August 13, 2001

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office
Time: Meeting called to order at 12:07 p.m.
Presiding: Doug Allmond, President
Present: Stan Lorek, Vice President
Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS
Dennis Dodd, MCT
Sarah Pacheco, TVS
Mark Peach, Freelance
Michael Queen, NBC
Al Turner, ABC
Jim Harvey, President Emeritus
Barbara Krieger, NBC Shop Steward, visitor
Carmen Paral, Freelance, Alternate Ex Bd Member

The minutes of the July 16, 2001 meeting were read and approved.

2001-08-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the July Executive Board Meeting.


Treasurer's Agenda

1. Financial Report: Vice President Lorek read the following report:


Below are Income accounts that are lower or higher than the normal amount

4041Dues Rebate - $10,988.79 - is much lower than normal. I contacted the CWA Dues Rebate department and questioned this, and they claim that they are not receiving the dues in a timely manner which they concluded was because of vacations and payroll departments being short handed in the summer.

4043Non Checkoff Dues - $17,082.96 - this is much higher than normal, mainly because the majority of this amount is dues money that came in late in July and was not sent into the CWA Rebate Department until the first part of August, thus this will most likely show a minus amount in the August finances.

4044WJLA Non checkoff Dues - $6,120.40 This is higher, and will have to be sent on to the CWA Dues Office in August.


Expenses that are higher than normal are:

5012NCC/RVP/Convention Expenses - $3,045.05 This is mainly because of advances and payments made for the Delegates attending the CWA Convention held in Minneapolis.

5013Office Supplies - $1,553.28 - This is a little higher than normal and mainly because of purchasing envelopes and office supplies with new address on it. Also, the Business Cards that were purchased for all the elected officers and Executive Board Members.

5019E-Board Attendance - $2,440.00 - This expense is only twice a year.

5020Scholarship Payments - -$500.00 - This shows a negative amount because it is actually a payment we received from NBC for our Scholarship Account. It was a grievance settlement.

5021Telephone Expense - $1,151.29 - is higher, but partially because we now have a monthly lease on our phones system.

5024Computer Expense - $1,225.25 this is much higher, mainly because of software which was purchased for the new editing computer.

5030NBC - $2,398.10 is higher than normal because mainly for a meeting that was held in New York and the Local had two representatives. Between travel and hotel costs.

5033-02PBS Negotiations - $689.78 - this is for Union Leave during the negotiations.

5039Freelance Expense - $4,997.50 - this is mainly the expenses of our initiative to service freelance members. Much of this was advances for the Southern States Road Trip.

5041Contributions - $1,000.00 - this was two $500 donations made to CWA Locals as per E-Board approval.

5045Bldg/Repair/Wiring - $1,565.00 - this is a one time expense to wire the buzzer and lock system in the office.

5052Purchase Furniture/Machines - $3,108.56 is for the Computer purchased for editing training.

We had another bad month where our expenses were much higher than our income. This was predictable coming into the month, and we again will have a bad month in August, because the high NBC Union Leave bill that we received was held off until the first of August to pay. That payment alone for the NBC Union Leave for the year 2000 was around $11,000. We also had some high travel expenses that were paid out in the month of August for the South States Road Trip. Some of the picnic deposits were due and were paid in August. September is usually a expensive month for the Local because of the picnic.
I received a phone call from Kevin Lorenz who is one of our representatives from Merrill Lynch and he was concerned because we have asked him on two occasions recently to transfer money from another account into our checking in order to keep up our payments.
Our checking account is currently very low, and if we don't receive a high rebate deposit soon, we will be forced to ask Merrill Lynch to cash in another short term CD or Bond to fund our checking. This is the first time we have ever had to make these requests, because usually the rebates and initiation fee payments keep up to the expenses.

Hopefully, we will have a couple months in the near future where our expenses are closer to normal so that we can see if we are keeping our spending within in our financial limits. It seems like ever since we moved to our new office, we have not had the chance to see if we are going to have any trouble keeping up our normal expenses with the higher rent, parking, and cable expenses. If we have a trend of over spending, setting up a budget for the next fiscal year may be the answer. It would at the least give you guidelines on where the money should be spent.

2001-08-02MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer‚s Report:


2. New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

2001-08-03MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Augusto Gabriel Gomez, Clayton Linn McMillan, NBC Freelance; Jay Mitchell Berk, TVS, Freelance; Alexis Brobby, WHUT-Operations, Freelance.


Secretary's Agenda:

1. Correspondence: We received thank you cards from Mike Bellis and Dwight Brown.

2. Cases Under Article X Charges:

a. Mendoza: Has been given an agreement to make regular payments over the next two years. We sent him an ultimatum to pay or he goes to court. Matt Harris is drafting a contract to cover the agreement.

b. Kuligowski: The sector is looking into passing this matter on to a collection attorney. So far, the CWA has given the go-ahead.

c. Miles: Awaiting the Trial Body meeting date and action.

Old Business:

We have not purchased the software for the Macintosh computer system. It should cost approximately $2500. It is the
sense of the board that we go forward and purchase the software.

New Business:

Dateof next Executive Board meeting will be held on September 10, 2001 at 12 noon in the CWA District 2 Conference Room.
Passed without objection.

RoadTrip to the South: There were good turn-outs at all the meetings. See attached reports. The road trip was a success and we'll do it again soon, perhaps annually.

InitiationFee Amnesty: Anyone who has an outstanding balance of their initiation fee will be given 60 days from the date of their last bill to pay their initiation fee with a 25% discount.
These discounts would be offered for prompt payment. Notice to be sent in their next bill.

2001-08-04: MOTION MADE to adopt Initiation Fee Amnesty.


Reconsiderationof Second Initiation Fee - Clarence Jetter:

2001-08-05 MOTION MADE to waive the second initiation fee of Clarence Jetter.


LeadershipConference: Al Turner, Sarah Pacheco, and Carmen Paral gave their reports on this conference in West Virginia.
They learned the need to look out for ourselves the workers, how to negotiate, know our economic situation, be aware of our status including re-educating the members on the benefits of union membership, and learning the law. Reports attached.

New Member Orientation Committee: Saturday, October 20, 10am to noon meeting to give a new member orientation for members in the DC area. They have asked the local officers to give a short briefing. They will visit the office and meet with the staff. There will be invitations sent to all new members accepted January, 2001.

2002Pocket Planners:

2001-08-06: MOTION MADE to buy the 2002 pocket planners.


CWA Request for Donations: Post at all locations.

DC Labor Film Fest: Advertisement.

2001-08-07 MOTION MADE to buy $100 page ad.


September:CWA-Cope Month: September is CWA COPE Month: "Invest in your future." CWA is asking that we get our members to make volunteer contributions of $1 per week to the CWA COPE political action committee.

MontgomeryCommunity TV Affairs: Montgomery Community TV Affairs: The company has a number of so-called "personal
service" contract employees. We have demanded that they be made staff or be let go.

NBC Affairs: The contract requires a Training Committee. We're stressing the need for this. Negotiations started in New York. We're now conducting an election for an alternate negotiator.

2001-08-08MOTION MADE to appoint President Allmond as temporary alternate negotiator at NBC until an Alternate Negotiator is elected.

MAKER: Thomas Second: Bancroft MOTION: PASSED

PBS Affairs: PBS negotiations are underway. Mobilization of the members is a key factor in these negotiations. We're back at the table on August 20th. We have done well with new members.

TVS Affairs: Need to have more unit meetings to brief and mobilize the members. To be scheduled soon.

WHUTAffairs: Representative not present. No report.

WJLAAffairs. Representative not present. The company gave us another package. The last meeting was a very productive one. Another meeting is scheduled for next month. If there is no response from those members in arrears on this next billing cycle, we will take positive steps to collect past dues. This involves a substantial amount of dues owed, while the union spends considerable sums to negotiate a fair contract.

WMAL/WRQXAffairs. Representative not present. No report.

WRC Affairs: We have many problems there. Ten grievances were filed recently. Need to send a letter to our members to scrutinize your paycheck very carefully. We have had several instances where people have been grossly underpaid. We possibly have a misclassified employee Group 7 who perhaps ought to be in management. There is a problem with ENG field crews not getting water or breaks. There have been several safety issues as well.

FreelanceAffairs: Approval for the freelance representative to get a laptop was passed in June, but we have not purchased this item in consideration of the local's cash flow at this time. Need to continue to have Shop Stewards available and aware of freelance issues. Mr. Peach was invited to attend the NBC negotiations in New York.

ABC Affairs: Rumors of a news consolidation have not been confirmed. Grievance meeting scheduled for next Thursday.
There still no word on future layoffs.

HouseRadio & TV Gallery: Representative not present. One more negotiating session scheduled.

2001-08-09MOTION made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at at 3:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III

Sue Fitzgerald
NABET-CWA Local 31