February 12, 2001

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office
Time: Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m.
Presiding: Doug Allmond, President
Present: Stanley Lorek, Vice-President
Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Dennis Dodd, MCT
Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA
Michael Queen, NBC
Ted Stewart, WRC
J. Carl Mayers, ABC, Finance Committee

The minutes of the January 8th meeting were read and approved with correction.

2001-02-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the January Executive Board Meeting as amended for Item #2 correction: R. Guastadisegni was the maker of the motion and S. Lorek seconded it.


Treasurer's Agenda

Financial Report: Mr. Lorek read the report.

4041Dues Rebate: On the low side of being normal amount at $43,096.64.

4042 Initiation Fee: a little higher than normal seeing we are now sending out a major NBC billing - thus we will be getting more members coming in the next couple months - $7,657.36.

4043 Non Checkoff Dues: this shows negative income because we had to remit to the Sector office dues that were deducted last month, and evidently more were collected last month than this. We will receive 55% of those dues back within the month of Feb.

4045 Grievance Settlement: We settled a ABC grievance and received $4,000 which will be put towards our outstanding portion we pay to the CWA Scholarships to be part of their program..

The Interest and WJLA dues are about normal.

The following EXPENSES were out of the ordinary:

5002 Postage: we used more postage than normal this month mainly because of sending out the ABC contracts, scholarship information and membership stickers.

5010 Employee Wages: A little higher than normal as January was a five week month.

5020 Computer Expenses: Between paying for the power surge protector that was approved last month, and the web site payment, this is much higher than normal.

5048 Annual Audit Expense: This is an annual expense for doing and preparing the annual audit and also preparing the LM2 and 990 forms to the IRS and Labor Department.

5068 Dinner/Dance: This was the difference owed between the deposit and what we actually owed.

The minus amounts under expenses means we have collected more money than paying out in this category. This happens in payroll items like 401K loan pmts and 401K employee withholdings because we collected a five week payroll and paid out a four week payroll from the month prior. The OPEIU Union dues would fall under the same category. Publications/training shows the minus total because of payments into the office towards the AVID classes that were not sent in to Q Media as of yet.

2001-02-02MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer‚s Report:

MAKER: Guastadisegni SECOND: Stewart MOTION

New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

2001-02-03MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members:
Lili Bess, Freelance, ABC;
Frederick William Kenner, Perm, MCT;
Richard Daniel Beckmann, Christian John Galdabini, Jeremy Allen
Holliday, Freelance, NBC;
Valerie Ann Smith, James R. Therrell, Jr, Perm, PBS;
George Edwin Fridrich, Freelance, TVS;
Peter M. Hanning, Ronald Frederick Williams, Freelance, WHUT.


Secretary's Agenda:

We received Thank You cards from Vic Vissari and the family of Tom Vier.

The Kuligowski case is awaiting further direction from legal counsel. Mr. Mendoza'a appeal was denid in October 2000 and he was sent a bill for the remaining $4000 fine. Mr. Miles case is set for review by the RVP-3, Mr. Lee, and trial date needs to be set.

Old Business:

New Business:

Dateof next Executive Board meeting is March 12, 2001. Passed without objection.

DistrictTwo CWA Conference: This conference is to be held next month in West Virginia, April 8-10. We have been allocated four votes. The cost will be approximately $1000 per person.

2001-02-04MOTION made to appoint President Allmond, Secretary Thomas, Representative Stewart, and member John Roth to be our representatives to the District 2 CWA Conference.

MAKER: Dodd Second: Queen MOTION Approved

CWA Request for Donations: Please Post in all locations.

CWA Women's Issues Conference: The conference is to be held to discuss and share information on women in the workplace. Of particular interest are women and mothers who may work non-standard shifts in the communications industry.
The conference is scheduled in Las Vegas for April 8th to the 10th. Several names were discussed as good candidates to attend.

2001-02-05MOTION made to authorize appointment of up to three representatives to the CWA Women's Issues Conference. These representatives are to be chosen and approved by the Local President.

MAKER: Thomas Second: Lorek MOTION

Newsletter:We now have an Tektronix color printer. We can now produce a color newsletter. With a better publishing oriented computer we produce higher quality web content and also use the computer for non-linear AVID editing training.

