May 14, 2001

Location: NABET/CWA Local 31 Office
Time: Meeting called to order at 7:34 p.m.
Presiding: Doug Allmond, President
Present: Stanley Lorek, Vice-President
Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
Victor Vissari, Treasurer
Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS
Robert Corbey, ABC
Dennis Dodd, MCT
Sarah Pacheco, TVS
Mark Peach, Freelance
Michael Queen, NBC
Ted Stewart, WRC

The minutes of the April 11, 2001 meeting were read and

2001-05-01MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the April Executive Board Meeting.


Treasurer's Agenda

A. Financial Report: Treasurer Vissari read the report.
Included brief report on Finance Committee Quarterly Report of Investments and Initiation Fee structures.

INCOME: The following income was different than the normal amount.

4041: Dues Rebate: was $76,094.00 - This is around $26,000 higher than what would be a normal month. The reason it is so high is because of all the dues that had been held back for NBC and TVS because of reporting problems.

4042: Initiation Fee: was $15,402.80. This is about $10,000 higher than normal - mostly because of billings and new membership packages.

The remaining of the Income is about Normal. The reason the Non Checkoff Dues and WJLA Non Checkoff Dues show a negative is because I collect the dues one month and submit them to the Sector office with a detailed report the beginning of the following month.
Whenever there is more dues collected the prior month than the present month, these amounts will show a negative amount.

We had an extremely good month. Our total income for the month was $94,195,56.
EXPENSES: The following expenses were different than the normal amount.

5009: Annual Picnic: $5,198.85 was paid in deposits towards the September picnic.

5012: NCC/RVP/Convention Expenses: $1,779.48 was paid towards the District 2 Conference expenses and the Women's Conference in Las Vegas.

5036: Rent/Office Space: $7,502.50 is much higher than normal for a few reasons. 1.) this is the month the rent was increased; 2.) we paid a $3,500 deposit on the new office space: and 3.) we paid rent on both the old office space and the new office space for a two week period to allow time for the move. This rent will be $3,500 per month starting the first of May.

5038: WJLA Negotiations: $2,728.00 was paid for Union Leave for our negotiators while they were on Union Leave during the month of April.

5044: Publications/Training: $1,250.00 was paid as the Unions portion for some of of our members who took the AVID Classes.

5052: Purchased Furniture/Machines: $12,012.53 was paid for the purchasing of new furniture for the presidents office, the break room and the reception area for the new office space.

5076: Moving Expenses: $5,053.69 was paid for the actual movers and other miscellaneous charges in connection to the move.

5077: Parking Expenses: $159.00 was paid for parking expenses. This is a new category as with the new location of the office we will have added parking expenses.

We had $30,000 approved for the move, and as of this date we show only $21,732.89 has been spent between the move, extra rent, deposit on the new office space, and the purchasing of furniture. There are a few isolated expenses yet to be paid, but we should still come in under $25,000, which is in excess of $5,000 less than what we estimated.

We show a net income of $16,007.56 for the month of April. Our fiscal year total income is $32,089.87.

2001-05-02MOTION MADE to accept Treasurer‚s Report:

MAKER: Thomas SECOND: Stewart


New Members: Applications for new membership were reviewed.

2001-05-03MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Mark Woodhouse, ABC, freelance; Don William Bailey, Kevin J. Daughtry, Michael Scott Mantovani, NBC, freelance.

MAKER: Corbey SECOND: Pacheco

Secretary's Agenda:

3. A. Correspondence: None was received this month.
The Mendoza Case: Nothing new to report.
The Miles Case: Nothing new to report.
The Kuligowski case is still proceeding at the advice and direction of NABET-CWA legal counsel.

Old Business:


New Business:

Dateof next Executive Board meeting will be June 11, 2001, at 7:30 pm, at the new offices in Silver Spring, MD. We will explore
the possibility of having daytime Executive Board meetings in the future.

