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Current MCT Contract (.pdf)

NABET-CWA Local 31 needs a Union MCT employee to represent  the unit in upcoming contract negotiations.

In preparation for the upcoming negotiations between NABET-CWA and MCT, nomination petitions for Local 31 negotiator are available  below or by calling the NABET Local 31 office (301.459.4999).  Only members in good standing can run for Negotiator or sign the petitions of other candidates.  Daily hire members must have worked at least 20 days since 12/1/13 in order to vote.  The petition must have at least 2 valid signatures and be in the Local 31 office no later than 1pm on February 17th to appear on the ballot.  The ballots will be mailed on February 20th and must  be  delivered to the Local 31 office by 1pm on March 13, 2015.

The NABET- CWA  Representative and spokesperson will be Lou Fallot, who negotiated the last contract.  I urge all members to consider participating in the nomination process. Lou and I will train the elected representative. It will be a very interesting experience.

Download The Negotiator Nomination Form here. (.docx)

MCT 2012-2015 Contract (.doc)

MCM Negotiators Reach Tenative Agreement:

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