2001-02-06MOTION To appropriate $5000 to purchase a publishing and editing capable computer system and software. The system to be chosen by President Allmond.

MAKER: Thomas Second: Dodd

Union Leave Stipend:
VP Lorek and Secretary Thomas raised the issue of compensation for union leaves when there is a loss of pay above just an 8-hour regular day. Of particular interest is the period when the VP is serving in the capacity of President and on those UL days that cancel a scheduled overtime day. "Actual loss" as stated in the bylaws should mean literally actual salary loss, not just an 8 hour straight time day. The matter was tabled until next month so the Executive Board could come back with more ideas.

FinanceCommittee Report:
Chairman Carl Mayers made a report. The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Carl Mayers at 7:30 p.m. The first thing on the agenda was a presentation by Merrill Lynch representatives Mike Eustace and Kevin Lorenz on the status of Local 31's investments. A chart was given to the committee showing the Local's asset allocation. It shows 69% of the current assets are in fixed income in the form of bonds and cd‚s, 21% are in cash and near cash in the form of a checking account and short term cd's, and the remaining 10% is in equities in the form of common stocks.
The Local realized a little over $53,000 in interest and cash gains for the first year of our investments, which is a little over a 6% gain. This is a good rate of return in the wake of a poor market.

Merrill Lynch Representative Lorenz stated the next step was to continue building up the equity side to 20% as originally planned. He suggested we start adding $20,000 a month to purchase stocks for the next 6 months. After considerable discussion, it was decided we would like to slow that $120,000 total stock market investments to dribble in over the next 8months instead of 6 months. Lorenz said they felt the timing was probably now good to purchase more blue chip stocks while the market is down. Seeing there is talk of another prime rate decrease possibly after the feds meet again on March 20th, Merrill Lynch would like to be ready to purchase some stocks before that meeting so we could realize any jump in the market after this announcement. He told us to discuss it and to get back with him. ML Representative Eustace suggested we start using the on line feature of Merrill Lynch to watch our investments. He said he would call the office later in the week and help set it up.

We requested the investments and the checking account be separated on the statements because of the difficulty in the monthly reconciliations with so much info overload. Eustace said this was possible, and he would make a note of it. The committee requested quarterly reports to be used for showing the Financial Committee and Executive Board the progress of our investments. Again, we were told this would be done. Mike Eustace and Kevin Lorenz then left the meeting.

The next thing on the agenda was a report by Izzy on the status of the Sector taking over the network billing of daily hires. The current time table for this to begin is around October of this year. The hopes are that this centralized billing will take the extreme work load off the Local and bring in more income in the
form of dues.

A discussion followed concerning the expiration of our current lease. Stan Lorek will be in charge of negotiating the new lease.
There was some disappointed in the fact that the basement level will not be vacated by the real estate company, as we were in hopes of obtaining a little more office space. Stan said we are still holding out some hope of the possibility of moving into the CWA District Two office building sometime in the future when office space is available. It was discussed that we are likely to be looking at a considerable rent hike with the new lease.

The final thing on the agenda was a discussion on the current initiation fee language and suggestions on changing and adding language in our by-laws. An idea of additional language to waive the fee from members who work in a right to work state was discussed. Both pros and cons were discussed. Some felt the idea of bringing in more members, even if they were released from paying the initiation fee, would bring in more dues income to the Local and put some of the financial responsibility of the costs of negotiating and servicing this contract on more of the employees in that group. Even though all the employees who work under that contract are not members, we are required to represent even those who pay nothing. Some felt that we may irritate those members who did pay the I. Fee if we waived it now. Carl suggested that maybe a time table to waive the current employees who want to join within a certain time period may be the answer, rather than a concrete by-law. It was decided that seeing our committee does not make the decision on these by-law changes, that we would just give our thoughts and ideas to the Executive Board. The committee felt at the current time a cut in the initiation fee was not financially a good idea. We looked at a overall three year chart of the income the local is receiving from dues rebates and initiation fee which are the two main incomes of the Local. This showed a slight decline in our income over the last three years and the added likelihood of a substantial increase in our rent, makes the committee feel this is not a good time to cut any income to the Local. We have a copy of the initiation fee language from the other network locals, which shows we are one of the lowest in our initiation fee charges. There was language in Local 53's by laws that may be helpful in the collection of dues, and when the Executive Board assigns a by law committee, these possible changes in our by laws should be addressed. It was the thought of many committee members that maybe by requiring the current down payment on the initiation fee as a down payment on the fee before being accepted into the Local, but increasing the 30days of receiving a 25% discount to 90 days, maybe would help some of the daily hires.