By-LawCommittee: The Local‚s by-laws have not been reviewed for accuracy in some time. They need to be examined for updates and the economy. Thomas, Bancroft, and Corbey were appointed by the President to meet and report by August 2001. The suggested changes are to be discussed in August, voted in September, and approved by the Sector President thereafter.

CWA Leadership Training Week: The CWA has a class called the "Week-long Leadership Conference" designed for mid-level
union leadership, August 5-10, 2001, at the UWVa Institute for Labor Studies and Research in West Virginia. We are allocated four people at $350 each. Total cost to the union would be $8,000 - $9,000. They need to know the names by June 15th.

2001-05-04: MOTION MADE to send three representatives to the CWA Week-Long Leadership Conference, August 5-10, 2001. The representatives will be: Pacheco, Corbey and Turner.


CWA Request for Donations. Please post at locations.

Requestto Install a Door Buzzer/Admittance System: This system is needed to control access to the Union Office in the daytime. We received bids for the installation amounting to $1465.

2001-05-05: MOTION MADE to authorize the installation of a door access system for the union office and approve the expenditure of $1500 or less.


ABC Affairs: The Company has offered another buy-out program. The offer was either eight weeks or 39 weeks plus one week for each year of service, depending on who was affected by the new technologies. Only a few members have submitted for the buyouts. We expect that there will be a significant impact to the bureau as a whole. Mr. Corbey pointed out the need to establish a new member orientation committee to create a program for briefing new members. This is especially true for Freelance members.

FreelanceAffairs: Representative Peach has begun a member-to-member personal contact program, particularly as part of an orientation and initiation program for new members. We're looking for a video program from the CWA that will help with new member briefings. We need to keep our people informed as to the benefits derived from union membership.

Mr. Peach has been able to reach 75% of the freelance membership so far. He has offered information on health care and other matters of special interest to freelancers. President Allmond and Mr. Peach met with NBC members and management today. They discussed mutual accountability as well as various workplace issues.

HouseRadio & TV Gallery: No representative present. Looking pretty good. There are a few details needed to finalize the new contract.

MontgomeryCommunity TV Affairs: All is well.

NBC Affairs: There is a member "Job Satisfaction" survey being drafted. Ballots for the negotiator election will be counted on Thursday, May 24. The results will be announced immediately and posted on the Local's web site.

PBS Affairs: Their newly elected representative, Elizabeth Bancroft, was present. They had elections recently for three negotiators - Keith Coleman, Charles Coates, and Cashe Mitchell. We are waiting for the lawyers to schedule the negotiation sessions. The negotiators will be meeting with SueDonahue, Assistant to the President, to discuss contract issues. Ms. Donahue will give the negotiators an understanding of past history. Representative Bancroft is assembling a list of e-mail addresses of PBS members.

TVS Affairs: Their new representative, Sarah Pacheco, was present. They need three people for Director/TD, LDE, and AO.
The company is trying to schedule more "one-man band" operations but are having difficulty.

US Air Arena: Dark.

WHUTAffairs: Representative not present. There is a grievance pending due to the excessive delay of contract retroactivity checks.

WJLAAffairs. A unit meeting was held on April 28 for members in good standing. The company has made changes in the health coverage. We are waiting for follow-up negotiation meetings to be scheduled with the company in the future.
WMALAffairs. Representative not present. No report. They too, have concerns with the buyout being offered by ABC.

WRC Affairs: There is one person on the negotiator election ballot who wished to withdraw AFTER the ballots were sent out. Nothing could be done.

It is well that we have a freelance representative to answer their specific concerns. No news as yet on the "hub" proposal. NBC spent $28 million dollars on new Grass Valley equipment. Members would like to be able to consult with a lawyer concerning labor matters not directly related to the contract.

A regular place for education and training opportunities will be created. New notices of classes and opportunities will be posted. An advanced AVID class is to be held.

2001-05-06MOTION made to adjourn at 10:00 pm


Meeting adjourned at 10:23 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III
Secretary, Local 31
Sue Fitzgerald
NABET-CWA Local 31