Quarterly President Report, August 6, 2019

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The second quarter of 2019 has seen quite a bit of activity in Local 31. We hired a new part-time administrative employee, Nicole Ruiz, who has already proven herself to be a great asset to the office.

We have reached a tentative agreement with WJLA after more than three years of contract talks. When ratified, the new contract will run through 2022.
A new three year contract was ratified and put into place at PBS and runs through 2022.

Most significantly we are close to resolution of the fifteen year legal battle with CNN that will bring relief to many of our members.

We remain in talks with MCM and will open talks with the Senate Recording Studio in September.

We are making plans to lobby Congress on behalf of receiving pay equity for our Maslow members working at the House Recording Studio.

We remain in a conservative stance with regards to our investment portfolio with a majority of assets in stable growth funds.

In April the NABET Network Local Presidents met in Las Vegas where we visited the NAB show, viewed new technologies and discussed their potential impact on our members. Also discussed was growing our membership through organizing I.T. workers, DJ’s and MMJ's into NABET.

We will begin talks for a new contract with our OPEIU (administrative staff) workers in September.

In July we had both a NABET Sector Conference and a CWA Convention in Las Vegas. I attended along with Local 31 Vice-President, Bantu Opiotennione and RVP Carl Mayers. At the Sector Conference NABET-CWA President Charlie Braico and Vice-President Lou Marinaro were both reelected. Both are committed to growing NABET membership, negotiating and enforcing fair contracts with favorable work conditions. To that end NABET will begin negotiating terms for NBC NASCAR crews.

At the CWA Convention CWA President Chris Shelton and Vice-President Sara Steffens were also reelected. President Shelton, in his keynote, urged our members to not succumb to the divisive language coming from the White House and come together as working people to demand better pay and working conditions and to vote for representatives who are pro labor.

I feel confident that NABET-CWA can grow and continue to represent our craft employees well into the future.


Bob Williams
President, NABET-CWA Local 31