computer Upgrades: The computer system in our offices is several years old, they have become extremely unreliable, they are slow, and the old server has already failed. We have a contract for APSD Services to replace equipment. Secretary Thomas offered to research other suppliers. There will be a meeting with local officers and Mr. Sills on Monday the 28th to discuss our objectives going into the future.

2002-10-05 MOTION MADE to allot up to $15,000 for the purchase of new computer equipment for the local offices.

MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Stewart

MOTION to table the question until we have better figures and a report.


CWA Request for Donations: Will post on local bulletin boards.

ABC Affairs: Studio B floor is being painted black, B-2 workers asked to tolerate noxious fumes. Paint contractor says theyre not hazardous. Second floor digital intake area continues to have problems. Questions raised about the identity of nonunion freelance crews working the sniper shooting story for affiliates. Formal mobilization efforts for the new contract will begin soon.

Freelance Affairs: There will be several events requiring Union representation and attendance in November including a Miami NASCAR remote, and a new member orientation. There are still new training opportunities to be explored for all members.

House Radio & TV Gallery: Theyre still looking to fill as many as 20 new positions. Call Todd Redlin there or write by e-mail.

Montgomery Community TV Affairs: The union is still contesting the status of employees that are designated as so-called contract workers. They are not being offered union membership. Company is unable to define job descriptions versus standard county or DOL job definitions. These definitions are required in the budget process from the county.

NBC/WRC Affairs: Integrity Quiz - posturing. Thursday is Red Shirt Day. Problems continue with the STORM manpower scheduling system.

NPR Affairs: Members have ratified their contract. They will need elections for an Executive Board representative and shop stewards. This will be the first order of business for the newly elected local officers.

PBS Affairs: There are two grievances resolved. Were starting to gather candidates for Shop Steward, Executive Board Representative, and Assistant to the President. The Assistant to the President is to meet to discuss and possibly head off problems with the companys future plans. There are to be technology changes with new equipment. Were asking for training on this new equipment. The company says training on new technology must relevant to specific job performance.

TVS Affairs: Had a member injured on a Travel Pool in one of the chase vans; could be an OSHA unsafe work practice. Overtime sign up system isnt working, going to others, possibly favorites of management. Executive Board Representative Pacheco requests a Unit Meeting to discuss the final language of the contract.

US AIR Arena: Dark. No report.

WHUT Affairs: No report.

WJLA Affairs: The union has requested a meeting with the company to discuss several discipline cases pending.

WMAL Affairs. No report.

2002-10-06 MOTION made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 2:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary