February 4, 2002

Location: Knights of Columbus Hall
Time: Convened at 7:35 p.m.
Presiding: President Doug Allmond

GM02-02-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the August 6, 2001 General Membership Meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: As of this date, we have a total active membership of 1548 which is a decrease of 3 members since the August 6, 2001 General Membership Meeting. Our files show we have 523 staff employees and 1025 freelance members. As of January 31, 2002, the Local has cash assets of $887,770.42, which is a decrease of $52,497.39 since our last General Membership Meeting in August 2001. The expenses of the Local have been increasing faster than the income. Many of these expenses were brought on by the move. The Financial Committee has recommended that the Local set up a budget to keep a closer watch on the funds. We have just completed our annual audit, in which our auditor also suggested a budget may be helpful. The Financial Committee has contacted our auditor for help on how to implement a fair budget and make it be helpful. Our Auditor and the financial committee also recommended that we look into a more reasonable rent, or the possibility of purchasing a commercial townhouse to used for our office once our current lease has expired in two years.

On the positive side, now that WJLA has finally reached a contract agreement, we are attempting to get the members signed back up to start having their dues deducted directly from their paychecks. Once we get the WJLA members all back on checkoff, we will have an increase in dues on a monthly basis and some of the work of the Local will be eliminated because we will no longer bill these members on a monthly basis.

Most the Local’s money is in conservative investments through Merrill Lynch and has not been hit too hard by the economy problems. All and all, the Local is still in good financial shape, and we will be keeping a close eye on the finances to make sure we continue on that path.

GM02-02-02 MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report.


Secretary’s Report: The Secretary's agenda reflected the following upcoming elections schedule: a)Shop Stewards - February b) ABC Negotiator - March c) WHUT Negotiator - February d) NABET-CWA Convention Delegate - March e) Local Officers - August. It was also reported that the collections agency we hired for the Kuligowski case have begun garnishing his wages.
New Business:

1. Date of Next General Membership Meeting: August 5, 2002. Passed without objection.

2. Annual Picnic and Holiday Dinner/Dance: Members were advised that there is a social events committee chaired by Elizabeth Bancroft. It was determined by the Executive Board that part of the over all cost cutting meant tighter reins on social events spending. Although the Annual Picnic and Holiday Dancer were quite enjoyable the attendance to cost ratio warrants further investigation. There have been no reservation made for the Picnic and the Holiday Dance is up for elimination as well. Ted Roth and Al (?) both voiced a concern for the loss of these events. They were both advised to join Elizabeth in coming up with alternative ideas and participate in planning.

3. Freelance Affairs: The Freelance affairs report concentrated primarily on the number of Freelance members in our Local and the issues surrounding them. A more aggressive approach to servicing this community is reflected in the attempt to reach out by our presence at remotes. Since the last membership meeting we have done so by representing NABET at two Monday Night Football games, the Sugar Bowl, an eight day road trip through the South with meetings in six cities, two Daily Hire meetings with Local 11 members , sitting in on the NNC for NBC's contract and two Side Letter 32 meetings. We have also taken a more pro-active approach to the Flex Plan information, various payroll issues, Daily Hire mobilizing for NBC, and dues/initiation fee collection.

4. House Recording Studios: The House Recording Studio reported the hiring of six people. They are also putting carts together to cover court type events.

5. Montgomery Community TV Affairs: The Local was made aware of Private Contract issues at MCT. Since our involvement in this matter 4 of the 6 individuals given those contracts have been brought in as staff under the NABET contract.

6. NBC Affairs:NBC affairs concentrated primarily on the pending contract talks. Negotiator Mike Queen gave the following report. Pre-negotiations, although they are continuing, have proven to be unproductive. He voiced his extreme displeasure with the other members of the NNC, primarily John Clark. This is based on the committee’s handling of Side Letter 11 which concerns the use of digital cameras. Mike took some time to answer members questions and entertain suggestions that they had as to how this issue could be remedied. Doug Allmond also provided a report of the Hubbing situation. The other predominant NBC related issue was that of Labor Relations. Many members voiced their displeasure with the way Rachel Manning is doing her job. This matter drew a great deal of attention and can be supported by the increased number of Grievances and Side Letter 32 issues.

7. PBS Affairs: PBS affairs centered around on going accounting/payroll issues and the acceptance of the Library group.

8. TVS Affairs: TVS has announced the extension of their existing contract. Contract negotiations with TVS should begin in March. Ed Spillett has been assigned the negotiator. TVS Executive Board member Sarah Pacheco stated that they need to deal with Daily Hire issues more aggressively with this next contract.

9. WHUT Affairs: WHUT reports that they hope to have a negotiator in place this month.

10. WJLA Affairs. WJLA has a contract after seven years!

11. WMAL/WRQX Affairs: No report.

12. WRC Affairs: The members of WRC who attended discussed the Hubbing issue and how it was going to impact daily operations. They mentioned that there were a growing number of scheduling issues.

13. US Air Arena: Center may reopen under NABET contract.

14. National Public Radio: Negotiations continue. Contract may be assigned to Local 31.

15. ABC Affairs: The report from ABC concentrated primarily on the recent layoffs and an oversea's rate. NABET has filed a National Grievance condemning the unwarranted layoff of staff and their immediate rehire as Freelancers for the same jobs. The company asked for an adjustment in the current overseas rate. Unfortunately, they rejected NABET's national proposal and reneged on their attempt to work something out by canceling people who were already assigned. We are also arbitrating the cancellation of the extended leave of absence program.

16. AVID TRAINING: Ted Stewart announced an Avid Training Class for March. Members were reminded that they are invited to use the Final Cut program in the office.

GM02-02-03 MOTION made to adjourn.

MAKER: Carl Mayers SECOND: Sarah Pacheco MOTION PASSED

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Peach
Acting Secretary