June 11, 2001

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office
Time: Meeting called to order at 7:34 p.m.
Presiding: Doug Allmond, President
Present: Stanley Lorek, Vice-President
Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Victor Vissari, Treasurer
Robert Corbey, ABC
Dennis Dodd, MCT
Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA
Sarah Pacheco, TVS
Carmen Paral, Freelance
Michael Queen, NBC
Ted Stewart, WRC
Mark Teboe, visitor

The minutes of the May 14, 2001 meeting were read and approved.

2001-06-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the May
Executive Board Meeting.


Treasurer's Agenda

A. Financial Report: Treasurer Vissari read the report.


4041: Dues Rebate - Normal amount
4042: Initiation Fee - We show a negative number in this account because of two rebates we made on initiation fees which totaled $3,800.
We had a member who joined our Local and paid the initiation fee, and it was later discovered that he had a membership with the CWA, thus he never should have paid an initiation fee to us. We rebated him the $2,400 he paid us . We also had to rebate some initiation fee payments to Local 16 for payments we had received, but the member originally joined their Local, thus all initiation fees collected must be returned to the original Local.
4043: Non Checkoff Dues - We show a negative amount because a couple of our contract groups who mail the dues directly to our office (MCT and TVS) sent the dues here, and I wrote out a check to the Sector office for these dues before I had the chance to deposit those checks..
Thus the payment for the dues was recorded in the Month of May and the incoming of the checks will be in the June report. Also, we had collected quite a bit of non checkoff dues in the month of April that had to be submitted in the month of May.
The remaining of the income was pretty much up to par.
Expenses that were out of the ordinary were:
5012: NCC/RVP/Convention Expenses: - $3,282.37 - This is higher than normal because between the Women's Conference and District 2 Mtg. expenses, we had some expense for the month.
5020: Scholarship Payment: - $2,000.00 This is a payment that we made towards the Bernie Scholarship Program. We were assessed a little over $8,000 towards this program a few years ago, and it is a one time assessment, and we have five years to pay it off. We owe at this time around $1,300 to pay it off completely, and I will probably attempt to do that by the end of the summer. We have a few members who have children who won a scholarship through this program.
5044: Publications/Training: - -$825.00 This shows a income in this category because we have a few members who have signed up for a AVID class, and their check was deposited in May, and the payment to Q Media was made in June.
5052: Purchased Furniture/Machines: - $421.75 This is payments made on furniture that was purchased for the move and the statements just came in later.
5071: Educational Expense: - $398.47 This was for payment of an OPEIU employee for a class that was taken per the OPEIU contract.
5076: Moving Expense: - $1,581.66 These are for payments which pertained to the moving of the office. These are for statements that came in late, thus show payments over a month after the move.

Please note on the Balance Sheet you will notice we have added
Account 1018: Chevy Chase Bank. This is because I opened up an account with this Bank because it is within a couple blocks of the office. I will slowly close out the First Union account as soon as we receive all the checks and deposit. This is in attempt to keep one smaller account close by to handle deposits and other everyday transactions.

We showed a loss of $9,408.90 for the month.

2001-06-02MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer's Report:

MAKER: Stewart SECOND: Guastadisegni

New Members: Applications for new membership were

2001-06-03MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Steven P. Rosenberg, ABC Freelance; Gregg Martin Hoerdemann, Freelance, Ali Muhammad Jaafar, Freelance, Sean E. McVeigh, Staff, NBC..

MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Corbey

Secretary's Agenda:

3. A. Correspondence: We received a "thank you" card from Paula Olson.

Resignation of Executive Board Member Robert Corbey. He is also resigning from the By-Law Committee assignment as well as the Leadership Conference. He expects to stay in contact with the Union. The Executive Board thanked him for his lifetime of service to the Union.

Mike Bellis (TVS) was injured on the job during a motorcade. We are working to make sure gets everything he is entitled to from the company.

2001-06-04MOTION MADE to authorize a Sick Members‚ Fund allocation of $1,000 to member Mike Bellis.

MAKER: Stewart SECOND: Paral

Old Business:

Payment of dues and other obligations to the Union by credit card was authorized. Carmen Paral is offering her old point-of- sale machine for sale to the union for $300 as opposed to the $750. For reference the original motion was as follows:

2000-08-04 MOTION MADE to authorize Treasurer and the Union's office staff to establish the means to receive credit card payments to the Unions.
To further investigate the initial costs and fees associated with this service and to find the most economical service provider.

MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Allmond


New Business:

Date of next Executive Board meeting would normally be July 9th. However, there may well be a number of officers and Executive Board members in attendance to the CWA Convention. In consideration of schedules, the next meeting will be July 16, 2001, at 12 noon. Passed without objection.

NASCAR Remotes Representation: NBC remotes will be staffed with NABET crews. Local 11 will send Frank Pelligrino to staff the first broadcast at Daytona. Representatives and shop stewards from Local 31 will cover the Dover, Charlotte, Charlottesville, Talladega, Miami, and Atlanta broadcasts.

Trip to Visit Freelancers in South by Freelance Rep: Mark Peach has set up an ambitious road trip tour to visit freelance
members in the South.

2001-06-05MOTION MADE RESOLUTION to provide $5000 for the Freelance Visit project.

MAKER: Vissari SECOND: Paral

Computer Trainer for Apple Computer Editing Software: While traveling through Atlanta, President Allmond will meet with a training company to get a proposal for on-site editing training on our new Apple G4 editing system.
2001-06-06: MOTION MADE to pay tuition for two office staff members to learn FilemakerPro here in Washington. This software will greatly enhance our staff's ability to process members‚ information and dues billing.


Potomac Cruise for Members of Local 31: The proposal was raised as to whether we could have a dinner/dance cruise for our members mid-week. President Allmond will follow up on packages and costs and will give a report at the next meeting.

Elections:There was some discussion on the method of reporting election results. The debate was between reporting pure numbers versus actual numbers of votes in any election.
The sense of the Executive Board is to retain the present system of percentage reporting.

Open House for Local 31 Office: June 29, 2001. Details will be posted on the web site.

CWA Request for Donations. Please post at all locations.

Freelance Affairs: Laptop approval for the freelance representative.
2001-06-06MOTION MADE to provide nominal monies for the
Freelance Representative to purchase a laptop computer.

MAKER: Vissari SECOND: Paral

Information from the Women's Conference report - see attached reports. Information on the"Donate a Phone Campaign" will be posted on the web site. Ms. Paral was appointed to replace Bob Corbey on the Leadership Conference and the By-Law Review Committee.

We achieved a freelance review of an incident at NBC and got a good result. Representative Peach succeeded in getting manpower schedules for review of freelance hiring practices and contract administration. He has been phoning freelancers to get their input on upcoming contract talks. He has been visiting
NBC every two weeks. We need to have Shop Stewards available and aware of freelance issues. Freelancers should know they can rely on Shop Stewards for representation.

New Member Orientation committee.

ABC Affairs: Buy-outs in Washington totaled three. The complete results are posted on the web site. There is great uncertainty as to how many layoffs there may be ultimately.

House Radio & TV Gallery: Representative not present. Their contract is nearly complete and ready for a vote.

Montgomery Community TV Affairs: They are remodeling the company premise. A 3.5% pay raise will start on July 1st.

NBC Affairs: Representative Queen was elected as negotiator. They are putting together a committee. There is to be a member survey taken in the next month. We‚re going after some back pay issues.

PBS Affairs: Representative not present. Paula Olson, the chief negotiator for NABET, will meet with the committee at the Union office to start the negotiating process. Talks with the company will begin at the end of the month.

TVS Affairs: They are working on the „one-man band‰ safety issue with the company. Manpower contract is up for renewal soon - waiting to see who gets the contract.

WHUT Affairs: Representative not present. There was a meeting last week on their failure to pay retroactivity pay in a timely manner. Members failed to get their current pay raise.
There are many wage and hour issues.

WJLA Affairs. There will be meetings with WJLA management on June 12 and 13. We have high hopes for resolution.

WMAL/WRQX Affairs. Representative not present. No report. Buyouts were offered, no one took them.

WRC Affairs: We have appointed those who ran for negotiator to be on the negotiating committee. We're planning for a unit meeting soon near the station. There is to be a careful review of manpower schedules and changes, beginning with Local EJ.
Copies of the "no-work" list are to be provided to the Executive Board representatives, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Queen.

2001-06-07MOTION made to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at at 9:52 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III
Secretary, Local 31


The Woman's Conference in Las Vegas. May 9-12, 2001.