Shop Steward Nomination Petitions Now Available

Selection for shop stewards in all contract areas is in progress. Each Shop Steward is elected from the Steward group in which he/she is deemed a member by the Local Executive Board. Elections for Shop Steward shall be held by secret ballot every three years between February 15th and March 30th. Shop Stewards shall hold office for three years beginning April 1st of the year of their election. Nominating petitions can be downloaded here and are also available from the Local 31 Office 301/459-4999. Petitions must be signed by the nominator, seconder and the nominee. All signatories must be members in good standing and working in the same Steward group. Original petitions must be received in the Local 31 Office no later than 1:00 pm on 2/15/19. Ballots will be distributed on 3/1/19 and must be received in the Local Office by 12:00 noon on 3/22/19.

Election Credentials Committee.