Meeting convened at the Union Office, Monday, December 11, 2000
Meeting called to order at 7:30PM
Meeting presided by President Allmond
Attendance as recorded


MOTION 2000-12-01: to accept the minutes of the November Executive Board Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
Mr. Vissari read the report. Income [synopsis of written finance report, salient points. Mention the Merrill-Lynch end-of-year summary and the December audit].

MOTION 2000-12-02: to accept Treasurer’s Report;

MOTION 2000-12-03: to accept the following applicants as new members: (as listed)

Secretary’s Agenda:
We received a thank you card from Trish Angus.

Old Business:

Freelance Representative on the Executive Board By-Law Change. By this change, we created a “Freelance” work group and one seat for a representative. The matter was tabled at our last meeting. Motion to bring from the table was pro forma by the rules, in reference to:

MOTION 2000-11-04, Section 4.44 Amendment. Added, “Notwithstanding the above, the daily hire seat as set forth in Section 4.40 shall be elected from among daily hire members of any Local 31 bargaining unit.”

New Business:
Date of next EB meeting 01/08/2001. Passed without objection.

MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Guastadisegni MOTION: PASSED

Executive Board Elections – ABC. After a run-off election for the ABC representative to fill te unexpired term of Mr. Allmond, Mr. Corbey was elected. Mr. Corbey was sworn into office prior to the start of this Executive Board meeting.

Sector request on behalf of Richard Emmick of Local #26. NABET-CWA Local 26 (CWA Local 51026/N26) in Binghamton, N.Y., made an appeal on behalf of member Richard Emmick and his family. Richard Emmick's wife recently gave birth to a baby boy who has major medical problems with his internal organs. The baby's life has been saved thanks to advanced technology and new medical procedures which are not covered by the Emmicks' medical insurance

MOTION 2000-12-04: “To offer our assistance to the Emmick Family of Binghamton/ Johnson City, NY, $500 donation.”
MAKER: Stewart Second: Guastadisegni MOTION PASSED

CWA Request for Donations. Please post at locations.

Metropolitan Washington Council Emergency Assistance Fund. This agency has provided significant assistance to our members in need, especially in the last few years. Therefore:

MOTION 2000-12-05: To donate $500 to the Community Services Agency, Emergency Assistance Fund.
MAKER: Thomas Second: Stewart MOTION PASSED

Annual Holiday Dinner Dance 2000 Report. Good feedback from all attendees. Praise for the food and the band. We will probably do away with the deposit requirement and reconsider the band for next year’s event. We are actively looking for another venue that is central to all. Stan Lorek is to investigate the alternatives. We may have a “Spring Fling” as an alternative to the Holiday Dinner/ Dance and we need opinion from the membership.

AVID Suite. Ted Stewart spoke to Rick Watkins concerning the rental and use of an AVID edit suite for the local. The use of such a non-linear edit system and camera would be to train more of our members on this equipment and to refine and upgrade their skills. We are considering the suite set up at the union office or at another secure location. We are still gathering details and cost figures involved. Mr. Stewart is to report later.
Education Tuition Assistance. We are considering expanding the union’s tuition assistance program for completed studies related to the improvement of broadcast industry skills. There is an extensive catalog of courses offered on-line at the CWA website.
Atlanta Meeting with the membership. President Allmond traveled to Atlanta for a dinner and meeting with staff and freelance members there. Since they are constantly on the road and assignment, any common meeting time is difficult to arrange. He was able to meet with a number of them and had a good discussion of issues affecting freelance and newsgathering in the southern bureaus.
WHUT Affairs: Representative not present. Negotiations are concluded for engineering.
WJLA Affairs. Two meetings with the company were held to try and restart negotiations. One other meeting has been scheduled for the near future. The meetings were characterized as productive, hopeful, and many issues were clarified. We will hold off on our boycott plans as long as it appears we are making forward progress.
The company has initiated a scholarship fund for Brother Steve Affens. The union wants to make its contribution as well.
MOTION 2000-12-06: This local union will match any disbursement from the Steve Affens Memorial Scholarship Fund up to a maximum total of $1000.
MAKER: Guastadisegni SECOND: Stewart MOTION PASSED
ABC Affairs: The vacation rules have been set and selections are to begin soon. There were two cameras stolen in Florida. Control Room B is nearing completion. There is a new Ku truck being readied for assignment to NY.
House Radio & TV Gallery: Representative not present. Planning to start new contract negotiations soon. We’re planning another unit meeting.
Montgomery Community TV Affairs: The company has been effectively scheduling split shifts contrary to the contract. Members are being denied union representation and do not have the benefit of a shop steward. Several grievances are to be filed.
NBC Affairs: There are staffing and scheduling problems on “Meet the Press.” Vacation days are being scheduled but not taken. We had one member in maintenance that was recalled from vacation. These issues are to be addressed in the next meeting with management.

PBS Affairs: Representative not present. There is to be a unit meeting in January. They are to restart new contract negotiations.

US Air Arena: Representative not present. No report.
TVS Affairs: Starting contract negotiations and mobilization.
WHUT Affairs: Representative not present. Negotiations are in progress for engineering.
WMAL/WRQX Affairs. Representative not present. No report.
WRC Affairs: There was a grievance meeting on December 5. Many items were discussed but not much was settled. They have serious scheduling and manpower problems, which are causing morale problems among the members there. Also had discussions with management concerning server operations in Master Control.

Freelance Affairs: President Allmond traveled to Huntingdon, WV to observe a primarily freelance staffed sports remote and spoke with our members there. There is to be a meeting soon with the membership in Florida in the near future.

Jim Miller Shop Steward Workshop. The next session is scheduled for Saturday, January 6, 2001. Professor Jim Miller of Cornell University will hold the class in the Knights of Columbus Hall adjacent to the Local 31 office beginning at 10AM. All members in good standing are invited.

Compensation: To be studied for fairness and equity to anyone performing the union’s business.

Orientation Committee: There should be formal orientation for all new members conducted by a trained Shop Steward. The Executive Board is in agreement that pamphlets explaining the work of the union and this local should be available and distributed to all locations. Such materials are readily available by request from any Executive Board member, Shop Steward, or member.

General Membership Meetings and Unit Meetings. Mr. Corbey offered that these meetings should be conducted more often, perhaps quarterly. President Allmond has undertaken to have regular unit meetings at all locations on a continuous basis.

Quarterly Shop Steward Meetings. Some of our contracts mandate such meetings, and the Local By-laws (Article 7.42) specifically direct such meetings take place. In addition to regular unit meetings and Shop Steward training sessions, President Allmond is committed to quarterly meetings with Shop Stewards as a natural next step in serving the needs of the membership.

MOTION 2000-12-07 to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas III