November 13, 2001

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office, District Two Conference Room
Time: Meeting called to order at 12:08 p.m.
Presiding: Stan Lorek, Vice President
Present: Victor V. Vissari, Treasurer
Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS
Sarah Pacheco, TVS,
Carmen Paral, Freelance Alternate
Mark Peach, Freelance
David Rijos, PBS, Alternate
Ted Stewart, WRC
James D. Harvey, President Emeritus, visitor
J. Carl Mayers, Finance Committee Chair, visitor

The minutes of the October 9, 2001 meeting were read and approved.

2001-11-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the October
Executive Board Meeting.

MAKER: Vissari SECOND: Stewart

Treasurer's Agenda

1. Financial Report: Mr. Vissari read the following report:


Dues Rebate: Dues Rebate is higher than normal, mainly due to the fact it is the end of the fiscal year and the CWA is trying to get all the dues cleared up. We still have outstanding dues rebates that we should be receiving this month (November).

Initiation Fee: Much higher than normal because of the 25% break that was offered to members to pay their initiation in full. Many members took advantage of this and that offer ended October 17th.

EXPENSES: (Out of the normal)

NBC: High this month = $10,860.81. This is due to the negotiations in New York on the NBC Contract. Most of this expense is lost wages and travel expenses.

ABC: Negotiations = $2,415.70. This is for payment to Local 57 for our portion of notes that were taken during the last negotiations to be used for future grievances, etc. This was passed by the NCC and we were forced to pay it.

WJLA Negotiations: = $3,948.87. This is for payment of Union Leave for the negotiators for the current rounds of negotiations.

The remaining expenses were within the normal range.

NOTE: The auditor was here earlier in the month. The audit is still ongoing. One of the main things the auditor has stated so far is that as a non profit organization, we must have actual receipts for all expenses. Credit card statements do not work as actual receipts as they do not have itemized account of expenses. There were other remarks about the state of our finances, but I think he is going to put that in a letter at the end of the audit. Otherwise, the audit is going fine.

2001-11-02MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer's Report:

MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Stewart

2. New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

2001-11-03MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Fred H. Schall,* Freelance at ABC; Eric Stuart Anderson,* Murrill Robinson Boney,* Roberto Luis Brooks, Dane Keith Crawford,* Mark L. Hull,*
Harry Neal Kinard,II,* Culver Jefferson Long,* Gustavo Adolfo Moller, Ronald Michael Senko, David T. Stolen, Sowande S. Tichawonna, Snorre Wik, Freelance at NBC; Janelle Elizabeth McClintock, Freelance at PBS; Scott J. Alexander, T#25, Freelance; except conditionally, those applications identified (*) as requiring more information, so that the union can be certain that contract provisions based on experience are enforceable.


3. Finance Committee Report: Committee Chairman Mayers gave his report. There were several recommendations.

The Financial Committee met at 9:20 a.m.in the Local office. Those in attendance were Dennis Dodd, Carl Mayers, Vic Vissiari, Stan Lorek and Izzy Tiglio. Mark Peach joined us around 10 a.m. The purpose of the meeting was to put together some constructive ideas on how to cut the expenses of the Local and to attempt to have the expenses of the Local keep in conjunction to the income.

Rent - This was the first thing that was discussed. It was the feeling of the full committee that the Local should be looking into the possibility of purchasing a town house in an industrial park or other type building within our budget. Our current rent which includes the parking is costing the Local approximately $48,000 per year.

Social Events - The committee was split on how to handle the social events of the Local. Some thought was on going back and forth to the picnic one year and the dinner dance the next. Others felt that this is the one thing that all the members can look at and feel they are getting something for their dues. It was decided that we should look into possible purchasing tickets and maybe giving each member who requests them up to four tickets to a amusement park like Kings Dominion or Adventure World or Busch Gardens. We will look into each of these parks and see if they are willing to sell us discounted tickets and maybe make this offer for the month of August or something like that.

It was also decided that we should keep the dinner dance as a community building event and to give the retirees a chance to meet and visit with each other.

News Letter - It was decided that in order to help the finances of the Local, it would be necessary to get a newsletter up and running. This could be used for promoting different events in the Local and also attempting to keep communications up with the members of the Local. It was discussed that possibly each Assistant to the President would be required to submit a report on the what is happening in their contract group and these reports would be used to keep information flowing to our members. Assistant to the Presidents would only receive their monthly stipend when they submitted a report. The committee felt that if all the members could see what is going on, they may be more likely to volunteer to be part of something in the Local. The Newsletter should go out its way to praise members for their volunteering. More volunteering is needed for the survival of the Local. It was also felt that the Executive Board members and the Assistants to the President should be responsible to pass these out to the members in their contract group rather than to mail to everyone.

Union Leave - Union leave was discussed and felt the amount of union leave being used is a large problem in the Local. The percentage of money that is given to the elected negotiator was discussed. The committee felt something must be done because of the inequity of how it is paid. (50% over scale for network negotiators and 15% for non network negotiators.) The committee felt that one way this may be handled is when a person is elected, the Local could go over his/her previous year earnings and divide that out to a per day rate. This would stop a person for running just to earn the automatic 50% over base, but not cause a loss in income to someone who was earning more. It was also discussed if for some reason because of the events of the year, a person may be losing more that the prior year, the Local President would take the problem to the Executive Board for a review and possible changing the formula. The formula should be across the board to whatever contract group the negotiations pertain. Negotiators should also be informed going into negotiations that some time worked as a committee would be on their own time, without any loss of normal income.

OPEIU - Carl did a complete review of the amount of overtime that is being used by the OPEIU employees. It was decided that possibly with a newsletter, we could have some member who be interested in working on a daily hire basis when needed. They would be required to join OPEIU after a short period of time, but could be called in when needed and maybe eliminate the problem of some overtime. It may also free Karen up with some answering phones to work on new daily hire packages and to help Mark Peach with ongoing daily hire problems. The current workload of the OPEIU employees leave no place to cut the overtime unless there is someone to help relieve them in some of the work. Because they work under a contract, someone coming in to help would have to work under the language of the OPEIU contract.

CWA Rebate - There seems to be a problem almost on a monthly basis to the timeliness of the NBC rebate. The Local realizes this is not the fault of the Sector or CWA, but felt that possibly the Finance Committee should write a letter to the Sector officers and let them know we are in favor of keeping on NBC to make them follow the contract on their submitting the dues in a timely manner. By receiving these dues in a more timely manner would help the Local keep contract of the daily hires in a more timely manner.

2001-11-04MOTION MADE to authorize the Finance Committee to draft a letter to NBC to encourage more timely reporting and payment of dues from our members on check-off.

MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Stewart

The balance of the report was left for review by the Executive Board.

Secretary's Agenda:

1. Correspondence: None.

2. Article X Cases: Pending cases:

a. Mendoza - Is on timed payment plan. Paid ahead to May, 2002.
b. Kuligowski - Being handled by legal counsel.
c. Miles - Pending meeting of Trial Body
d. Roberts - Has asked for more time to prepare.
e. Allmond - Just filed and sent to RVP-Lee for review
f. Proser - Just filed and sent to RVP-Lee for review
g. Gordon - Just filed and sent to RVP-Lee for review

CWA-COPEProgram: Moneys must be kept separate from all other union moneys. Contributions are voluntary and can be made by any member.

2001-11-05 MOTION MADE to authorize the creation of a separate fund to hold and forward monies to the NABET-CWA-COPE national fund.

MAKER: Vissari SECOND: Stewart

President‚sUnused Vacation: At the beginning of President Allmond's term it was agreed that he would report his used vacation at the beginning of the fiscal year. He is entitled to thirty days vacation a year. This total does not take into account holidays. Last year he took the following 12 days off as vacation: May 3-4, May 7-11, June 15, June 18, Aug 8-10. This leave a total of 18 days @ $409.05/day or $7,362.90 that is owed to President Allmond for unused vacation.

2001-11-06 MOTION MADE to authorize payment to President Allmond for all unused vacation - $7,362.90.

MAKER: Peach SECOND: Bancroft

New Business:

Date of next Executive Board meeting will be held on Monday, December 10, 2001, at 12 noon in the CWA District 2 Conference Room. Passed without objection.

Belue Appeal Letter: Asking for a reduction of initiation fee. The Executive Board has determined that we are bound by recent NLRB instructions and the Local‚s past practice. He will have his past illegally withheld dues returned by NBC, and his basis of dues and initiation will be based on his current NBC rate.

ABC Affairs: The company has done gas mask training for ENG and others. It was a very high quality training and equipment. NBC does not have as good a program and there has been some local publicity on these. The company is considering opening the company's mail in front of the building. Weekend crew for Saturday was eliminated.

Freelance Affairs: (NBC) negotiations had four freelance members present. It made a positive impact on negotiations.
Looking to mobilize for volunteers. (TVS) Biohazards in the workplace at the Hart Building. Flex Plan 100 is going up 17% next year, Flex Plan 80 is staying the same. Looking to add a vision plan. They are also looking at accounts on line. (ABC/ESPN) hiring either for both. This appears to cross the line with the NABET contract. To be investigated. National Daily Hire Committee will have a site for hiring information.

House Recording Studios: Representative not present. No report.

Montgomery Community TV Affairs: Representative not present. No report.

PBS Affairs: New Alternate Representative was present and sworn in. The company is playing "hardball" with the contract after the membership rejected the last contract offer. Changes being made to the air server operation.

TVS Affairs: Team has not signed a contract with CNN. They have a 30-day extension of the existing company contract.

WHUT Affairs: Representative not present. No report.

WJLA Affairs: Representative not present. No report.

WMAL/Affairs. Representative not present. No report.

NBC/WRC Affairs: Hub operations are to be commenced shortly. Installs are being delayed by fiber optic installation.
There was a nice memorial service for Rich Phillips, recently passed manager at NBC who was well regarded. Vacation negotiations will begin in a few weeks. Computer assisted vacation processes. Negotiations are "stalled" at this point. There is no new date for further negotiations.

2001-11-06 MOTION made to adjourn.

MAKER: Stewart

Meeting adjourned at at 2:12 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III

Sue Fitzgerald
NABET-CWA Local 31