August 6, 2001

Location: Knights of Columbus Hall
Time:Convened at 7:40 p.m.
Presiding: President Doug Allmond

GM01-08-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the
February 5, 2001 General Membership Meeting.

MAKER: Vissari SECOND: Belli

Treasurer's Report: As of this date, we have a total active membership of 1551 which is an increase of 53 since the February 5, 2001 General Membership Meeting. We now show 554 perm members and 997 freelance members.

As of June 30, 2001, we show a total of cash assets of $940,267.81 which is an increase of slightly over $4,000 from the February General Membership meeting.

The Local is still billing the members from WJLA on a monthly basis. We have been back to the negotiating table, so hopefully this is a temporary situation and in the future these dues will be deducted directly from these members paychecks. We have some members from WJLA who have not been keeping up their dues, and the Local is now becoming more aggressive on recovering these back dues. We have been keeping a running tally on all dues owed and letters are being sent to these members in an attempt to collect them directly by our office before turning their files over to a collection agency.

Since the February 5th General Membership Meeting our office has relocated from our Wisconsin. Avenue address to Wayne Avenue in Silver Spring. Our lease had expired on our Wisconsin Avenue offices and because of a substantial increase which was proposed by the Knights for the new lease, the Executive Board decided to relocate to the same building as the CWA District Two Offices. Our new rent is much higher than our previous lease, thus we have increased our expenditures for rent from $1,925 per month to $3,500 per month. We have also added the cost of renting parking spaces for our staff of $330 per month, which was part of the rent charge in our old lease. Thus between the new rent and the increase in parking expenses, we have about doubled our expenses for rent.

The Local has been making a real attempt to service the freelance members of our Local. Mark Peach has been added not only to the Executive Board as the Freelance Representative, he has also been made Assistant to the President to handle Freelance problems on a daily basis.
A recent trip was made by automobile by President Allmond and Mark Peach driving down to the southern states to meet with our members in those states. Meetings were set up in Raleigh, NC - Atlanta, GA - Orlando, FL - West Palm Beach, FL - Jacksonville, FL and Charleston, SC. This gave our members in those areas a chance to meet their representatives and for them to discuss problems within the work place.
These meetings and trips are costly to the Local, but they are needed to keep up the communication flow with the members we service.

Merrill Lynch continues to handle the investments of the Local. Although we have had some losses on paper from the few stock market investments we do have, all and all they have followed a conservative investment program and most of our investments are in long term cd's and bonds. We have been please with their careful handling of our assets.

GM01-08-02MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer‚s Report.

MAKER: Belli SECOND: Argentieri

Secretary's Report: None.

New Business:

Date of Next General Membership Meeting: February 2, 2002.
Passed without objection.

New Office & Computer/Training Center: Purchased MAC G-4 and will buy Final Cut software to use in training editors.

Annual Picnic & Holiday Dinner/Dance: The Annual Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, September 8, 2001 at the same location.
The annual dinner/dance will be held at the Marriott Crystal City Gateway. There will be an open bar for 4 hours, 7-11 p.m. on January 19, 2002.
Information will be mailed to the membership.

CWA Convention: Attached are reports by the delegates who represented Local 31.

Southern Region Trip: President Doug Allmond and Freelance Executive Board Member Mark Peach traveled over 2600 miles in eight days from Washington, DC to West Palm Beach, Fl stopping in Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Charleston, SC to meet with members. Overall the member turnout was positive. They had the opportunity to provide an orientation to new members and to answer questions from existing members. It was recommended that this trip be taken at least once a year.

New Member Orientation Committee: New member orientation will be held in the CWA Conference room at 962 Wayne Avenue on Saturday, October 20th from 10 am to 4 p.m.

Leadership Conference: This was held by CWA District Two at the University of West Virginia. Local 31 Executive Board sent three representatives.

ABC Affairs: There will be lay-offs and many buyouts.

Freelance Affairs: A seat was established on the Executive Board for a Freelance Representative.

House Recording Studios: Contract negotiations are on-going. Government is reviewing House Rules.

Montgomery Community TV Affairs: They received a 6% pay increase in the new contract, but are still below market rate and are understaffed.

NBC Affairs: Negotiations to begin August 20th. Mike Queen is negotiator, but we need to elect an alternate as Mike cannot
attend meetings in New York because of poor air quality. Company is upset about mobilization.

PBS Affairs: There was a high energy level by members during the new contract negotiations. Management is using the term "more flexibility" in its contract talks.

TVS Affairs: The contract expires in January 2002. They are working with reduced staff and it is causing low morale in members. One man bank safety and quality are problems.

WHUT Affairs: Retroactive pay checks were sent out one year late.

WJLA Affairs. Back in negotiations and exchanging proposals. Payment of back dues is a problem with some members, but will be addressed. Company is moving to Virginia next year. There have been contract settlements with AFTRA and DGA.

WMAL Affairs: Buy-outs have been offered. There are only three members.

WRC Affairs: Problems with 4 hour split shifts with daily hires.

US Air Arena: Center may reopen under NABET contract.

National Public Radio: Negotiations are underway. Contract may be assigned to Local 31.