2001-02-07MOTION made to accept the Finance Committee report and to follow the recommendations of the Merrill Lynch account managers to cautiously transfer additional funds into stock equities.

MAKER: Guastadisegni Second: Lorek MOTION: Approved

HolidayDinner Dance and Picnic: The picnic is scheduled for September 8, 2001. VP Lorek presented several proposals from various hotels and venues. The proposal from the Crystal Gateway Marriott looked the best and most comprehensive.
Note that we will post pictures from the included hotel brochure for posting on the web site.

2001-02-08MOTION made to accept the proposal from High Point Farm caterers to provide food and tents for the Annual Picnic on September 8, 2001. Further to authorize the deposit payment of the $3000.

MAKER: Dodd Second: Stewart MOTION:

2001-02-09MOTION made to accept the proposal from the Crystal Gateway Marriott to provide space, food, and drink for the Annual Dinner Dance on January 19, 2002. Further to authorize the minimum revenue payment of $18,700 representing a minimum attendance of 212 members and guests.

MAKER: Thomas Second: Dodd

Union-to-UnionSolidarity Fund: We have made an annual contribution to this CWA project.

2001-02-10MOTION made to appropriate the traditional amount donated to the Eduardo Diaz Union-to-Union International Solidarity Fund (CWA).

MAKER: Stewart Second: Thomas MOTION: Approved

An Evening with Labor Dinner Tickets:
The DC Metropolitan Labor Council, AFL-CIO sponsors this event. It encourages networking with other labor leaders in the DC area to discuss activities and concerns of mutual interest.
2001-02-11MOTION made to appropriate the traditional amount for a table (10 tickets) to have our officers and representatives attend the "Evening with Labor" dinner on March 17, 2001.

Maker : Stewart Second: Thomas MOTION: Approved

ABC Affairs:
There will be a Shop Steward's Meeting on Thursday. A grievance meeting is scheduled for February 27. Kudos to Representative Corby for his work in distributing union information and getting support for shop stewards. We are grieving various "sick letters" given to our members.
House Recording Studio:
Representative not present. New contract negotiations to start soon.
Montgomery Community TV Affairs :
The company has rejected the proposed intern-trainee program at ABC. They have a summer relief job open in Tech Support. A grievance meeting is to be held.
NBC Affairs:
President Allmond attended a Sideletter 32 meeting concerning freelance issues with management in New York. There were a few buyout offers made; three
NABET members accepted.
PBS Affairs:
Representative not present. There was a grievance meeting. We are looking for contract proposals.
TVS Affairs:
There have been complaints from members regarding workload and stress. The contract renewal discussions are on hold pending the new TEAM/CNN contract outcome.
US Air Arena : Dark.
WHUT Affairs : Representative not present. The contract retroactivity checks are being prepared. It seems to take up to 6 weeks to get this kind of accounting done. Secretary Thomas attended the EAP benefit meeting. Further information will be posted on the web site.
WJLA Affairs:
A negotiation meeting with the company is to be scheduled for March 15. The previous meetings have been characterized as progressing very slowly. The new logos, news, weather set have gone to air. They have a new News Director and Human Relations Director.
WMAL Affairs:
Representative not present. No report.
WRC Affairs:
There have been scheduling problems, payroll issues with freelancers, and arbitrary assignment of people. There could be a strategic planning workshop in the future with union officers. We are also holding quarterly shop steward meetings and planning additional steward training with the CWA.
Freelance Affairs:
Nominations for Executive Board representative are in the mail. Elections are to be concluded this month.
2001-02-12 MOTION made to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 10:22 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III
Secretary, Local 31
Sue Fitzgerald
NABET-CWA Local 31