CNN NLRB Hearing Case Update: March '08

     The New York phase of the trial began in early March and will probably continue until at least May.  Current CNN employees, ex-employees and the Union have been very ably represented by many NLRB attorneys who have tirelessly worked on your behalf.  The New York phase has also been assisted by NABET-CWA officers, attorneys, ex-employees and current CNN employees, both Supervisors and workers.

       We continue to be very optimistic that your case is going well and that the facts support the United States government's position that CNN's actions terminating the labor relationships, the labor contracts, the jobs and your terms and conditions of employment were in violation of the National Labor Relations Act and must be fully redressed and reversed.

        Justice isn't fast, and we continue to appreciate your patience.  We especially thank those both currently at CNN, and those workers and Supervisors who have left, for your assistance and willingness to assist the government to prove the allegations of the complaint and to fully remedy all violations of the law.

         Stay tuned.


Your NABET-CWA Leadership