GM01-08-03MOTION made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ted Stewart
Acting Secretary


NOTES: CWA Convention Minneapolis MN. July 9-10 2001

Doug Alimond
Barbara Krieger
Ted Stewart
Al Turner

Moe Thomas

The main thrust of the meeting was organizing and political action. The speakers stressed the importance of participation in the political process.
Whenever an area is heavily unionized the vote will reflect the union's wishes. That is why it is important to organize wherever possible.
In September the CWA is starting a national effort to get maximum participation in the COPE (Committee On Political Education).

There were 2,355 delegates alternates and guests in attendance at the convention. 1,528 were delegates.

The CWA represents the workers at the New Era hat factory in New York. The company has implemented a contract and started moving the jobs to Alabama and overseas. The CWA has requested that the local unions support the members efforts to prevent the company busting the union. The AFL-CIO has also placed New Era on the national boycott list.

In Charleston South Carolina a group of dock workers protested a move by one of the shipping companies that started using non-union workers to unload ships in the harbor. A protest ensued and seven union protesters were arrested and charged with trespassing. The South Carolina Attorney General pressed federal felony charges against the protesters and now they face severe penalties if convicted. The CWA is asking for help in this matter. There are demonstrations and fund raising efforts underway.

Contributions can be sent to:
Campaign for Worker's Rights in South Carolina
P0 Box 21777
Charleston South Carolina 29413

A full report on the Convention is forthcoming from the CWA.

Convention Wrap up.

During President Bahr's closing remarks he outlined the high points of the convention:

The IUE/CWA merger adds several hundred thousand members to the union bringing the total membership of the CWA to over 700,000.

The delegates brought forward a resolution that would allow for payment to non-members who were fired because of union organizing activity.
Although the fund that the payments came from was questioned the basic premise of the resolution, according to President Bahr, will go into effect.
Another resolution confirmed that the Executive Board has the authority to approve mergers with other unions. A resolution requiring all large mergers to be approved at the convention was defeated.

The convention also gave authority to the executive board to settle cross local and jurisdictional strikes. This resolution was as a result of the Verizon strike where several locals had returned to work while other locals were still out on strike.

Po[tical Issues:

In September the CWA will undertake an effort to sign up members to contribute to the CWA COPE fund.

The CWA sees the fastrack‰ legislation in congress as a major threat to workers rights, and the environment. Local union are to ask all members to call congress and express their opposition to the legislation. The number to call is 800 393 1082.

Another hot topic issue is the patients bill of rights and the Virginia Governor's race.

President Bahr also mentioned a disturbing alliance between the current administration and the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army will support
the "faith based" initiatives of the administration if the White House will not oppose their stance against gays joining their organization. The anti-gay policy came as a great shock and disappointment to the CWA.

Respectfully Submitted,

Doug Allmond
President NABET/CWA Local 31

Communication Workers of America
63rd Annual Convention
July 9 ˆ 10, 2001
Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 16, 2001


Morton Bahr, president of CWA, greeted everyone to the convention. The first to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A union town with the likes of Hubert Humphrey, a political leader and union supporter. He welcomed the IUE members new to the CWA family. Mr. Bahr pointed out that the CWA is the Union of choice to merge with, due to its great member participation and support.

Mr. Bahr mentioned the needs of the freelance worker and his instructions to the executive board to investigate their needs. He ended his comments with the statement
"We are Union, Family, Proud CWA"

The credentials committee reported that over 2300 delegates and alternates were seated at the convention.

Senator Paul Welstone, D from Minnesota, presented a very strong pro labor, pro union speech. He stated that " I am a labor Senator ". He stated that he now chairs sub committees, which directly affects the family and labor movement. He will not allow laws to be passed not continue the forward direction of the union. The labor movement focus on Health care, good education and good jobs is good for America.

A family with Aides made a heart felt plea for the continued participation of the CWA in the Pediatric Aides foundation and the hope for a cure of Aides. The CWA stated that the support for the foundation from the CWA would continue.

Larry Cohen, executive VP, CWA, mentioned that the CWA family continues to grow everyday. Larry explained the many ways in which the CWA membership can help to keep the CWA growing stronger everyday.

The debate on the floor covered many topics. The report of the Defense Oversight committee regarding monies used to protect members fired organizing for the union. It was resolved to have the executive board review the report and voted on at the 2002 convention.

An amendment to the constitution was offered to the membership that would put the question of a merger before the annual convention. This would slow the merger process considerably. The motion was rejected.

President Bahr presented many organizing awards to locals that organized a total of 7000 new members to the CWA. A special award was presented to the Arizona CWA council of locals for their organizing efforts.

Several resolutions were passed, to include one that put the "New ERA Cap Company" on the national black list, after learning of their union busting measures. The company has also been deceiving the public by manufacturing in Bangladesh and then sewing in a made in America label.

John Sweeney, President of the AFL-ICO, spoke to us stressing the need to increase our members in order to accomplish our goals and take back Washington and send Bush back to his Mom and Dad.
The convention was both exciting and extremely informative. I believe that being and part of CWA has strengthened and has put the resources of CWA at our finger tips. The delegates of Local 31 (52031) joining forces with the delegates of New York, California and Ohio, ABC, NBC, presented strong representation of NABET / CWA in Minnesota. I look forward to the 64th Annual Convention.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ted Stewart

Sue Fitzgerald
NABET-CWA Local 31