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Local 31 Members Volunteer and Serve Their Community
Tom Baer’s story

Independence Day with Veterans Airlift Command

The wounded veteran and his nephew
Jim Green, Tom Baer, and Geoff Doyle
I have been group 7 satellite truck operator of the Swamp Truck based in Florida. It's next to impossible for me to make plans or schedule anything without taking a vacation. This year I planned a special Fourth of July holiday. It was a departure from the normal barbecue and gatherings that I'm accustomed to.

As a US Army veteran I wanted to do something befitting the holiday and meaningful for me and Veterans everywhere. I saw a story that NBC News did a while ago about the Veterans Airlift Command. Being a pilot and owning an airplane it seemed this would be the perfect fit. I volunteered to fly a veteran on the Fourth of July back to wherever they needed to go.

As luck would have it Hurricane Arthur delayed my plans just a bit! I drove the Swamp Truck to North Carolinas Outer Banks to greet the storm. . The hurricane hit full-bore on the Fourth of July in kill Devil Hills and we transmitted through the day and night. When the storm passed in the morning I jumped in my rental car and drove to the nearest airport and flew back to Daytona Beach, my home base and got some sleep.

When I got up, I revved up my single engine plane and flew to Lagrange, Georgia where I picked up the wounded vet and his nephew. He spent the Fourth of July weekend with family in his hometown and was being honored by folks in that town for his service.

We flew through some rough weather and broke out at the South Carolina North Carolina border for a beautiful flight to Gaithersburg, Maryland. He was going back to Walter Reed at the Bethesda military medical facility.

We were met at the airport by Jim Greene and Geoff Doyle who were there to support me and the flight. As it turns out it's one of the best and most meaningful Fourth of July's I've ever spent. Glad to be here in local 31 and look forward to many more veterans airlift command flights and hope we all can support this organization, cheers!!

Tom Baer


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Please report any response that you receive from the NLRB by e-mailing us at It is vitally important that you provide us with these reports so that we can track the volume of calls as well as any responses the NLRB provides to callers.

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