March 12, 2001

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office
Time: Meeting called to order at 7:33 p.m.
Presiding: Doug Allmond, President
Present: Stanley Lorek, Vice-President
Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Robert Corbey, ABC
Dennis Dodd, MCT
Michael Queen, NBC
Ted Stewart, WRC
Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS, visitor
Sarah Pacheco, TVS, visitor

The minutes of the February 12th meeting were read and approved.

2001-03-01 MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the February Executive Board Meeting.


Treasurer’s Agenda

1. Financial Report: Mr. Lorek read the report.

DUES REBATE: Our income was lower than normal as our Dues Rebate is about half of what is the normal amount. We usually have between $40,000 to $50,000 a month in dues rebate and this month we only received $21,627.20. This is most likely because we switched checking accounts during the month and I had notified both CWA and the Payroll Company to start doing the deposits and deductions out of the new account. For some reason there is usually a two week lag time when we request this type of switch. The first week in March we received the ABC dues for January in check form, and this $11,000 would have normally been directly deposited in February.

INITIATION FEE: This is higher than normal. We are doing a real drive in the office to attempt to get a new membership package to every new daily hire that has worked for the year 2000 from NBC and ABC. We are talking about hundreds of new membership packages either have been sent or in the process of being sent. This has brought in over $16,623.00, which is about $10,000 to $12,000 more than we normally bring in. We are also in the middle of a major billing to both the network locals, and this is bringing in additional payments on old initiation fee balances.

The remaining of the income is normal for the month.

The only expenses that are not ordinary monthly expenses are:
BONDING INSURANCE: $5,120.00 - this is a annual expense.

NBC: Shows a income, rather than expense because I had billed the Sector office for some
NBC expenses that we had paid, and we were reimbursed for their portion.

PUBLICATION/TRAINING: $1,254.95 - part of this was payment towards some members
Avid training and the remaining for the Shop Steward publication.

MEMBERS RETIREMENT PARTIES: $983.72 - We had two members retire that we were billed to pay towards their retirement party.

For the month we show a negative money flow of $1,149.34 and for the fiscal year we show
a net positive income of $7,520.96.

Beginning April 1, 2001, our rent will be increasing from $1,925.00 per month to $2,835.83.

2001-03-02 MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer’s Report:


2. New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

2001-03-03 MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Kennan Michelle Cooley, Michael Edward Staley, staff at MCT; Christina S. Avelino, Richard Vincent Bartlebaugh, John Joseph Brown, Scott E. Clark, Jonathan J. Cohen, Dwaine C. Scott, Freelance at NBC; Angela Young Gaffney, Freelance at WJLA; Mark T. Finch T#211, Freelance.


Secretary’s Agenda:

3. We received Thank You cards from Sean Casey and the family of Frances Benedict.

4. The Mendoza Article 10 case had correspondence from the accused asking for relief from the $4000 fine. After some discussion, the Executive Board is uncertain that we can provide any relief from the fine set by the Trial Body.

5. Mr. Miles case is ready for trial as soon as the Chairman Carl Mayers sets a date.

Old Business:

6. Union Leave Stipend. After some discussion, it was understood that there can be unique circumstances where the payment of eight straight hours would be unfair for a union leave day, such as the VP acting in the stead of the President, or a negotiator on leave for more than a day or two. The Executive Board believes the President can recognize when these unique circumstances can occur and trusts in his judgement. However, the Executive Board reserves the right to review these determinations as provided in the Local By-Laws.

2001-03-04 RESOLUTION Sense of the Executive Board Resolution: to allow the Local President to consider unique circumstances for union leaves and the payment of actual salary loss in performance of union business, subject to review by the Executive Board in accordance with Local By-Law 7.70.


New Business:

7. Date of next Executive Board meeting is April 11, 2001. The date of the next meeting would normally be April 9, 2001. However, several officers and board members will be attending the District 2 CWA Conference next month in West Virginia, April 8-10. After some discussion, it was agreed to meet on Wednesday, April 11, 2001. Passed without objection. The companies and the other Executive Board members will be notified. Passed without objection.

8. Lease Agreement for Union Offices. The lease with the Knights of Columbus is up for renewal. We met with the building managers and discussed details. They plan to upgrade and redo the external windows, replace the heating and air conditioning, redo the bathrooms, the hallways and carpets, and they are reducing the fee for the use of the Knights hall from $50 to $25. The cost to us will go from $13 per square foot to $20, and there is a 3% escalator over the lease period. Further, we have the first right of refusal on renewal. We still have four daytime parking spaces. We considered moving to the CWA District 2 offices in Silver Spring, but they have no room and it would have cost us $27 per square foot. It is the opinion of those real estate people who know that where we are now is a great bargain.

