Union Structure


Sector President: Represents the entire union nationwide.

Sector Vice President: Assumes the duties of the Sector President when required.

Moe Thomas

Regional Vice President: The Regional Vice President, as the principal elected officer within the Region and a representative of the Sector Executive Council, is charged with the responsibility of administering the authority and policies of the Sector Executive Council in the Region.


Rich McDermott

Local President: The Local President is the Executive Officer of the Local and should supervise and control all of the affairs of the Local which include calling membership and Executive Board meetings and appointing committees.



Executive Board (E-Board): The President is assisted by the E-Board in carrying out the duties of the union. The E-Board is composed of the local officers and other elected members who represent individual contract units within the local. The Executive Board has a broad range of powers which include legislative, judicial and administrative.


Alton Morris

Local Vice President: The Vice President should assist the President and should be aware of all of the affairs of the Local should it become necessary to take over for the President. 


Darryl Moment

Local Treasurer: The Treasurer has a number of responsibilities which include the duty to collect dues and to insure that the contract is complied with when there is non-payment of dues, to insure that the Local has joined the local AFL-CIO labor council; to file audit reports yearly, both with the Sector/CWA and the Federal Government; to be bonded for liability.


Moe Thomas

Secretary: The Secretary sees that the Sector administration receives the minutes of all meetings as well as all proposed By-Law changes; minutes are published to the membership when approved by the officers and Executive Board. The Secretary is responsible for the maintenance of the By-Laws, Amendments, and the administration of Article X for discipline cases. The Secretary is responsible for official communications.


Finance Committee: This Committee, usually two members, are appointed by the Local President and may conduct the fiscal year audit. Their responsibility is simply to make an account of all funds that are currently on hand and that have been spent over the last fiscal year as well as review budgets and spending priorities for the union. This Committee recommends financial strategy to the Local President and Executive Board.

The Stewards: The Stewards should have a good working knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. It is important that they have grievance forms and know how to fill them out and process them. They should also be responsible to see that their area of the contract be policed for compliance both by the Union employees and the Company.

The Union Members: Members are the foundation of the Union and are the source of its strength. Without the active participation of the members, there is no Union. Each Union member should have a copy of the contract, a copy of the International Constitution and the local by-laws. New members should also receive a membership form and a dues check-off form. Members should participate in union affairs and keep well informed on the activities of the union. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that all officers are performing in a matter that is beneficial to the membership. It is also the duty of members to attend all general meetings and to conduct themselves in a manner as not to discredit themselves or their fellow Union members.

Staff Roster


Job Title


Charles G. Braico

Sector President Click here

Lou Marinaro

Sector Vice President Click here

Christina Silver

 Region One
Vice President
Click here

Roy Schrodt

Region Two
Vice President
Click here

Maurice "Moe" Thomas

Region Three
Vice President
Click here

Don Farnham, Jr.

Region Four
Vice President
Click here

James "Suds" Sudweeks

 Region Five
Vice President
Click here

William Wachenschwanz

 Region Six
Vice President
Click here

Jodi Fabrizio-Clontz

Assistant to the President Click here

William Murray

 Staff Representative Click here

Eric Seggi

 Staff Representative Click here

Kristen Helmstetter

 Technical Assistant Click here

Nikisha Lango

 Technical Assistant Click here