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Maryland’s largest and most productive non-profit broadcasting company in the state is looking for part-time Production Technicians, to help produce top quality programs that can be seen on multiple channels and online. We are looking for Production Technicians, who have ENG experience, good work ethics, determination, and commitment to be part of a successful team.

SUMMARY: This position assists Production Coordinators and staff producers in the technical aspects of production. Position will work on a priority basis of 10 - 30 hours a week. Work as a part of a production team member on a variety of studio and field productions and provide guidance to maintain a professional atmosphere.

Assist the Production Coordinators with the technical aspects of all productions including site survey, equipment pack-up, and set-up, production, strike, and equipment storage.

Participate as an assigned crew member for various productions. Assigned crew responsibilities include all studio and field positions.

Develop production skills as camera operator, technical director, audio person, stage manager and lighting set up.

Act as a temporary replacement for Production and Post-Production Coordinator on an as-needed basis.

Assist producers in creation and coordination of program production.

Assist with studio set-up and facilities oversight.

Maintain and follow all production and post-production procedures to ensure the highest production standards.

Assumes other responsibilities as assigned.

Position requires two to five years of production experience, with an emphasis on EFP, ENG and/ or studio style production.

Familiar with broadcast and industrial video production equipment and have a strong working knowledge of digital formats.

Familiar with and possess advanced technical skills including camerawork, lighting, ENG, and reading waveform monitors desirable.

Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production, or related Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree also may apply. Adequate work experience may substitute for education requirement.

Commitment to community media, Public, Education and Government (PEG) access cable television, first amendment rights and public interest telecommunications.

Demonstrated experience in working with production and technical teams.

Ability to work under pressure and meet established deadlines.

Ability to work cooperatively with government agencies, community groups and individuals unfamiliar with the production process.

Proven track record in video production, including, planning and oversight, in the development of video programs and/or customer service to content producers.

Working knowledge and experience in a variety of video production environments, equipment and/or systems, and PC-based applications and tools, specifically with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint).

Clean driving record and valid MD Drivers License. Ability to provide own transportation to attend meetings and events away from the office.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Business environment requires a flexible work schedule. Evening and weekend hours will be required.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Frequent sitting, occasional lifting (up to approximately 50#),

This position is a part-time and entry level position, with the opportunity to improve your skills and advance your career in the television industry.
Reply to this ad by sending in your resume and a cover letter stating your interests in the film and television field to

Job Opening at MCT: Production Operations Coordinator Senior Production Technician (.pdf)

NABET-CWA Local 31 needs a Union MCT employee to represent  the unit in upcoming contract negotiations.

In preparation for the upcoming negotiations between NABET-CWA and MCT, nomination petitions for Local 31 negotiator are available  below or by calling the NABET Local 31 office (301.459.4999).  Only members in good standing can run for Negotiator or sign the petitions of other candidates.  Daily hire members must have worked at least 20 days since 12/1/13 in order to vote.  The petition must have at least 2 valid signatures and be in the Local 31 office no later than 1pm on February 17th to appear on the ballot.  The ballots will be mailed on February 20th and must  be  delivered to the Local 31 office by 1pm on March 13, 2015.

The NABET- CWA  Representative and spokesperson will be Lou Fallot, who negotiated the last contract.  I urge all members to consider participating in the nomination process. Lou and I will train the elected representative. It will be a very interesting experience.

Download The Negotiator Nomination Form here. (.docx)

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