2001-03-05 MOTION made to authorize the renewal of our lease with the Knights of Columbus at our present office location, in accordance with the negotiated contract terms.

MAKER: Thomas Second: Corbey MOTION PASSED

9. Clarification of Freelance Executive Board Membership. Mr. Marchitto was not present to explain. President Allmond advised that we wanted to be clear as to who was eligible to vote for Executive Board representative from the freelance community. Those freelancers had to be employed under any represented contract for more than 20 days in the previous year in order to vote.

10. Credit Card Payment. The office staff has asked permission to start acceptance of credit card payments for dues and other payments to the union. The Executive Board thinks this would be useful, even after dues collection by CWA begins in the fall.

2001-03-06 MOTION made to authorize the set up and acceptance of credit card payments.


11. District Two CWA Conference: This conference is to be held next month in West Virginia, April 8-10. We have been allocated four votes. On last month’s Motion 2001-02-04 we appointed President Allmond, Secretary Thomas, Representative Stewart, and member Johnie Roth to be our representatives.

12. CWA Women's Issues Conference: The conference is scheduled in Las Vegas for May 9th to the 12th. On last month's MOTION 2001-02-05, the Local President has appointed Barbara Krieger, Mary Quinn, and Carmen Paral as our representatives to the CWA Women's Issues Conference. We will be well represented, as each of these members has been active in union affairs and women's issues.

13. Newsletter: The computer system has not been purchased as yet. We expect to get the Mac computer in the next few weeks. The Executive Board members will be the correspondents for the newsletter.

14. Evening with Labor Dinner: It encourages networking with other labor leaders in the DC area to discuss activities and concerns of mutual interest. Will be held on Saturday, March 17. Dennis Dodd, Ted Stewart, Moe Thomas, Stan Lorek, and Doug Allmond will attend to represent the Local.

15. CWA Request for Donations. Please post at locations. Special note was made of the request from The Marrow Foundation and the CWA Patient Assistance Fund.

2001-03-07 MOTION made to donate $250 per year for the next three years to the CWA Patient Assistance Fund.

MAKER: Corbey Second: Queen MOTION PASSED

16. ABC Affairs: There will be a Shop Steward's Meeting on Thursday. A grievance meeting is scheduled for February 27. Kudos to Representative Corby for his work in distributing union information and getting support for shop stewards. We are grieving various "sick letters" given to our members.

17. House Radio & TV Gallery: No representative present, but a new representative has been elected. We had a unit meeting with the membership there. New contract negotiations are underway.

18. Montgomery Community TV Affairs: A grievance meeting was held. They hired two, and two quit. They are short staffed and have been using non-union fill-ins. There have been continuous problems with changes in time sheets and proper pay.

19. NBC Affairs: There has been a 10% overall cutback in the engineering budget. There are reports of extremely low morale in the field.

20. PBS Affairs: Their newly elected representative was present. There was a grievance meeting. We are looking for contract proposals. We expect there will be active participation by the membership in the negotiation process. The night crew is looking for significant contract improvements. They would like to start soon and end on-time.

21. TVS Affairs: Contract renewal discussions are on hold pending the new TEAM/CNN contract outcome. Their new representative was present. An arbitration date is set for May 1.

22. US Air Arena: Dark.

23. WHUT Affairs: Representative not present. The contract retroactivity checks are being prepared or sent. We will grieve this and ask for punitive damages for the excessive delay. Further information will be posted on the web site. Bill Schmitzer says he will run for Executive Board so that the unit will have representation.

24. WJLA Affairs. A negotiation meeting with the company is to be scheduled for March 15. The previous meetings have produced any significant progress. If there is no progress after this meeting, we will go forward with the ALF-CIO coordinated boycott of Allbritton interests.

25. WMAL Affairs. Representative not present. No report.

26. WRC Affairs: ENG crews are not taking crew cars home. There will be an important unit meeting on March 26, at the Knights of Columbus hall. There have been some buyouts and freelancers are replacing those positions. We are holding quarterly shop steward meetings and planning additional steward training with the CWA.

27. Freelance Affairs: All ABC freelancers should be aware that there are 401K contributions for them and that it is critical for them to join the CWA retirement savings plan. The office staff and some Executive Board members have information packets.

28. Training. The President and Ted Stewart visited "Digital Underground" in Georgetown as an alternate location for Avid editor training. There will not be enough students for a March class. They are offering the use of the facilities for familiarization at $25 per hour. We are looking into additional training opportunities and seminars on Cooper Audio, new camera technology, and Tulip Dolly.

2001-03-08 MOTION made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III
Secretary, Local 31