February 5, 2001

Location: Knights of Columbus Hall
Time:Convened at 7:30 p.m.
Presiding: President Doug Allmond

GM01-02-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the August 6, 2000 General Membership Meeting.


Treasurer‚s Report: We have a total membership of 1498 active members which is an increase of 37 since August, 2000, of which 951 are freelance and 547 are staff employees. Our finances are down from $1,011,887.40 in August, 2000 to $935,969.77 today. We have turned our finances over to Merrill Lynch for investments. The financial committee will be meeting tomorrow night with the Merrill Lynch representative to see how our investments are doing, and what we can do to change the financial picture. We are still billing the WJLA members on a monthly basis. NBC payroll has straightened out the majority of the problems our daily hires were having with dues deduction.

GM01-02-02MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer's Report.


Secretary‚sReport: There is an Article 10 charge received from NY Local 16 for a member Miles who transferred to this local. It will be processed accordingly.

The Secretary reported that the Kuligowski case is continuing in the courts at the direction of Sector legal counsel.

The fine of $4000 remains due in the Mendoza case. The Sector Council turned down his appeal in October. He was continuously advised of his rights to appeal. We are diligently following due process in this case and have kept good records.

We continue with improvements to member communications. The e-mail list and the web site continue to serve well. We are looking into the possibility of a newsletter to the membership in the future.

GM01-02-03MOTION MADE to accept the Secretary's Report.

New Business:

Date of Next General Membership Meeting: August 6, 2001.
Passed without objection.

AnnualPicnic & Holiday Dinner/Dance: The Annual Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, September 8, 2001 at the same traditional location. VP Lorek has been investigating various venues for a site to hold the Holiday Dinner/Dance. So far, the Marriott Crystal City Gateway has the most promising offer at approximately $80/head. There will be an open bar for 4 hours, 7-11 pm on January 19, 2002. Information will be mailed to the membership.

ExecutiveBoard Elections: Petitions were distributed to all locations and the election process is underway. The freelance members were reminded that they would now have a representative on the Executive Board. Meanwhile, President Allmond has been visiting the various contract locations and pickups to get acquainted and meet the members.

WMAL/WRQXAffairs. Still unknown status on the availability of buy-outs from the company.

WRC Affairs: NBC and the O&O stations are instituting a "hub" operation using centrally located video servers. This will directly affect our members in New York, Washington, and Miami. The company continues to offer buyouts.

ABC Affairs. There was a significant settlement over contract
language involving "DV" cameras and similar newsgathering equipment. There will be a committee to review the use of these cameras and our members, with the possible creation of "Producer/Camera" positions. We continue to monitor safety issues, including fiber optic laser exposures, RF and high tension lines, and make both the company and our members more safety-aware. The new Control Room B is in its final testing stage.

FreelanceAffairs: Another reminder of the new freelance elected Executive Board member. President Allmond recently traveled to NY to discuss freelance affairs with NBC company officials, including the definition of "home base," split and double pay rates as an example. President Allmond will be attending more remotes and other venues where there are a number of freelance members. The Executive Board is looking into a new initiation fee schedule based on the number of hours worked in a year.

HouseRecording Studios: Contract negotiations are underway.

MontgomeryCommunity TV Affairs: There will be a 3% pay increase in the new contract. They recently resolved two grievances.

NBC Affairs: Early retirement offers are being made to some members. Few new positions are opening despite continued workload.

PBS Affairs: Had a recent unit meeting there. Contract renewal is due soon as the contract expires in July. We're trying to get to the negotiating table early. Three new members. There is renewed interest in union membership and participation.

TVS Affairs: Contract renewal talks are underway. All is well.

US Air Arena: Studio is dark. The Executive Board seat was deleted. Awaiting the demolition of the building.

WHUTAffairs: New engineering contract ratified. There is a new Employee Assistance Program at Howard University. No problems to report.

WJLAAffairs. There have been two bargaining table meetings. Still working under an implemented contract. They have agreed to meet March 15. If there is no substantive progress soon, then we‚ll move forward with a full scale AFL-CIO boycott campaign. The company has also refused to meet with AFTRA contract employees. There was a reminder to all members on the Steve Affens Scholarship Fund.

TrainingInformation: The union is still offering assistance for educational programs and training in the industry, such as AVID editor, cranes, steady-cam, etc. There are many additional opportunities on-line from CWA. We‚re also looking into the possibility of industry demonstrations of new equipment on the market. We‚re open to suggestions to any new training possibilities.

GM01-02-04MOTION made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 9:49PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Maurice Thomas III

Sue Fitzgerald
NABET-CWA Local 31