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"Through a special arrangement with your Union, Aflac's Accident and Cancer insurance policies are now being offered through the use of our secure, exclusively dedicated Web site. Aflac offers cash benefits to use as you see fit to fill the gaps left by other medical coverage. Check it out for yourself and apply on line, if you wish...."

Daily Hire FAQ (Local 41):

All day hires/freelancers please contact the local office at (301) 459-4999, if you are in need of a NABET-CWA, Local 31 RED polo shirt.  Contracts are always being negotiated somewhere. Wearing RED on the appropriate day in your shop has rarely had as much significance as NOW! It is a constant reminder that you care what happens with your union. 

Please call the office to advise us of the size you need, and to confirm an address so that we may send the shirts if you cannot pick them up in the local office.

Notice for ABC Daily Hires:

DH payment in lieu of vacation, per Section A14.2(f): "Each person who works on a daily basis more than eighty (80) days in any calendar year shall receive annual vacation pay in an amount equal to four percent (4%) of such employee’s straight-time rate of pay for all straight-time hours worked in that calendar year, payable by separate check by February 15 of the next succeeding calendar year."
(See Sideletter FB)

The company has two legal options when calculating tax on these payments. ABC can treat the payment as supplemental income and withhold 25% for taxes or follow a much more complicated formula that results in a lower tax bite. Take a guess which is used? Our Union has asked ABC to employ the formula that results in a lower tax burden for our members.

CWA Savings and Investment:  A DH that has worked more than 20 days in 2010 is eligible, in 2011, for an ABC contribution into their CWA Savings and Investment account. The company’s payment equals 4% of pre-tax earnings. Last year, total ABC contributions were close to $1 Million. As a result of the last round of bargaining, our Union negotiated an increase from 3% to 4% and a decrease from 100 to 20 days.

DH Life Insurance: If you worked more than 80 days in 2010. Disney will provide you with a life insurance policy worth $50 thousand for 2006. Expect a letter asking you to designate a beneficiary.

Notice for NBC Daily Hires:

Page 268/269 of the NBC Contract...

NOTE: An individual who works as a daily hire under Stipulation 18 and/or Sideletter 32 for one hundred eighty (180) or more days in any caledar year, shall be entitled to the following from April 1st of the subsequent calendar year to the following March 31st when so employed as a daily hire:

(5) Annual personal leave payment in an amount equal to four percent (4%) of such employees straight-time rate of pay for all straight-time hours worked in the preceding calendar year, which shall be payable the second Friday of March of the following year.

This should have been paid to Daily Hires who qualified, on March 10th, 2010