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Broadcast Field Service Engineer – Washington Region
The Broadcast Field Service Engineer provides on-site support and repair of installed Broadcast, Media Production and Audio Visual systems. Field repair and shop repair of defective equipment. Provide Customer training and ongoing systems support.
Essential Functions:
·Diagnose problems repair and set up of Broadcast, Media Production and Audio Visual (AV)   equipment.
·Create redlined (as-built) documentation and cable databases for company.
·Provide Customer systems training.
·Support and repair existing systems and equipment for Master Control, Edit Systems, Video and Audio
Production, Network Operations Centers, etc.
Basic Qualifications:
·Five years minimum experience configuring and
servicing broadcast, audio-visual and multi-media systems.
·Applicants must have extensive experience
in the troubleshooting systems and equipment.
·Repair and routine maintenance of broadcast, audio-visual and multi-media systems, cameras, video tape recorders, NLE edit systems, servers, production switchers, routers and other production equipment.
·Thorough knowledge of Audio, Video, Control, and LAN test and measurement equipment.
·Strong interpersonal skills, excellent oral and written communication skills.
·Ability to interact with field personnel, management and customers.
Also looking for a Systems Design Engineer @ 80-100k and an Audio Visual Systems Engineer @ 80-100k.
J.P. Ramos | Branch Manager
8950 SW 74th Ct. 22nd Floor | Miami, FL 33156 | Office Phone: 305-670-8888 | Fax: 786-497-7711|Cell: 305-763-3991

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