About Us


Welcome to the official website for NABET-CWA Local 31. We are the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians, a sector of the Communications Workers of America.

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Our Union strives to provide its members with a sense of pride and dignity in the workplace, while maintaining quality work conditions and fair wages. Over the years, NABET-CWA has fought for and won benefits and wages for its represented members which include a union shop, 8-hour work days, vacations, holidays, sick leave, insurance, overtime pay, pension plans, seniority, grievance and arbitration, safety, and health. NABET-CWA is proud of its fine tradition of democracy. Our members are well served by officers and staff whose roots are in the broadcast industry.

 Our members have a key role in the broadcast industry, producing quality news and sports programming, seen and heard around the world. Local 31 members include broadcast professionals employed by ABCABC News RadioABC RadioNBCPublic Broadcasting Service (PBS),National Public Radio (NPR)Cable News Network (CNN)WRC-TVWJLA-TVWHUT-TVWMAL/WRQXHouse Recording StudiosSenate Recording StudiosMontgomery Community Television, as well as production and crewing companies throughout the Southeast United States. Recently, members at ESPNWSVN-TV in Miami and WITF-TV and radio in Harrisburg, PA have joined with us to better serve our total membership.