November 13, 2000

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office
Time: Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.
Presiding: Doug Allmond, President
Present: Stanley Lorek, Vice-President
Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Victor Vissari, Treasurer
Dennis Dodd, MCT
David Jenkins, TVS, Alternate
Michael Queen, NBC
Ted Stewart, WRC
Ray Zubroski, WJLA, alternate
William R. King, WMAL/WRQX, visitor

The minutes of the October 9th meeting were read and approved.

2000-11-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the October
Executive Board Meeting.

MAKER: Vissari SECOND: Lorek

Treasurer‚s Agenda

Financial Report: Income was normal. Expenses for the month were $36,435.65 which is average. We are starting out the fiscal year with a net income of $11,747.68.

2000-11-02MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer's Report:


New Members: Applications for new membership were

2000-11-03MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as
new members: Marc E. Krevo, Monty Dale Poling, Tracey D. Wilder, freelancers at ABC; Michael George Mietzner, staff at House Recording Studios; Patricia Dunn, freelancer at MCT; Rodney M. King, Scott Kristoffer Patasnik, Nicole Eileen Weiss, Gary Paul Wharton, freelancers at NBC; Zerai Haile, freelancer at WHUT; Martin Austin Proctor, freelancer at WJLA; Ronald S. Schultz, freelancer transferring from Local 211.

MAKER: Stewart SECOND: Dodd

Secretary's Agenda:

We received a thank you card from Jim and Carolyn Cefalo, and Jerri Dodd.

Notice was received from NABET-CWA Sector of the beginning of the Memorial Scholarship Awards application
process. Applicants must be high school students graduating in 2001. Notices will be sent to all locations and we encourage qualified students to apply.

We received notice of election for Region 3 Vice President. Petitions must be filed by January 12, 2001. Notices and petitions will be sent to all locations.

Old Business:

Freelance Executive Board Representative: Requires enabling language in the By-laws. This motion is automatically tabled for one month so that it may be discussed among the membership.

2000-11-04:MOTION MADE to amend the By-Laws by adding a new section: Section 4.44
"Notwithstanding the above, the Daily Hire seat as set forth in Section 4.40 shall be elected from among daily hire members of any Local 31 bargaining unit."

Maker: Stewart Second: Vissari

New Business:

Date of next Executive Board meeting is December11, 2000. Passed without objection.

CWA Request for Donations: Please Post in all locations.

Annual Dinner Dance: Our caterer presented the proposed menu and fare for the dinner dance.

2000-11-05 MOTION MADE: To authorize the payments for food and fare at the 2000 Annual Dinner Dance in
accordance with the recommendations of the caterer, "Matters of Taste" at a cost of $15,525.00, per the schedule listed.

MAKER: Thomas Second: Stewart

2000-11-06MOTION MADE: For this year's Annual Dinner Dance, to limit individual bar drinks to three. Chits will be given. Any individual who appears intoxicated, or who asks, will be provided transportation home.

MAKER: Zubrowski SECOND: Stewart

WHNPA Awards Dinner Ad: To support as we have in the past:

2000-11-07 MOTION MADE: To authorize the purchase of a 1/2 page ad in the program for the WHNPA Dinner at a cost of $500.


Christmas Gifts to Staff and others: To be given as we have done traditionally in the past:

2000-11-08MOTION MADE: To authorize Christmas Gifts to OPEIU Staff at $500 ea., Mailman, UPS, and Building Maintenance at $50 each, and Sector representatives, officers, and OPEIU: $50 gift certificates.


Scott Reise Initiation Fee: Mr. Reise is a new TD hire at WRC- TV and was actively involved in a NABET organizing effort at KSAZ-TV Phoenix, AZ. The drive was unsuccessful, and he had to leave Arizona. Therefore:

2000-11-09MOTION MADE:
In recognition of Mr. Scott Reise's past dedication to the union in his personal sacrifice to organize for the union, the Executive Board will reduce his initiation fee by 50%.


Surge Protector/ UPS for Local's Server: The one we have is old, unserviceable, obsolete, and needs to be replaced.

2000-11-10MOTION MADE:
To authorize the purchase and installation of the required power protection and backup systems for the union's local server at $590.00.


TVS Affairs: President Allmond had a unit meeting with the members that was well attended. Issue of travel pool safety in open cars was discussed. Unit still needs a field shop steward representative and steward training.

US Air Arena Affairs: Representative not present. No report.

WHUT Affairs: Representative not present. Negotiations are in progress for Engineering contract.

WJLA Affairs: President Allmond had a unit meeting with the members that was well attended. The national boycott has been authorized and the union is preparing a list of targets. A meeting with the company to restart negotiations has been tentatively scheduled.

WMAL/Affairs: Representative King was present. He reports that all is well and even though it is a small shop, they want to become active in union affairs again.

WRC Affairs: Meetings have concluded successfully on vacation schedules and rules. There is some question concerning hour-by-hour rates for DH instead of one rate for the day. This is being investigated. It is now the position of the company and the union that no crewman will be dispatched to the field alone after dark, there must be at least two people.

ABC Affairs: There will be a run-off election for the Interim Executive Board election between Msrs. Corbey and Martin. Control Room B is near completion. Complaints about blown meals and no food have been addressed.

House Radio & TV Gallery: Representative not present. No report.

Montgomery Community TV Affairs: President Allmond had a unit meeting with the members that was well attended. We are actively referring their members for DH work if they want it.
Contract negotiations have been completed with significant pay increases.

NBC Affairs: Company is looking into a central streaming video server hub for all it‚s O+O station operations, one master control for all stations. It may mean more work for us, but fewer jobs at the stations. No further details.

PBS Affairs: Representative not present. No report.

Freelance Affairs: President Allmond had a unit meeting with freelance members that was well attended. Mr. Dugan from the Flex Plan was there to answer the many questions about health care. We discussed the new freelance rep on the Executive Board and other union matters. We had excellent feedback.

Training:Avid classes are going well, one opening available in December. We are still investigating having our own AVID system for work and training. We are scheduling another shop steward training class sometime in January or February.

2000-11-11 MOTION MADE to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas III